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  1. Carrman2018

    My BMW App

    It’s only certain countries as well: https://www.bmw.com/en/footer/mybmw-app.html
  2. Carrman2018

    My BMW App

    For those that don’t realise press the picture of your vehicle to see Vehicle Status (Oil Level, Service due, etc). Not you Liam2594 - I couldn’t get rid if your quote above...!
  3. Carrman2018

    My BMW App

    You can still use the old one until it gets updated. Not losing any sleep about it personally. I believe more functionality is coming for Full OS7 users (BMW points anyone?)
  4. Carrman2018

    My BMW App

    The funny fan shaped thing does the pre-heating/cooling......? And you can still use the old app.
  5. Carrman2018

    My BMW App

    Seems be replacing Connected Drive.... I’ll have a play to see what’s going on.
  6. Carrman2018

    Rear fog lights

    Slightly off topic but I see that the latest over the air update to cars with the most up to date Operating System 7 is to allow REAR lights with DRL’s. Now that’s a good idea for those dopey people who drive around in the dark with just their front DRL’s on. Source: “another” G20 forum:
  7. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    I’m not convinced they’re in the UK yet - I think they’ve only just started to build them (this month). But someone who’s been to a dealer showroom may confirm otherwise.
  8. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    LCI brochure now available on BMW UK website for those that are interested.
  9. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    Order just confirmed: Build week 42 (12th October) Delivery to dealer week 45 (2nd November)
  10. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    The edition is quite good value compared to when you add all the “extras” onto an MSport.
  11. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    Shame the dealer has advised that DG is NOT available - so Tanzanite Blue it is...
  12. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    Just had confirmation of my G30 LCI order through my Leasing company (company car). I’m not due to change until November - the dealer will no doubt confirm whether that date will be met. Specification as follows: 530e M Sport Edition Donington Grey (still can’t specify this on the configurator) Black interior (unfortunately but no choice) Sunroof (brighten up the interior!) Parking Assistant plus (for the surround camera) Steering Wheel heating Split/folding rear seats Icon adaptive lights are standard (but I don’t need the laser lights). The “Edition” also gives you Adaptive Suspension and 20 inch wheels. I didn’t get the Comfort Pack because I don’t want Comfort access, or the Technology Pack because I’m not interested in the HUD or Enhanced Bluetooth etc. The wait begins.....
  13. Carrman2018

    Headlamp washers.

    Easiest way to know if you’ve got this on a 520d are the “chrome” strips on the outside door handles. I specified it on my LCI SE, plus Fog lights and extended AC (another thing not included with the 520d).
  14. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    OK despite what I said earlier I have ordered a 530e M Sport Edition from my leasing company. This is because they let me order it in Donington Grey - despite only Tanzanite being available on the configurator at the moment (although the "words" say that both are available). On the basis of the DG I think that I can put up with the "coal hole" interior. A few other options ordered as well - but at the moment I'll wait to see if this order is "confirmed" given the colour and rumours that my car scheme is on hold due to COVID (nothing official advised). When (if) I get confirmation I'll advise of spec of my last Company Car before retirement!
  15. Carrman2018

    G30 LCI

    Isn’t it due to the WLTP emissions regulations where every option has a CO2 “cost”. So the car manufacturers are now all packaging extras?