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  1. CNS

    Our cars

    HI chaps My family cars...the saloon has now sadly gone as it was a company car - 530D and the BIK was getting to be too much - was told it'd be 550-600 a month if I got a new one this year...
  2. CNS

    Detailing addict

    PM sent Sandip.
  3. CNS

    Detailing addict

    Hi all, I’ve just joined and sent a pm to admin regarding sponsorship. My company make ceramic coatings and we do training / demo meets (which we offer free of charge) to show folk how to machine & hand correct their paint before applying, how to apply the actual coatings and also basic safe car maintenance washing. I also have a 5 series as one of my cars. Hope to interact with you all soon. Example of one of our detailing meets: