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  1. Pzero

    Ashtray speed

    Seconding Ray, there is a small plastic cog (white, as I recall) which governs the lids movement speed, found that out when I had that console section out to wire up my Android Auto hook up. If your lid flies up, that cog would be a good place to start looking. Or just don't use the ashtray. I haven't smoked for years, but the position of that doesn't strike me as practical, being that far back. I'd probably just tap out the window. At least my old E34 had a more common sense ashtray location!
  2. Pzero

    Led interior lights?

    Funny you mention that, I fitted them in my 2002 touring, and have one or possibly two which flicker as well. Thought it was the bulbs and one day will get around to swapping positions to see if the flicker follows indication faulty bulb or remains in place, but not gotten around to it. They are only on when someone opens a door, so not been enough of an issue for me to follow up on. For me it's the rear offside (and possible rear near, not paid it enough attention to be sure), front ones are solid as a rock.
  3. Pzero

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    Agreed Ray, and already aware from faffing around with them on my last E39 (thanks regardless ). I referred to them simply as high beam and low beam as there is one adjustor adjacent to each, and pretty much every guide I've checked out in preparation for this job refers to the two different adjustors simply by which lens side of the headlight they are. Makes sense seeing as the positions are reversed from one headlight to the other, so Low and High works better then left and right for the adjustors.
  4. Pzero

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    Just couldn't leave it alone... but wish I had! Missus took nipper for an hours walk. Thought I'd have the headlight off and at least have a look, you know, size the job up... And that kinda escalated. Got one done, and it took 5 HOURS. Most of these were trying to do the high beam adjuster. Dear god. Summary of today : - Knuckles of some fingers have no skin left, and the high beam adjuster was installed with blood on it. - Low beam side was a doddle, which gave me false confidence because the high beam side was the most angry making thing I think I've ever done. - Every post or vid I've seen about doing the high beam adjacent adjustor says to fit the adjustor with the socket / holder already clipped on. That took up three and half hours hours of the time, many angry breaks, so much swearing, and those skinned fingers I mentioned. Out of complete frustration, thought I'd try it adjuster first then the clip, as I did with the low beam. Worked first time with no stress at all. Laughed like the Joker on nitrous, which made a change from shouting obscenities like a sailor with a stubbed toe. - Refitted to the car, then unfitted again after noticing that the reflector for the low beam didn't look right. Must have knocked it somehow, the outer ring was flapping around loose. Some 'encouragement' back into place using a chopstick with a load of tissue taped to the end through the bulb hole pushed it back into place. Do they click on or have I just wedged it in enough? God knows how I pushed it out of whack in the first place. - Checked the date on my headlight after the job, half expecting to breakdown and cry after this ordeal. Relieved to see it was manufactured 2005 as I thought it was when I checked sometime ago, so I couldn't have baked it and didn't have to kick my own arse for not doing so. I'll wait until I do the second headlight then go and get them aligned. Probably right pissed after this. Which is what I am about to go and get too.
  5. Pzero

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    Not bottling out of my keyhole surgery (honest!), but not getting done today. Missus has to work, and this doesn't seem like the kind of job to be done whilst trying to keep a bored 4-year old entertained at the same time! You go first Phil, let me know how it goes
  6. Pzero

    Purge valve / Vapour canister

    Well aware of INPA et al, just not needed any of the PC based diagnostics until now hence not bothering with them. Already have TIS, but that, the Bentley manual and my handheld are all I've needed this far (lucky I guess, for almost 20 years of old BMW ownership!) Already in discussion with Jimmy by email over last few days, but various factors which I'm sure we can all guess are causing issues getting new stock into the country.
  7. Pzero

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    My worst nightmare is that the holder itself will break whilst trying to get the leftovers out, as no-one seems to sell the holder!
  8. Pzero

    Purge valve / Vapour canister

    Now on my list of things to check when I get the chance, thanks Andy That said though that's the kind of thing I'd expected to have been pulled up on an MOT about, as I've had this issue for my last MOT, possibly even the one before that.
  9. Pzero

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    Guess how I'm spending my weekend... Pray for me lads, mine are non bake so it's keyhole surgery time!
  10. Pzero

    Cable Shack K Line Cable Set

    Sorry, turns out not what I'm after. Apologies Piper if you got notification before I deleted this!
  11. Pzero

    Purge valve / Vapour canister

    Very much appreciate your experience, many thanks. When I looked into this during summer, I checked my fuel filler cap and all appeared OK. Checked again this morning now that this is back in my mind, and I must have been sun blinded when I last checked, because the washer in my cap is terrible! Just got back from my local BMW dealers parts supply with a new cap, whether it solves any issue or not, definately needed! Considered a fuel leak somewhere, but the only undertray fitted on my car is the very front on under the rad and front of engine. I'm parked on my private drive in the same spot every time, no staining or oily rainbows when it rains. As you say though, if only tiny amount, may be evaporating off. When weather improves I'll start sticking a big piece of clean cardboard under there and see if it catches anything. Don't have INPA or other laptop diagnostics (considering it though in general), but my handheld Creator 310+ shows purge valve state, and I've seen it report both open and closed so appears to be operating. That doesn't tell me whether it's fully open or not though, possible it could be fouled or otherwise not working as it should. Also not sure how often it should open and close. I'll have it out for good once over when weather allows.
  12. Pzero

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    I've been running on Contisports all round until a puncture last week prompted me to remember last MOTs advisory regarding both rears. Just replaced with Bridgestones, and already notice that they seem a lot quieter. Let's see how they wear though. Got about 16k miles out of the rear Contis in the two years I've owned the car, don't recall how new they were when I bought it.
  13. Pzero

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Every E39 I've had until my current one had style 32's, absolutely love them. If I didn't have more important things to spend on, I'd be on the look out for a set for my current ride in place of the 66's it's got. And although in your pics it was unintentional / lighting, I've always fancied them with black centres, silver rims. Was on my list of things to do for my 528 saloon before the 'WARNING WARNING EXPENSIVE MOT INCOMING' alarm sounded for it and numbered its days.
  14. Comrades, I'm on a binge at the moment of trying to wrap up a few things I've been meaning to take care of with my beloved E39 tourer. This is one I've not found too much about from googling around, and what I have found hasn't been too conclusive. For sometime I've been finding a very strong fuel smell when starting up - which I understand isn't unusual for cold starts - but although not quite as strong, still too noticable even when up to temp / after a run around. This smell is only outside the car, nothing leaking in, and stronger around the rear the of the car. It's NOT the exhaust fumes however (don't try sniffing your exhaust at home kids), and emissions from last MOT (by the time of which the smell was already present) were fine so nothing of concern found there. One possible cause of this kind of smell I've read about could be the charcoal filter canister in the rear nearside wheel arch or the purge valve which dumps it's contents back into the engine. I'm further inclined to think of this as being related to my issue as in the two years I've owned the car I've had a yellow EML twice, neither of which affected driving at the time and both of which had cleared themselves by the time I next started the car. Both of these I later found out when I got around to getting a code reader had caused P0444, can't recall exact wording but was related to Purge Valve. BUT... pretty much all discussion I've found I've found about that particular issue suggests I should be seeing other issues such as trouble starting, rough idle, poor mileage, none of which are present. Also the fact that this light has cleared itself both times suggests that the purge valve hasn't completely failed. And failing once a year on average would be a very intermittent fault! I intend to start with the purge valve as it's easiest to reach and a couple of screws, but wondering if anyone has experienced a vapour canister gone bad? The smell is strongest by that rear quarter of the car, which makes me consider it. Thanks in advance for any related tales or insight which anyone has!
  15. Pzero

    Hairline crack in original radiator plastic inlet

    Best tenner I've ever spent on generic ebay tools. Only had to have the fan out a few times of my last E34 and two of my E39's, but everytime spent far too long fighting with it. Never wanted to buy proper tools as each time I thought 'well at least I won't have to do that again'... Finally bought a set pre-emptively when I knew I'd need fan off early last year (turned out to be multiple times for cooling system overhaul and transmission cooler replacement) and laughed like a loon after finding out how easy it could have been for all of those previous ordeals. I remember standing on one of the suspension mounts in the engine bay of the E34, literally kicking the hell out of an adjustable plumbers wrench which was barely thin enough to fit in there. Ah memories... Anyone reading this who is ever likely to have to remove their viscous fan - For the love of god, do yourself a favour and get the right spanner and locking brace. For around a tenner, it'll make your life so much easier.