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  1. adam-

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    Blacked out headlights (no chrome), 3.0" Black projectors, 55w Morimoto ballasts and 6500k bulbs, US markers and amber rings. Eonon headunit 800w inverter tucked into the LHS boot cover Wireless charger in the tray at the front Armrest with pocket (binned the 3310 Nokia phone holder) Twin QC Fast Charging USB sockets instead of a cigarette lighter at the front Two cigarette lights in the boot with the inverter 10" sub box from eBay with Rainbow sub 600w RMS amp powering front components and sub Thermal cut-in fans since the amp is buried in the boot space, keep it cool when it gets warm! DIY Webasto timer with SMS function
  2. adam-

    TRIPLE QX red or blue antifreeze?

    Euro gave me blue.
  3. adam-

    Clutch kicking

    It's hard on drivetrain, clutch, DMF (if these have them?) etc. Just send it, it's only an E39 anyway.
  4. adam-

    530d 142kw terrible engine sound

    Sounds like diesel knock, too much diesel or too much advance?
  5. adam-

    535d leak off pipe pressure

    Leak off test. Should sit about fuel pressure, mine certianly does. ~3bar.
  6. adam-

    E39 rear suspension

    Weirdly when mine popped a bag it dumped both sides. I've done 3 now but the last one it just dropped both sides. Was weird and I thought it was a compressor but I think it just saw one side lower and tried to match the other. With it down it couldn't pump it back up. Take a wheel off and check. Cheap bags will last a few months, ask how I know...
  7. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Get yourself a Webasto and build the Arduino timer I made. Comes on for me when it's cold half an hour before I leave, coolant temp is 70*C and the blowers come on. Car is fully defrosted. Straight out the house in a t-shirt, straight into a warm rusty 5. Yay.
  8. adam-

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Black smoke don't mean it's broke!
  9. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Tell me about it. I've got a unit with a ramp and a full Snap-on size box, I'm not scared of pulling stuff to bits. I think this E39 is quite rough and I could probably have bought a better one to start with, but I'm now just too deep into this one. It's had an absolute power of work so hopefully it should be good now...
  10. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Attempted to do a rocker gasket. Had black death on the injectors. Broke an injector. Lost some screws. Drove my other half's Edition 30 for a week, used £60 in petrol. It just never ends.
  11. Ah, I see. I've seen before when the lambdas get lazy and trims end up falling away. Looks like you've found it anyway!
  12. Gents, Had to do a rocker gasket on the touring and injectors 1 and 6 were stuck solid. Ended up cutting the head off of one so I could use the nut to build a slide hammer. Got them out, did the gasket, but now need an injector. Part number of the one that I killed is 0445110 048. There are plenty on eBay that end in 047. Does anyone know the differences? Is it worth just throwing in and sending it? Can anyone explain the variations and how to deal with them? I know you have to code in later ones (X5?) but I never coded these the last time I chucked some in. Cheers!
  13. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Lies. I haven't managed 1 month yet.
  14. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Flatted back all of the surface rust (at least two bits on every panel), zinc primered it and ready for filler. Cut out the rear jack pad. Cut out the front sill and replaced. Tonight will be a rocker cover gasket and a service, tomorrow filler and Friday finish welding. It never ends with this POS.