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  1. Gents, Does anyone know what an acceptable amount of end float on the box is? I'm getting about 2mm. Going to pull the exhaust down to check the UJ, again, what is an unacceptable amount of play? Trying to track down a very weak shudder at 60mph. Can sometimes feel it through the steering wheel, sometimes not. It's weird. Also, what is that weight on the box for?
  2. You never said that. Sounds like a clown!
  3. No, the aircon has nothing to do with your code.
  4. adam-

    E39 DDE 4.0 DIY Tuning

    To be fair to it, it's stupid compared to ME7. The number of diesel maps seems much smaller and making a "stage 1" only needed 8 maps, 4 or which I flatted out so I could easily understand/control fuel request. Boost request is simple too. Overall, the maps are generally small (table size wise) and quite simple to understand. ME7 requires a lot more though and understanding IMO.
  5. adam-

    E39 DDE 4.0 DIY Tuning

    Can confirm. Car is faster, now does a burnout and reeks everywhere. Mint.
  6. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After 1 day of reading how to map diesels, made a guess and flashed it. Pulls good, reeks good. Gonna leave it at that. Log it? Nah.
  7. adam-

    E39 DDE 4.0 DIY Tuning

    To follow this up - MPPS does only read 48kb which is the later half of the flash. I've got an ORI (that is 512kb) and the 48kb, overlaid them in OLS and defined up the 48kb pretty well. Have injector durations, boost request, fuel request, drivers request etc. Should be enough to do a stage 1 and add some reek.
  8. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    For some reason I thought it was make it touch and back it off a bawhair. That's what I did anyway. I mean it works aye, but you couldn't use it like a hydro.
  9. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I doubt it. Adjusted as per factory. I mean it holds, but it wouldn't lock up if I ripped on it.
  10. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New rear disc shields as the old ones had rotten through and the pins holding the shoes fell out. So yeah, new shields, new shoes, new springs, new retainers. You can't replace the shield without taking the bearings off, so just cut the old one off and cut the new one. Handbrake is now entirely brand new - and it's still shit. Amazing.
  11. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Front brakes after cooking them on the NC500. Rebuild handbrake tonight for the final time (hopefully). New shoes, springs, retainers, backplates...
  12. adam-

    How to start/shutoff a car remotely via sms?

    With a reader. Or do EWS delete. Or glue chip to antenna. You'd need to get the pinout for the ignition switch and piggyback it onto two relays. One for cranking and one for ignition switch. An SMS module wouldn't work because it would need to hold one relay on (the ignition one) and then crank briefly until engine start. The problem is monitoring start condition, you don't want to be holding the starter on when it's running...
  13. adam-

    Lug nut lube and torque

    Without sounding rude Gine, you are not a qualified engineer and simply do not understand. Read up on the papers I linked to see how the shear forces work. Any lubrication at all will not allow this and result in the wheel bolts. The wheel bolts of course, are hugely over engineered for the forces they have to carry. As long as they're not loose and not over torqued, you can get away with a lot.
  14. adam-

    Lug nut lube and torque

    Never grease the hub face. That is the friction interface between the wheel and the hub. Grease the spigot if you want, but never the disc/hub/wheel. Grease the bolts too. You could argue too much grease on the taper could cause a hydro-lock between the taper and the wheel and not allow proper torquing too.