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  1. Twin power turbo = Twin scroll (single) turbo?
  2. Carrman2018

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Don’t know who your asking - just to confirm that iOS is the Apple operating system. BMW are also just rolling out an operating system 7 update at the moment for over the air users (fundamentally G30 LCI in our world) which is different. Apple have acknowledged the CarPlay issues with iOS15 hence the update 15.0.2 - suggest everyone tries this before necessarily blaming the car?
  3. Carrman2018

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Have you updated iOS15.0.2 that came out yesterday? Supposedly lots of CarPlay bug fixes….
  4. Carrman2018

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    What causes the blockages in your experience - it to seems to have been going on for years?
  5. Carrman2018

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    Sorry Matthew but completely the opposite - never used BMW washer fluid and never had a problem…over 9 years.
  6. Carrman2018

    F10 LCi Sport / Comfort / Eco button function

    Been following this thread for a while. Are they getting mixed up with the G30 530e where you do get more charge in Sport…?
  7. Carrman2018

    Front seat belts.

    Hope it’s right…..
  8. Carrman2018

    Front seat belts.

    Could be part of Dynamic Safety 5AL? Used to be a £280 option. Not standard in UK. Didn’t/don’t have it on my pre-LCI (OS6) or LCI 530e and can’t see it as an option on LCI.
  9. Carrman2018

    Scottish Police Abandoning BMW?

    Maybe they’ll move to Scottish build cars? I remember from my Scots education (I grew up in Aberdeen) that Sassenachs were indeed non-highlanders.
  10. Carrman2018

    Scottish Police Abandoning BMW?

    I thought that was strange....
  11. Carrman2018

    Appreciating Asset?

    Yes looking forward to that…. Plenty of fast and rapid chargers near us together with 350 kWh Ionity’s elsewhere (including across Europe). The i4 charges at up to 210kwh. I think Elon knows he’s becoming an infrastructure provider!!!
  12. Carrman2018

    Appreciating Asset?

    My wife has an i4 incoming. No idea of the build date yet (probably 2022) and it’s a company car so no price or trade in comparison.
  13. Carrman2018

    BMW Sytner (Leicester)

    Once the semi conductor shortage calms down prices should settle across the board. Not a good time to buy cars with higher prices for both new and used cars (driven by the shortage of new cars) but the expectation that depreciation will be back to the same levels after the shortage ends.
  14. As above. For "full" OS7 users I presume.
  15. Carrman2018

    Great - buckled wheels

    4 of my relatives have Kia’s - not a problem between them EV6 looks VERY interesting (better than the Ioniq5).