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  1. Deep sound is likely the actuator closing up to high duties. Log wastegate DC.
  2. adam-

    Space for a small amp in e39 dash

    How big is the amp?
  3. adam-

    Rear ball joint tool

    I used a large socket and some ready-rod. Can also cut through them with a hacksaw blade in about 10 minutes. To put the new one in, freeze it overnight and get the hub nuclear with a torch. It'll fall right in.
  4. Looks like they've poured oil into the coolant res and cracked the filter housing a hair - worth checking it's tight and check oil level. For the coolant, just wash it outa few times with a dishwasher tablet, it'll come up eventually.
  5. Hello. Was greeted with a touring that didn't want to start at the shops last night. Weirdly the keys were next to a large magnet the night before, although it worked fine. OH jumped in it, took it to the shops and phoned saying it won't start. I went round with the spare key (not sure why I thought that was a good idea) and sure enough, it wouldn't crank. Spare key in, fired first time. Master key is now dead. Central locking still works off this remote key, so I'm assuming the battery in the key is healthy. I thought that the immo was an inductor and didn't need a power supply? So, is the key totally dead, or is there a way to resync it to the EWS? I've got a AK90 and a spare key so should be able to make up another according to https://ncs-expert.com/e46-key-programming-ak90-guide
  6. adam-

    New member with M57 problems

    Soooo, what's wrong with it?
  7. The tab is for aligning the arm. The bolt isn't central and will walk round and move the position of the arm. IMO I didn't torque a single bolt, did them purely by feel. No issues. Looks like you're using a 12 point socket too going by the contact patch on the bolt head. Look to use 6 points. It'll all need redone at a garage when it gets aligned anyway. Just torque sensibly.
  8. I've bought the DeWalt and the Makita. I know it's a scam, but it's worth a punt and I'll get my money back if I don't get it!
  9. adam-

    Help please - rear disc change

    Handbrake can't be all the way off I'd have said.
  10. adam-

    Help please - rear disc change

    There should be a gap, it's perfectly fine. Meh, age old argument about copper grease on slide pins. I just grab the nearest tub, it's never done me any harm. She looks good, send her!
  11. adam-

    Battery top-up

    I genuinely thought I was the only one crazy enough to do this...
  12. adam-

    Blue smoke

    Probably just diesel. Also, if you're only driving it for a minute, walk.
  13. adam-

    Who's on Instagram

    adam_g4fku Mostly Golf/Arduino content. Few of abusing an E39.
  14. adam-

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    Is it not a physical connection between the box/shifter? What I'm trying to ask is if the AA man managed to bridge out the starter and get it to start, did it then continue to drive? If it did, I'd have thought that it is indeed, in drive.
  15. adam-

    Steering wheel wobble

    They don't.