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  1. FYI from another forum I see that the EVO maps 2021-1 are out today so some of you might want to check the download manager.....
  2. Don’t seem to see a signature when using the mobile website. Is it just a desktop thing? Yep - just answered my own question - don't see the garage on the mobile website that I use 99.9% of the time!!
  3. Your profile says an F11?
  4. Good to hear. I have learnt never to buy a new BMW in the year before LCI. They did the same with the F10 where they bring in a suite of updates but not the full house until the LCI so you don’t get the full benefit...
  5. I don’t recognise your process - as far as I’m concerned it does everything for me (I just click a few buttons for it to proceed and it saves it to the USB stick - I then plug it into the car). Never been complicated in the 5 years plus I’ve used the service...
  6. Yeah would never have bought a 7 series new - you would have lost another £30k in depreciation when you drove it off the forecourt (I assume that you are in the UK?)
  7. Brave.....”Velar”
  8. I’m sure the changes are not significant however there is also a big OS7 update (v. 11/20) being rolled out from today which may be relevant. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0326465EN/new-remote-software-upgrade-available-for-over-one-million-bmw-vehicles-worldwide?language=en
  9. For those with FULL OS7 capability. The OTA was available previously as reported here: https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/144144-2020-4-ota-live-maps-update/
  10. Sorry - a bit late with this but you’ve done well to do nearly 500 miles in such a short time. Due to lockdown I have done 350 in the best part of 3 months (I would normally have done the best part of 5,000 miles in that time). Of course I am assuming that you are in the UK?
  11. My BMW is slowly replacing the Connected Drive app with more connectivity added to the former.
  12. Carrman2018

    G30 Rear Windscreen Heater - Is it on a timer?

    I think mine also goes on when I remotely climatise... Does anyone else think that?
  13. Carrman2018

    G30 Rear Windscreen Heater - Is it on a timer?

    “After a while” whatever that means...
  14. Carrman2018

    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    FWIW this is my experience: 34,000 is very good mileage for the rears (I only got 24,000 on my previous 530e) BUT they are very sensitive to tyre pressures. All of my 5 series (F10 and G30) came out of the (3 different) dealers with too low pressure’s. My company car’s tyres are always fitted by mobile fitters (from KF and National) because even they say that those at the depot’s are poor(!!!)
  15. Carrman2018

    G30 2017 530e - Battery range

    Just a quick update - with the recent increase in temperature a full charge now gives me 25 to 27 miles range...on my LCI: