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  1. Greenfingers

    High mileage 525d 3.0d advice

    I think you got a great car for small money. Higher mileage is no problem if well cared for. People tend to look for low mileage cars, thinking they will be in better condition, but that depends on so many things. Recently, I went to see a 535d GT with just 48,000 miles and FSH. I was expecting an immaculate car, but it had been driven around London for most of it's life and evidently abused and neglected far more more than my current 115,000 miler. CAPS valuations and so on are commonly used to determine resale value, but they don't take actual condition use into account. The wife's 65 plate 320d with masses of extras in superb condition and full dealer service history came for a steal, because it had 130k miles on the clock. It's a fab car, for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.
  2. Greenfingers

    Coolant temperature on my 530d GT F07

    The 2010 530d certainly has a mechanical pump and I believe only the petrol cars have an electric pump. I guess you should be able to see the water flow if you remove the filler cap and run the engine - Of course, beware of the danger if you remove the cap when the system is hot and pressurised! I don't remember where the return pipe is and maybe you will need to remove some water from the filler bottle to be able to see the flow. It is unlikely for the water pump to cause your symptoms unless it isn't turning properly - which should be obvious. I suspect you have some contamination causing a partial blockage. An easy old method for checking coolant flow is to feel if the radiator is hot all over. If you remove the electric fan assembly (5 minute job) and run the engine from cold, you will be able to feel the radiator and other pipes to find out where the hot water is going. This will also tell you if the thermostat is opening and at the same time you will be able to check if the water pump bearings are noisy. Obviously, you must take great care not to trap your fingers or neck tie in the rotating parts!
  3. Greenfingers

    Professional carbon cleaning

    Your write up made me determined to do mine, but it runs so sweet that I haven't bothered yet. My last M57 engine was another matter - completely caked in crud and over half the EGR/throttle body aperture blocked, so made a world of difference after cleaning.
  4. Greenfingers

    Coolant temperature on my 530d GT F07

    Possibly the thermostat, but if the fan is switching on when the engine gets hot, I expect that shows it is functioning correctly. If the engine is running hotter than it should without other obvious causes like poor lubrication etc, I would check the cooling circuit. Rule out blockages or a failing water pump first. It's easy and doesn't cost much to drain and flush the cooling system. Is the water is pumping through the radiator properly?
  5. Greenfingers

    Wheel change help

    Andrew is right. The correct tyres for the F07 on 18" rims are 245/50. If you used the 245/45 tyres, which are correct for the F10, you will indeed lower the ride height marginally, but more importantly the rolling circumference of the tyre will be less, resulting in the wrong gearing and a misreading speedo etc. I agree completely about the harsh ride on thinner sidewalls. The ride on my 20" rims with runflats is horrible (275/35 rear and 245/40 front). My winter runflats on 18" rims are so much more compliant and I don't have to worry so much about hitting the odd pothole or kerb. The sidewall depth is calculated as follows:- 275 x 35% = 96.25mm 245 x 50% = 122.5mm Giving an overall diameter For 20" rims:- 20 x 25.4 = 508mm plus 2 x sidewall depth = 700.5mm For 18" rims:- 18 x 25.4 = 457.2mm plus 2 x sidewall depth = 702.2mm If you used 245/45 tyres on 18" rims, the overall diameter would be 457.2mm plus 2 x 110.25 = 677.7mm
  6. Greenfingers

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    Fair enough and I can understand people wanting to stick with genuine parts. My view is that the oil is critical, but the exact spec of the filter is not. In any case, it is beneficial to put new oil in your gearbox if you want to prolong it's life, as long as you fill it to the correct level and don't contaminate it or cause any leaks. ZF8 Fluid is expensive, but if you follow the correct procedure, 6 litres is more than enough to do the job and it needn't cost an arm and a leg.
  7. Greenfingers

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    I did mine a while back, using that same kit from Alexs on Ebay. The oil is original ZF, but I noticed the filter pan he supplied was different to the one that came off, because the magnets were in a different position. There are lots of aftermarket filter pans available, so I think it is reasonable to assume that for this price you are not getting the original filter - not that I'm bothered. The one in the Ebay listing is made by Fram (you can see in one of the photos). When I did mine, I didn't bother measuring temperatures, just went for a 5 minute drive after doing the first fill and did all the 10 seconds in reverse, then drive, etc, before checking the fill level. I did measure the oil drained, which was only 4.5 litres and exactly the same amount went back in, which was reassuring. I used the 3.5 litres of left over oil plus 1 more bottle to do a quick change on the wife's F31, without replacing the filter, which was much quicker.
  8. Greenfingers

    TPMS compatibility

    Are you sure the seller wasn't telling porkies? Firstly, if the wheels were off an F07, then they would have been fitted with the wrong size tyres for your car. F07 tyres have a larger rolling diameter. What size tyres are they? The TPMS valves are bolted into place, so they will have a hexagonal head on the outside to hold them when fixing - are you sure your valves are actually the TPMS type? The valves are expensive and I'm sorry to say that it wouldn't surprise me if someone tried to pretend their rubber pull fit valves were what you were looking for.
  9. Greenfingers

    TPMS Valves

    Oh, sorry to hear of your woes. Going round in circles, trying time and time again reminds me of a sat nav update nightmare! I'm no expert, but from what I read prior to buying mine, if your valves are 433 Mhz pre-programmed, the car will recognise them and no further tools required. If they are not pre-programmed, your car will not detect them. Hope someone with more experience can help, but no way would I pay out for new BMW sensors. Hang tough and persevere!
  10. Greenfingers

    TPMS Valves

    Are you sure you followed the installation procedure correctly? I just had a set of 4 fitted on winter wheels for the wife's 2015 320 (LCI model). These were cheapo fleabay ones - £58 for a set from China and they worked fine. You need to click the 'TPMS reset' option in vehicle information to initiate the procedure. I made sure the other wheels were well out of the way so as not to confuse things, then went for a drive and it started 'measuring' or something. In all it took at least 15 minutes to complete the process, but is now working perfectly.
  11. Greenfingers

    Buying used F11. Where to start?

    I don't contribute much on here and haven't owned an F11, but I am addicted to reading the wealth of information posted and can't help speaking up now. Mmaattt, you haven't said why you feel a 3.0d F11 is your best bet. Perhaps you need space for kids, push chairs etc? I can't help thinking that if you are looking for a big, high specced car, you should try out a 5GT. I know it is a marmite car in terms of looks, but believe me when I say I have driven (and owned) most BMW bodyshapes over the years and the F07 is the best all round big car I have driven. If you can see past the big ass look (which I actually like) and start comparing it to an F11, you will find some surprising comparisons:- Firstly, your concern about ground clearance:- F11 @ 141mm, F07 @ 150mm The sitting position is about 100mm higher than the F11, giving better visibility and it's easier to climb in an out of (yes, I am a bit of an old git now) You get pano roof, memory seats and loads of other 'extras' as standard You can fit a 3ft wide single bed + mattress in the back (front seats fully forward), so I believe it has more cargo space than an F11 The 40/20/40 split rear seats slide forward/backwards and the backrests tilt through 7 positions. Long rear doors mean it is easy getting kids in an out of child seats. I think the whole interior is classier and bigger than the F11 (the F07 is basically a 7 series with a different body) The UK didn't adopt to the image when it first came out, which meant few F07s were sold, but it was very popular in Europe and was the only 'estate' option offered in America instead of the F11. The pre LCI diesels all had 3.0 engines, which ticks your box. Mine is on 113,000miles and drives faultlessly. You can find similar for under 10K. The 20" wheels have stupidly low profile tyres, which give a horrible ride (even worse with runflats). 18" wheels give a much better ride are cheaper and won't crack when you hit those potholes!
  12. Greenfingers

    2016 BMW 535d Lux GT Rear Rattles

    I get annoyed by squeaks and rattles too! First thing I noticed with my 2010 F07 was rattling in the doors, which turned out to be the door lock 'indicator knobs' moving within the housings. Peeps here have found a cure with adhesive or velcro pads - I just set the doors to lock when driving and that worked for me. The folding 'flaps' in the cargo area also squeak when driving, as they rub against the rear seats if not clipped back into the upright position. That tailgate is a complex piece of engineering and I think the 'saloon/luggage bay' is an unnecessary addition, but the BMW Designers supposedly incorporated it to allow suitcases etc to be loaded, without exposing the passengers to the elements. I regularly ask the kids in the back 'where is that noise coming from', but they are usually oblivious. Please let us know what you find!
  13. Which makes good sense, but there was no evidence that mine had been touched after if had supposedly been 'checked'. Does anyone else know what the recall procedure actually involves?
  14. Greenfingers

    F07 thermostat change

    There is a specific procedure for recirculating the coolant, which I can't remember exactly at the moment: obviously all heater controls to hot etc, but you can initiate a pump cycle to clear trapped air etc, by turning ignition to on (not engine running) and holding the throttle down for 10 seconds I think. Anyway, after filling once and going for a drive, it didn't need any more coolant. Steel bolts threaded into ally always make me nervous. I stripped loads in the past working on Japanese motorbikes - corrosion due to dissimilar metals and soft metal are a problem. I forgot to mention that you must take great care not to overtighten the thermostat housing bolts - there are some guideling torque settings available somehwere.
  15. Greenfingers

    F07 thermostat change

    I didn't give them the opportunity to quote - particularly because they wanted to change the water pump as well, when there was clearly nothing wrong with it. What really annoyed me was the way they charged me a £99 inspection fee to check the EGR cooler and then mentioned nothing about it on their paperwork. They wouldn't put anything in writing to confirm the cooler was okay, which made me suspicious about whether they had actually checked it.