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  1. Gus Alpine e60

    What TO-DO-LIST should the car have to be immortal?!

    Yeah that was the plan bud!! I usually hire ramps once every 3/4 weeks for work so I’ll put some oil down there well in advance.
  2. Hi guys, looking for for some info or a good thread on small things with big return to look at an a 520d e60. Not huge like turbo or timing but things that make up a cars life if addressed, like ; thermostats, coolant pipes, seals, bushes, belts and pulleys. Really just a to do list that combined can help big time with the cars longevity. For instance regular oil change and back pressure can increase the life of a turbo....so change the oils and keep your DPF healthy and your turbo will more likely be sweeter for longer. My e60 seems like some random unicorn car that’s engine isn’t on any threads, or at least common ones. Haven’t checked the engine number but it’s a late 58 plate 520d facelift e60. so far it’s had; remap new dpf fill service tranny fluid disk and pads air intake all new lights on anything that lights up still to fit; glow plugs clutch and flywheel so any help would be great. I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the car at 100k. Sounds like a modern petrol, no smoke, no gear change issues and never lets me down. Thanks guys
  3. Currently on 2/3 car washes per week. Should’ve bought a black one...F6494209-A31F-45C0-AE01-AC428FC6400C.thumb.jpeg.669d7a1570179cbd9a33f5b6a3bd722c.jpeg

  4. Gus Alpine e60

    E60 520d Remap Results

    Hi guys, This was back when I first got the e60, just fancied a remap to see how the car felt afterwards. Im pretty sad so my joy in life is MPG over BHP but I gave the remap a bash. Ended up around 400 torque and 200HP, totally standard and still with the cars original DPF sitting at 100k. Only upset is now my MPG has went from 64 (yup, that's right) down to 52 and it will not f*cking budge an inch. Even on my 3/4 hour cruise control drives it just its at 52 forever now. I know what you're thinking and no...I dont no drive harder now that its remapped. My game is smooth and slow, dont have road rage or anywhere to be on time as I work for myself, loving life basically. Taking the car back soon for a carbon clean. Since the remap its had a new DPF, K&N intake and new glow plugs so maybe see what the scrip with its numbers now! Carlton Tuning in Yorkshire are the guys I used. Not expensive and a quick and easy service. ALSO, how the F do you add a video to this site?!?!?
  5. Gus Alpine e60

    Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install

    I had a glow plug error pop up on my remap and haven't sorted it yet but yes, the regen on the new DPF was silky smooth. Car runs great and has lost any signs of smoke which is nice. Net on the list is glow plugs though. As Honda guy....the head of an e60 engine is witchcraft, looking forward to it!
  6. Gus Alpine e60

    Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install

    Hi bud, In all honesty im kind of OCD. Even if things dont need attention I still look at my to-do-list as age related things and overall prevention. Ill still update parts that are mostly fine but will need done in the long run. Always wanting a smooth and professional drive. Money isn't an issue as non OEM parts really aren't that bad on a car that's done 100k, depends how you drive it I reckon. TLC every day adds up at the end of the life span! Hope you're well bud
  7. Gus Alpine e60

    Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install

    No help needed buddy but thanks for the input! Agree on the trashing thing I've seen, didn't get the different opinions on that one, idling gets the temp up to where it should be and then further driving but even if a thermostat is duff somewhere...the engines temp is still the engines temp so you know where it is without a thermostat telling you lol. Uploaded this one more so to help peoples anxiety levels on silly things. I do just as much homework as anyone but when you approach something with less confusion I think it helps. Ill put all my updates up incase people can find at least small nugget in there to help them out! Hope you're well bud
  8. Hi guys, Just put a new DPF on my 520d the other day and wanted to update here as I see a fair few people losing sleep over how to exactly regenerate it after install. Simple answer is.....just f*cking drive it for a bit. The DPF is the FINAL form of any filter in the entire system and has no sensors AFTER it so effectively it has the least impact in things (of course back pressure etc but its bloody new so back pressure will be perfect) so don't worry about babying the thing after install. All the stuff about perfect temps, RPM's, speeds and length of journeys are way more than is necessary to consider. You'll end up driving around looking like your tryna find signal in a field on your old Nokia 3210. Idle til she's warm then go drive her. I left her at idle for 20 mins to get the temp back up and let the burning smell disappear. My drive from the ramp hire to home is around an hour. 20mins start stop to get out of town in rush hour then 40mins up the M1. The default speeds and RPM's of a motorway trip are actually what is 'advised' to do for the regen to happen anyway, so just go drive the thing and don't sweat it. The following few days after fitting the DPF and the e60 is smooth as silk to drive, also sounds quieter and moves through the RPM easier. All she needed to do was clear her throat
  9. Gus Alpine e60

    Spider Wheel f*ck up actual WORKS!

    Easy peasy eh
  10. Gus Alpine e60

    Spider Wheel f*ck up actual WORKS!

    Hi guys, this is May come in handy for someone or may not but still an interesting one. back when I got my e60 the first thing (obviously) was hunting down a set of spiders. When the rims arrived I realised the guy had sent me 4 front alloys, so 8.5 all round, instead of 2 front and 2 back 8.5/9.5. I kind of cared and kind of didnt so I though f*ck it. Got some rubber and slapped them on. They fit pretty perfect all round. No speed issues, no breaking or cornering issues and after 3/4 months the are still wearing evenly all round. Looking at camber and any offset issues will be in the future when I fit the new springs but for now (3/4months down the line) it’s been perfect. I’ve never been a fan of trying to space them out to achieve a ‘wider more aggressive stance’ as I feel like that’s an obvious crap give away of trying to look more like a beast and just makes the car look like it’s a tractor. Low and sleek is the name of my game with this one, not pretending to be and RS4. Yes the offset will be a ballhair out but really not worth losing sleep over as I’ve tried it, I’m currently running it and it works. Also chose 35 profile for the back instead of the ‘reccommended’ 30 as I reckon it just looks better and may help in keeping those rears from cracking up easily. So maybe this will help someone out if they struggling to find the perfect set (I searched for a looooooong time) and need to mix and match. Just DONT buy odd ones, I refused to settle for all the sales of 3 replicas and 1 original etc. set up is 4x8.5j all round 245/35/19
  11. Hi guys, Haven’t seen many many of these kicking around so let me know what you guys think! Ill be uploading all my to-do list and updates on ramp time so far but I don’t do things by the book, as such. First BMW after moving from TypeR’s, just wanted a cruiser that makes me look like a drug dealer really