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  1. Someone

    Recent Recall Notice

    @7Seven I took mine in a about a year ago for EGR, but like you got another letter this week saying bring in again! called dealer and they saud 'yeh, we need to recheck something on EGR which we didnt know about before' strange! i asked for pool car, they said no! should i expect a free pool car for the duration?
  2. Someone

    orgasmic shake

    Thanks all for the advice. Will keep eye on drive train
  3. Someone

    orgasmic shake

    so when i start up 520 64 plate, and start to check phone etc, the car shakes uncontrollably, getting little worse and physically moves me. The shake comes and goes about every 10 seconds, but once driven and then idling it is fine. Anyone had this?
  4. Looked again today on DVLA, and now says no outstanding recall....dont get it. Checked old paperwork and it says EGR quality enhancement so presume its been done/checked previously.
  5. Randomly checked DVLA and to my surprise it says outstanding recall, I havent had a letter yet. So I ring BMW, they check system and say 'oh it's not a recall as such, but if you have any problems with exhaust then we can check it'....so I'm like why on DVLA is there a recall. Strange. In any case, I suggested they check it over so its booked in. Little confused as if there is no recall why would it say so on DVLA. Any ideas?
  6. I have noticed Independent Specialists prices are not that different to dealers, so wonder why ppl go to Indys...is it to support local businesses? Or more flexible in helping ad hoc if needed? Recent brake fluid price is same as dealer..so wonder why ppl go to the Indy
  7. Someone

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Hi. I think mine is B47 (64 plate)
  8. no, I have a F10 520d 64 plate
  9. cheers, very helpful. With that correction and 2 sensors it comes to £432.56. How much you expect to pay for fitting? Imagine its couple of hours of work, so maybe £80?
  10. I need to get the same. Wondering if you could help... The discs come in pairs so its straight forward, buy one item for front and one item for rear, but what about pads? do you buy 2 of the front and 2 of the rear or do they also come in pairs? did your price include 4 brake pad sensors too? With 4 discs (2 pairs, so 2 items in total) and 4 pads (4 items in total) + 4 sensors my price on ECP came to £527 - that's with the 50% discount for bank holiday (although they always have these offers on) Cheers mate
  11. Someone

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    thanks for those tips
  12. Someone

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Slightly off topic, but how do you know you are going through a DPF regen? i've read the engine sounds different, but cant say i ever hear anything different
  13. Someone

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    its a 520d m-sport. It was a pretty flat even run on M6/M69 Bham-Leic
  14. Pretty impressed by the motorway mpg today!
  15. don't think any coding was needed, I didn't ask to be honest, it was all working fine, just said it will set new pressures reading as I drive which it did