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  1. nelsonjmbf

    Batt Help!!

    I ended up just getting a new batt but now wheni try to use ista to register new batt it tells me theres a communication error with the dme/dde and to run some voltage test, I click continue it says complete then the only thing I can do is go back, when I try to use inpa to do it I can even find the option for registering/coding the batt an if I try clicking into any screen that shows values I get some communication errpr then the end script processing message comes up. the last I knew I had both programs working fine with the car so im not sure if it has something to do with changing the batt, another issue with the car or if it has something to do with my laptop.
  2. nelsonjmbf

    Batt Help!!

    OK I have a 2004 BMW 525i and since buying the car i have had to deal with this issue, so the batt(according to a cig lighter charger with a digital volt read out on it) rarely goes higher than 13.6-8V while the car is running, im unsure if thats a sign of anything or not, but the issue i am having is that when i turn the car off if i use the inside dome lights, leave door/doors open for a bit too long, or anything else that would pull a lil power from batt like listing to radio, running fan/heater for anymore than 10mins if even that long without starting it for a few mins the batt will not completely die but will no have enough power to start the car. There hasnt been any codes or anything else pointing to the cause of the issue, from the lil i know and can tell the altenator is working fine its just that the batt will not hold a charge for very long if the car is drawing from it, however if i only arm/disarm the alarm and quickly open/close doors the batt will be fine for a day or two at least enought to start the car. I am not sure how old the batt is or anything else about it but im wondering what other people think about this issue along with any ideas on what i should try doing to fix the issue, i was thinking about going to buy a batt but just wanted to make sure that wont be a waste of $$ because it was fine. o also the last time i had it checked at autozone or some similar store for free they tp;d me the batt was fine however it didnt look like the guy checking it really knew too much about ehst he was doing lol.
  3. nelsonjmbf

    Symptoms like clutch slip?

    I have same issue with revs going up an down a few hundred on accelerations depending on throttle position, the dealers said its niot tranny related, either something to do with Intake, throttle, or coils/plugs however plugs were changed 15k ago an it started right after the nre plugs were put in to stop misfires but that was right before I bought it. ,
  4. nelsonjmbf

    1500 rpm judder

    ok I'll check into that but so far everyone and everything I have done, granted in still learning but it don't seem like the trans, I say this cuz when it happens I can hear almost like a gasping sound coming from the engine somewhere on the drivers side somewhere, I think but can't be sure, it's weird im not sure how exactly to explain it so in the next few DAYS I will try to get a video of it.
  5. Ok so I have a 04 525I, Automatic Transmission, M54 Engine. I recently found a 2006 530i at a junk yard not to far away that has more than a few parts in perfect condition still so what I want to know is how much of the car I can use without having to do too much installing the new stuff into my car. 1| ok first off I know that the engines look different but how different are the actual parts on them? I'm asking in reference to the air filter housing box, mainly the lid part, on my car when u unlatch the box an open the lid there is only one filter inside & it's the regular air filter nothing else, on the 530i its the exact same box, clips, & filter the only difference is on the inside of housing lid the car in junkyard[530i] has a filter inside which almost looks as though it is part of the lid and I believe it even says do not remove on the lip of the filter up inside there. I can't seem to find any diagram of this so I'm wondering if the filter housing box on my car should have that 2nd filter inside the lid or if that is something particular to the 530's? if not, would it do anything to help my car if I was to pull it off and install it? as far as I can tell it would be an easy install because the parts are so close to the same they may be identical.| 2| The next thing is in regards to the outside mirrors, the 530i have folding mirriors, I just have the heated mirriors with autodip but they don't fold tho I have them coded too so I think they just don't have the motors inside, would it be simple to uninstall them and then install them on mine since I already have a semi electric mirriors im taking it that all the needed wiring has been ran im just missing those motors?| 3| The next thing im not sure what it is but if im correct I think it is the amp/module for the hifi system, it is mounted on the drivers side rear wheel well behind the panel pieces that come out near where the Bluetooth module goes, I don't believe I have that mod so I was wondering if its possible to install in my car without having to tear too much of it apart to run anything, also if it would even be worth it to instsll? 4| Window Sun Shades- The 530i[Junkyard Car] has them on all windows in great shape still an before I pulled them off I just wanted to make sure that they would bolt right onto mine without having to cut or change anything within my door panels?| 5| Heated Steering Wheel/Steering Colum- the 530i has a heated steering wheel while I just have a normal electric steering wheel, as far as I can tell they look like they would definantly work if swapped but before I did the work I just want to make sure as well as find information on what parts if anything special I need to grab from the 530i in order to install the things correctly in my car.| 6| Heated Seat Module/ Controls- the 530i has heated seats, however the seats in my car look identical [Sport Seat Package] just without the heating, what im wondering is how hard it would be to uninstall the controls an mod along with whatever inside the seats that warms them would be? Also could I get away with only the mod & controls since we have the same seats or would I need the seats along with everything else? 7| DVD Drive- I currently done have any dvd drive, I have the 6-disk changer in the glovebox[Same as 530i] and a single disk slot right under the a/c controls, the 530i has the same thing plus the second disk drive, which says dvd on it, right under the first drive, would it be a hard task to uninstall that setup from the 530i & then install it into my 525i?
  6. nelsonjmbf

    1500 rpm judder

    I know IM way late posting but I'm having the same issue with a 2004 525i, automatic. the car does exactly what everyone else does which is the rpms start to bounce by a few hundred only I have noticed some things such as when I am lower than a quarter tank of gas and I have the ac/heater running the issue seems to happen more often. I have inpa and istA and the only codes the car has thrown since I have had it had to do with voltage causing the rain sensor to act up but they have been cleared. prior to buying it the car had misfires in two cylinders, the old owner took car in for the 100k mile tune up, they changed the plugs and the misfires went away but shortly after it started having this lil issue, when the owner took car back to shop they told him the transmission needs to be serviced, I bought the car shortly after that because when I took it to the local dealership a guy there told me if it was the transmission it would have thrown some code by now or shown other symptoms because of how many sensors it has as well as it only having 115kmiles. he said in his opion it had something to do with the fuel delivery or air delivery/ im wondering what I can do to test those things out so my car will preform like it should also I want to avoid doing anymore damage to the engine than there may already be.
  7. nelsonjmbf

    Quick Ques. about ITool )Radar & Esys, Dr Gini??

    ok thanks, I had ista working but something happened an now its erroring out lol I have ncs working as well as inpa however its in german still completely lol I cant figure out how to get version 5.0.2 to load over updated version. I was wondering besides buying it offline do you know anywhere is can find DIS?
  8. ok so the end of the metal line connected to the back side of the front drivers door handle broke an I wasn't able to open door from inside, I took door apart to see if I could rig it to work somehow but need the T piece that goes on the end of the line, I plan on going to auto parts store tomorrow for new line, my question is concerning my airbag light, when I put the door back together and hooked the battery up when I start the car I now get a drivers side airbag light on the dash an a check control message saying it malfunctioned, im wondering if this means I may have plugged it in wrong, or maybe not all the way or if I need to plug into inpa in order to turn the light off?
  9. My first question is in regards to I Tool Radar, i just want to make sure that i have this correct, the program is used mainly to communicate with the car using the icom connection? so for me using a k+dcan cable on a 2004 525i [e60] there is really no use for the program? My second question is regarding the E sys software, so far I've managed to get INPA, NCS, NCS Dummy, Bluetooth Activation tool, tool 32, winfk, dr gini, coding tool, & find ecu installed on my labtop, tho have only connected with ncs & inpa before, what I want to know is if I also would have any use for E sys when it comes to my car? I DIDNT think about this till right now but also does anyone know if the dr gini software was updated to be able to connect with e60's? I would just try but attempting trial and error but when it comes to this stuff I am trying to learn everything I can about how to do things the correct way to prevent any costly/harmful mistakes. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  10. I have a 2004 525i, when I bought the car the hood emblem was missing and the rear emblem was so faded it was almost all silver, I managed to get one for the front and just came across a newish one from the hood of a 530. My question is if the emblems are interchangeable at least when it comes to the hood/trunk or if there is some reason one will not fit on the other? the new emblem came off the hood and I would really like to put it on my trunk because the replacement I got for the hood is still in good condition however the trunk is not.