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  1. adam-

    2003 525d won't start

    For future - how do you replace the plastic o-ring? I trashed one trying to get the new one on...
  2. adam-


    As mentioned, leaking injectors, o-ring in pressure regulator or bad pre-supply. I can't see the actual supply pressure because the on screen keyboard.
  3. adam-

    F11 SJ64FL? Garscube Road Glasgow

    I don't even know what one I saw the other day but both rear bags were away and it was just pogo sticking down the road!
  4. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah that was my worry. We did it about 8 years ago when I'd just passed my test and it was dead. Now it seems to be super busy!
  5. adam-

    E39 525d slow starter

    Mine has only broken down once since I've owned it. Failed to start, RAC came out and had a code for low fuel pressure. Sparked it up on easy start and it hasn't missed a beat since. Injector values are high though, I think it needs a few. Still fires up well though and no codes either. Should rail pressure stay high after key off?
  6. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Tanked it so it's ready for the NC500.
  7. adam-

    2003 525d won't start

    Yeah, that works too. I was too lazy to go find syringes so I just ordered a kit online. Could have ordered them too, so meh. Long story short, you'll turn the ignition on and you'll see it's already leaking, they're fcked.
  8. adam-

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    Aye, I'm not a mechanic, just someone who likes messing. It's an Eonon something or other. Refurbed on eBay but came with the screen protector and no scratches on the screen so not sure how it could have been used. Was only £160 ish. Sold the OEM stuff for the same money so it was a no brainer.
  9. adam-

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    Morgen's ED30 got paint: I gave it a wet vax: Fitted a 50000w Chinese inverter (actually 2000w apparently, probably 200!): Finished off the boot build with a Rainbow Hammer (10") and a 300w RMS Kicker amp: The Andriod head unit is good. Has full OBD functionality and supports coding too (comfort indicators and the likes). I'd have taken pictures of the rear arms being done but it took me 3 days (1.5 hours on one bolt) so I spent more time flinging tools around rather than having a nice time and taking pictures. But aye, all new rear arms (the ball joints just fell out their sockets when I took the bolt out, they had worn so badly). Just needs a service now.
  10. Is there a smart way to deflate them? I just squeezed the connector and pry-ed it up with a screwdriver. Once I saw it starting to move I closed my eyes and held on for dear life. They go off with some bang. Surely there's a smart way?
  11. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've done it the same way as Derek because I've kept the fulls. In the Golf I painted over the lenses so the output was terrible. A diode on the high beam side onto the shutter/ballast meant when I pulled the stalk the ballast also fired. I know it's not good for them but meh.
  12. adam-

    2003 525d won't start

    As above - supply pressure. Probably a dead injector, check leak off first.
  13. Just prod fuses and check, wouldn't take too long to find one.
  14. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I need an M sport bumper. Does someone want to donate one?
  15. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Spent 1 and a half hours trying to get one of the rear arm bolts out. 3 days later I've managed to do all rear arms, ball joints, drop links, integral links. Now it no longer tries to put me into a field when I go over a bump.