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  1. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Only ever used Nextzett myself (which is water based and petroleum free according to the bottle here on my desk right now), to be honest I didn't realise that gummi pflege was a generic name and that other companies made it as well, until the post above with a pic of a bottle of Sonax!
  2. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Honest answer? No offence, but I think you are right to not be sure about them... Each to their own of course, but I'd pass on those.
  3. Pzero

    TRIPLE QX red or blue antifreeze?

    Been using QX red in my E39s for years with no issues. Well, at least any apparent ones!
  4. Pzero

    wind noise ?

    I had a whistling years ago after having a windscreen replaced on one of my E39's years ago, turns out it hadn't been sealed properly around the top and had to be redone. The garage insisted - in order - that I was imagining it and there was no whistling, then later that any whistling I could hear must have always been there, and then that it's normal and they all do that all the time. I ended up having to prove the point by taping around the outside edges of the windscreen, taking one of their guys out for a quick A-road blat, then pulling over and removing the tape for the same fast road drive back, making it instantly apparent that something was not right. Unsightly as it is, maybe use the same method to rule out windscreen seal? Tape around the exterior edge of your windscreen and take a quick test drive, see if whistling stops, and if so, remove section at a time to see if you can narrow it down to a certain area. If so, then there MAY be a gap in the seal which you could locate beneath the windscreen surround trim, seal, and then conceal again under the trim. If it turns out not to be windscreen though, at least you've ruled that out?
  5. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    High five, white lithium buddy
  6. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just last week I made sure that they were white lithiumed up good and proper, along with boot hinges and bonnet catches A timely reminder though!
  7. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I was plagued by frozen seals preventing me closing the door for years on my last E39, until I discovered gummi. I leave for work before 6am, so in winter it's proper cold when I open the car. The amount of times I used to have to sit there for 15-20 minutes until it warmed up enough to finally slam closed properly... Or a few times I was in a hurry and had to drive the first few miles with my left hand across my lap holding the door closed (don't try this at home kids, and especially not in a manual!). Gummi did the trick, wouldn't be without it nowadays. Thinking back though, never had this problem with other cars, including the E34's I used to drive. Maybe something to do with E39 door design? It was made worse in my case as the E39 I had the worst problem with once had to have the AA 'break in' after I locked the only set of keys in it (long story!), resulting in the top rear corner of the door imperceptibly bent out, inviting more moisture inside. Personally I apply a generous coating every couple of months, on the rare afternoons I get a chance to do a full inside and outside clean on the car.
  8. Lovely, paypal coming shortly.
  9. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced radiator expansion tank bleed screw. After the one in the top hose blew and was replaced a couple of weeks ago, ordered one for the expansion tank as well, turns out to have been a wise move and found today that it had been leaking. Removed and found that the washer was barely visible to the naked eye. To paraphrase - a stitch in time, saves being stranded by junction 9... Oh yeah, and whilst giving my rubbers a seasonal gummi-ing, the sponge applicator part of the bottle broke off and I lost half of what was left. Thankfully used most of it previously, but still... Grrr.
  10. Pzero

    Replacement spring for E39 boot lock

    Sorry, didn't think of that! 7-8mm.
  11. Pzero

    Replacement spring for E39 boot lock

    The coiled section of the spring is 14-15mm, with the loops on either end you're looking at approx 25mm.
  12. Love 32's. Had them on every one of my E39's until now. Got a perfectly good set of 66's on mine, but tempted...How are the tyres?
  13. Pzero

    Replacement spring for E39 boot lock

    Hardware store for me too when it happened on my last E39 Saloon. Like you, found that the official BMW solution was to sell me a whole new lock mech, so off to local hardware store with the old one to find closest match. As hardware store was some distance from home and I didn't feel car was safe to drive (boot popping up every time I braked!), bought a handful of similar sizes as I couldn't try them on there and then. Unable to find an EXACT match, some a fraction of a mm smaller, some a fraction larger. By the sound of it you've already dismantled it so I'll spare you the pics I took throughout the process, surgery was pretty painless. As I recall, I think I ended up using one of the smallest ones pictured and kept the lot as spares. If you can't find one locally and can survive without a replacement one for a few days, happy to let you have one of these (although seeing where you live, might ask for a couple of quid to cover postage!)
  14. Howdy, After a price for front right bumper trim strip, the black corner piece which contains the PDC sensors, for an E39 Sport Tourer. RealOEM gives me a part number of 51117894140 Thanks in advance!
  15. Pzero

    B pillar noise sorted at last

    Cheers, got a similar annoying rattle which sounds like coming from inside the drivers B pillar, my guess is / was top of the seat belt mechanism too, but will bear this in mind when I finally get the chance to investigate further