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  1. Carrman2018

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    I find HUD annoying (turned it off in i8)!
  2. Carrman2018

    iOS Update to 12.2 - BT Audio connection dropping out

    No problem with IPhone XR.
  3. Carrman2018

    Connected Drive - Is it down?

    I normally don’t have a problem...used it regularly since 2015.
  4. Carrman2018

    Connected Drive - Is it down?

    Up and down all day (App and website).
  5. Carrman2018

    Time to Change the Company Car

    .....as a company car??
  6. Carrman2018

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Amazing how many work colleagues are ALWAYS in the wrong gear (and then complain about poor economy!)
  7. Carrman2018

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    I was one of the few that found the F10 Halogens OK (I drove within their capabilities). Then I had an F10 with Xenons (wow).. Then a G30 with Icon LEDs (double wow)... Easily pleased I suppose ( I remember pre Halogen headlights!)
  8. Carrman2018

    2019-2 Maps available on Upload Manager

    Download Manager...
  9. As above - don't know what happened to 2019-1?
  10. Carrman2018

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    Another “unproductive” reply - working fine on iPhone XR.
  11. Carrman2018

    Is ConnectedDrive USB Map Updates Working?

    I'm getting the same - perhaps 2019-1 is finally coming for the G30? Incidentally the App and Portal were playing up this morning - but worked fine from about 9am.
  12. Carrman2018

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    Delete it from destinations in the app?
  13. Carrman2018

    Map Update Today

    2019-1 or 2 are due shortly.
  14. Carrman2018

    Time to Change the Company Car

    If it looks like the LCI 7 I will look elsewhere. i am hoping that they choose not to offend too many people - based on the new 3 series. I understand that the LCI 7 is aimed at the Chinese market where they like ostentatious grills.
  15. Carrman2018

    Time to Change the Company Car

    From another forum.....