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  1. Cheers Dennis, was hoping as much. The KCA and IV is already up online and yup, plenty of watchers and bids already. Definately selling individually as replacements, likely more people got broken ones they want to replace easily than folks wanting to retrofit an entire 15 year old suite of tech which your average mobile will outpace Don't have the monitor to sell, previous owner ditched that. Was meant to be Widescreen TV Module, from under the rear carpet. Typo / brainfart. Just had this vision of flogging all these BMW modules to less informed owners (trying to find a nice way of saying it, but those to whom a car is a car, don't need to look into anything, just assume that any old BMW part will fit and work instantly) and if it did then turn out that any of it needed coding, them all being returned / disputed incorrectly as 'faulty' as they didn't work as soon as plugged in. Hate using eBay, had far too much agro with troublesome buyers in the past!
  2. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Noticed that mine smells a bit oily when hot. No visible leaks, engine bay clean, but the nose knows...
  3. Pzero

    M sport/ sport

    Likewise, I got a mocking for the same offense not too long ago. Merely the result of misinformation, I'm not some boy racer trying foolishly to impress more knowledgeable peers who would obviously know better Both my current and previous sports were described as M-Sport when sold to me, didn't know any different, so that's how I referred to them. Wasn't a fanatic (well, not at first) so hadn't looked into the naming conventions of the cars I drive. And the small M logos in various places around the car kinda reinforced it... At least none of mine have ever had the original boot badges removed and replaced with M logos. Ignorance is no excuse for that!
  4. As subject really. My current E39 had BMW head unit replaced by previous owner with a basic Kenwood, so the nav DVD, Intravee, KCA, Widescreen monitor etc in the boot are all useless to me. Stripped most of them out to fit a concealed sub for a bit more oomph in the back, pondering whether I should chuck them all on ebay, or whether this would be opening me up to agro from people buying the BMW bits and then them not working without being recoded. Anyone know if the nav DVD is a simple plug and play thing?
  5. Pzero

    Kenwood 7018DMX dimming

    Oops. Just realised that this topic was a month ago not a week ago, sorry for raising it from the dead. And by now you've probably found this out for yourself anyway. Must remember that it's now April, not March...
  6. Pzero

    Kenwood 7018DMX dimming

    I have the same unit and the same problem. If dash lighting up full, screen flickers between dimmer on and off. If less than 75% ish, doesn't dim at all. Android Auto selects night / day mode from the headunit by default, so it also flicks back and forth between modes, regardless of dimmer setting. From research, the dimmer reacts to a 12v current on the illumination wire. Unfortunately, the dash lighting through that bloody rheostat doesn't give a full 12V, it's 11 point something at highest (can't remember the exact figures, but posted these findings recently in a thread about head unit options). Head unit freaks out over it. Most straight forward (well, simple answer, but not in practice) workaround I've read is to tap the illumination wire of the head unit onto the main beam headlight wire so it's keyed off headlights rather than cabin lighting. I did read one piece about someone doing it at the LCM end of things, but that's not something I've looked into. Personally, I've just set my brightness to a mid point which I can see fine in daylight and isn't blinding by night, and for the Android side of things, you can either go into dev mode on the phone and set day or night manually, or set AA to take it's cue as to whether it's night or day from the phones clock rather than the headunit. I had no success with the latter option. There is an android app called AA Night Helper which uses your phones clock to switch between day and night modes, it's not 100% but good enough for me.
  7. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had the same thing years ago, ended up destroying the door card to get into the guts of the door whilst it was closed. And that's why I still have three quarters of a set of door cards in my attic still, only replacement set I could find on ebay was from a guy who wouldn't split them (understandably, otherwise he'd be the one with three quarters of a set in his attic).
  8. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Based on other peoples accounts, I was expecting it to be a fair bit of effort. Mine failed this weekend, RAC call out (full cover from work and I don't have a charger at present, so why not!), completely dead old battery which he replaced for me so I didn't get to find out first hand. From a watchers point of view though, he made it look easy, leant in through tailgate, straight out, not even a huff or puff from him Damage report please?
  9. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Have a little faith!
  10. Pzero

    Top windscreen trim perished

    Did mine yesterday morning, spookily enough. As usual though, only occurs to me afterwards that I should have taken a few pics along the way, sorry. Just used one trim removal tool with a flat thin edge to scrape along under the edges which overlap the glass, which loosens it up, pryed it up at one of the top corners enough to grab the bit tucked in between glass and body with long nose pliers, and pulled it out from there. If yours is as bad as mine was, expect lots of little bits of brittle rubber to split off and remain in the gap, make sure you scrape out and clean the gap completely before putting the new one on. Liberally spraying the windscreen edge and the groove of the trim before putting them together helps lubricate it and makes it a lot easier than forcing the rubber onto the glass dry. I'd estimate it took just over an hour, but most of that was removal of the old and the disintigrated bits which where all over the place. See attached, although the whole thing was cracked before I started removing it, it was still intact. Every little section you can see missing broke off during the removal. Make sure you have the right one, as I recall your new tourer is a Jap import so possibility of it having protective glass might be higher. FYI I got mine from Cotswolds, £35.
  11. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Swap you for an identical one in urinal cake green? Most of my E39 history was silver, but this greeny was too good to pass up on. Battery woes sorted. Was indeed dead, in all senses of the word. RAC gents computer immediately screamed replace as soon as he hooked it up to check it. Not looked at battery since I bought it, some no-brand thing of indeterminate age. Bought a new Varta battery off the guys recovery truck. Back in business Now if I can just fix the flickering screen when using android auto mode on this head unit which I've just discovered on my first test drive...
  12. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Oof. That would explain it, whilst hooking up the new HU today which took quite sometime due to the butchered wiring previous owner left in place of BMW loom, I had doors and boot open countless times and for extended periods. Remembered to switch off the cabin lighting after every door opening, but from what you say, that was just removing the visible source of power drain. Sigh. And of course I had to park the car in the back garden at the end of the immensely tight drive, so no-one can get close enough to run some jump leads. Three cheers for full RAC cover including home start through my employers then, hope his jump pack is charged. Thanks all, I'll reserve my joyous outbursts regarding jobs well done in future, deferring them for a full 24 hour period to prevent premature celebration again. Edit - Just dawned on me, the new whirring noise I hear for 15-20 seconds from the heater vents probably isn't new.... Just slower than usual, normally its a brief higher pitched buzz. From looking online it's valves in the heater matrix, which are now presumably not getting enough power to operate as quickly as usual.
  13. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I misread that as a 100 year old battery! I've just been told that as well, didn't occur to me as I've only ever experienced flat batteries which still had just enough to give the starter a half hearted turn, or completely dead to the point that I don't even have interior lighting.
  14. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ah crap. Ok, cancel me feeling pleased with myself for getting stuff done. Just tried taking it for a test drive... nope. Got electric (although no idea how much as I've spent ages on ACC position today testing the new head unit)., but trying to turn her over I get no starter motor noise, just rapid clicking from the dash and the usual pre-start indicators blinking in time with the clicking. Checked all the wiring I've touched today, nothing earthing, and the only splices I applied were to illumination wire. I don't get it. Anyone had this clicking instead of turning over before?
  15. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ugh, I used to get this so regularly on my last E39, just about every time I drove over gravel small enough. I think the plate on mine was bent and more likely to catch them as a result. As the car was just a commuting work horse I never got around to fixing it.