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  1. Jimbo07g41

    Have the Stealers earned their name again?

    Ouch! Is the micro filter different on a G30? Not carbon but gold? £90 just for 5.2 litres of oil! I am sorry but they will buy it in bulk and be making huge profits. I guess you are paying for a premium brand and a premium service. They do give you a nice coffee.
  2. Jimbo07g41

    N47 engine issues

    I am following this thread. Car dealers have us over a barrel as how long can you go without your car? Mine has been in for the wheels to be refurbished for 2 days and I have so missed it.
  3. Has he checked the codes? Pending code for ride height sensor?
  4. Jimbo07g41

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Hunter machine...did you post before tea?
  5. Jimbo07g41

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Does it go when you go past 70? Is it the whole car? You can get a passenger to sit in different seats and see if the vibration is worse in any corner. Suspects would be:- Prop shaft related Drive Shaft (would be one side) Wheel out of balance Wheel bearing Suspension issue
  6. Jimbo07g41

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    I think this is the only way to do a DIY chain change without a lift. Disconnect the GB from underneath and disconnect/remove engine ancillaries and hoist it out from above.
  7. Jimbo07g41

    Power Steering

    Its an electronic system so no fluid for hydraulics.
  8. Jimbo07g41

    Good Oil Offer on

    That's a very good deal! Works out approx 40p a litre cheaper. If you have the space you can just keep that and do 3 changes.
  9. Jimbo07g41

    Belt Drive-Vibration Damper..... :(

    Quick look on tinterweb and quite a range of prices and brands. Continental one £260 good bet. Fibi more expensiive at £380.
  10. Jimbo07g41

    Belt Drive-Vibration Damper..... :(

    I have had that happen on my van. New bolts and damper required. They are sometimes called harmonic dampers. I think in this instance you might be best getting the damper from BMW but any garage can fit it. I wouldnt get a motor factors damper unless it is a well known main brand.
  11. Jimbo07g41

    Good Oil Offer on

    https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/304717908 Tesco have a good offer on. If your car is out of warranty and you know the correct end of a spanner.
  12. Jimbo07g41


    Quite common on the manual and probably some wear in the DMF/GB. My old manual had a little vibration.
  13. Jimbo07g41

    Sport button

    The sport button mainly changes the response of the auto gearbox which is electronically controlled. The manual has a lever and no electronic control.
  14. Jimbo07g41

    Rear Air Suspension

    If you have both go down at the same time it is worth checking the relay for corrosion. It is a known fault, as it is located near to the battery in the boot. If it gets wet you get a similar fault to yours. If one bag goes, you tend to notice it drop on that side. I would not go near a stealer for such a job. I had one bag starting to drop so I replaced with a Dunlop bag. Took me thirty minutes to replace using the guide from here.
  15. Jimbo07g41

    Turning off the traction control by mistake...

    I thought that if you pop it into sport mode, it not only sharpens the gear changes, reduces the number of available cogs and also reduces stability nanny control but switches on the wife assist?