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  1. adam-

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Check leak-off.
  2. adam-

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    You'd use a hot air station to remove that chip. No, petrol and diesel ECUs are very different.
  3. adam-

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    Now replaced the drivers mount, trans mount and passenger mount. New vacuum lines too. Much better and reverse rumble fixed!
  4. adam-

    Amps (for a sub) & when to fit in a touring

    I've put my inverter on the CD changer bracket. A few riv-nuts will sort it. I'm going to have to review my box - it just doesn't go in deep enough to get the cover back on!
  5. But why does it burn it so bad?
  6. I can't believe I missed this thread of gold. Maybe Gin's car breaks so much because he fits so much crap?
  7. adam-

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    Depends on the mileage. I think mine's had quite a few owners over the last few years that have all neglected it. It came with a whole host of problems. The front arms would initially judder over hard bumps, but it got to the point where the ABS would pulse with the bumps on the rumble strip - something it couldn't get out of and I just had no brakes. Junctions in the main street in a town are not cool when you can't stop. Decided at that point it's probably best I replace them. So aye, new Meyle arms and it doesn't do it anymore. I can only assume the rears are equally trash.
  8. adam-

    Food porn

    Swol-patrol. Gain-train.
  9. adam-

    Food porn

    What the actual F is that... WHO EVEN DOES THAT
  10. adam-

    Food porn

    OH YES!
  11. adam-

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    Facepalm. I know nothing about BMWs so didn't know the new ones came with it. That's cool!
  12. adam-

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    We have a Google Home and it's okay. I used an Alexa at Christmas and I think it might have the edge. The Home seems too serious and doesn't get requests right all the time although not as bad as Alexa - not sure if that's cause I was sh1tfaced at Christmas. Doesn't tell you jokes either. The Alexa seems slightly more user friendly and understands well.
  13. adam-

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    It's actually too hard to be honest. It's the same as computers - all the plugs are different shapes so you can't go wrong!
  14. adam-

    Food porn

    A Glaswegian that doesn't like Tennents?! Pft. St Mungo's is unreal. Birds and the Bees is also very very tasty!