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  1. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What else are bank holiday Sundays for...
  2. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    @Andyrt200 Regarding that leather re-colouring you carried out recently, I can't resist. Looking at the site now, I see that the 'large' size is meant to be right for a full set of car seats, can you confirm? Cheers in advance
  3. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The absolute prefect day for car washing at last. Warm enough, dry and complete cloud cover so I can take my time with waxing!
  4. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had three E39's so far, most had hoses, sensors, stat and stat housings done, two also had radiator replacement and one needed water pump done after it failed. My current one I had to strip out the rad etc to replace the transmission oil cooler last year as well. Oh yeah, and one of the older ones needed a new fan clutch too (or that might have been my last E34, can't remember!) Every car i've ever owned since I got a license has had cooling issues at one point (often more than once for my old Fords), so always the area I've been most paranoid / proactive about!
  5. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Heh, ironically I'd rather have to remove the whole cooling system than mess about with belts and alternator, done cooling replacements on every E39 I've ever had!
  6. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It's not the number of things which need to be 'disturbed', it's the nature of them. In two years of owning this car, I've not had a single 'routine' job complete without something else breaking (thanks to BMW plastics, more often than not). As much as I love this car, I'm pretty convinced that it broke into some Egyptian Pharoes tomb at somepoint and was punished with a terrible curse. Belts and alternator are also particular omens for me, having had issues with both on my old E34 years ago, issues which were admittedly aggravated by me trying to resolve them. Replacing the gasket itself concerns me not, getting to it in the first place is why I need to find a nice long time slot to do so, which what with work and kids is few and far between. Ironic, all I ever wanted was a house with a drive, garage, and ample space to do my wrenching. Now I've got them and never have the time to use them.
  7. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Oh yeah, now I remember why I keep putting it off...
  8. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good to hear Do I recall correctly that you need to move the alternator to get good access? I admit I've been putting mine off for various reasons!
  9. Pzero

    Which PDC Sensor? E39 Sport Touring

    My 2002 model uses the new type, had to change one on my dads '97 E39 a few months back, found out the hard way then that they are not interchangable.
  10. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Interesting, wasn't aware of that. Not the issue here as the warning is gone next time I start the car even when I haven't been under the bonnet since it appeared, and doesn't always appear after every trip, just becoming more common this last week. Not the answer in this case, but I have learned something new today, thanks Ray
  11. First post outside of my native E39 subforum, hopefully I'm not dragging up age old questions and causing much eye rolling. Searched on topic but not found anything relating to my (most likely daft) question... My car washing routine used to be just a half hour 'jetwash, shampoo, rinse' with quick spray of back to black on trim and a wheel scrub, but lockdown boredom lead to reading up on more products and techniques, and after seeing the increasingly impressive results as my wash routine evolved, I became hooked on getting that shine and my last 'wheels, prewash, rinse, shampoo, rinse, clay, rinse, dry, SRP, wax, trim gel, tyre gel, etc' routine took best part of 8 hours. Looking at fallout removers now, which I've not used before (and from the difference which claying made recently, my car has likely never experienced either), but - and here comes the daft question - I have one or two stone chips which have a tiny amount of rust. Not significant enough to require a respray, and I don't trust myself enough to try a proper home repair. Given that such fallout / iron remover products act on rust, is using them on such areas likely to make these chips worse or damage / weaken the paint around these chips, given that they too will receive the same chemical treatment as the fallout will be getting? Or should I work around these areas? Thanks in advance to anyone taking time to offer advice
  12. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Burnt a whole tank of petrol in the last week exclusively on driving back and forth to the vets emergency hospital daily, several times on some days. Pet insurance better come good, as I've spent double the price of my car on the hairy little bastard in the last week alone. But as this isn't a cat maintenance forum, I shall say no more on that matter... Still, at least a few car things have happened on those multiple drives. - Yellow engine light came up on one drive, INPA told me that my old friend Tankentlueftungsventil has made it's annual appearance again, right on schedule. It's odd, I see this generally once a year (although in previous years just as code P0444 as only had a handheld scanner until recently). Cleared and unlikely to be seen again until next year I imagine. One day I'll get around to changing the vent valve. But not right now, I'm either working or at the sodding vets. - Beginning to think that I may have a faulty engine oil level sensor. After several of the daily trips, as I've switched off the car got the 'Check Engine Oil Level' text on the dash. Used to seeing it every now and then as I either have a very slow leak or am burning more oil in this 525 than my last 528 did, but not this often. After the first one, checked oil level and gave it about half a litre, admittedly it was low. But still got the warning for several trips since, and on each occasion checked level and still above bottom mark of dipstick, no noticeable drop. Might have to look into dealing with that if it carries on. Not looked into procedure yet, hoping it's accessible without too much faff as I don't have much time nowadays.
  13. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove my cat to the emergency vets in it twice today. 03:00 - Parked nose in and bumped a stupid foot high bollard which, like a stealth bomber, avoided PDC. Chipped the bumper. Crap. 17:00 - Reversed in alongside a gent in some kind of SUV thing with his window down, presumably waiting for someone inside the vets. Warned me when I was about to hit a stupid foot high bollard, so I didn't this time. Then he said he had to appreciate the condition of my car. Best thing which happened all day, depressingly enough. I will be driving it back to vets tomorrow to pick up said moggy, and be faced with a bill for him higher than the amount I paid for this car, I fear.
  14. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Aaaaand now I've got another job which I didn't know I wanted to do added to my list! Massive improvement!
  15. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mind sharing the wisdom? I'm close to Gatwick, and although am not in critical need of body work right now, there are a few bits which might need attention in the future! Thanks in advance