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  1. NeilV535

    New mirrors

    These re[lace the existing caps, remove mirror glass, release clips, replace.
  2. Fitted new mirror caps, what do you guys think?
  3. NeilV535

    New mirrors

    New mirror caps
  4. NeilV535

    Intercooler and chargepipe for a 535i

    The plastic pipe is the one weak link in the whole system, because it is plastic it flexes when boost pressure changes, they all eventually fail, best to replace my man maths says (preventative maintenance)
  5. Hi all, I am looking into upgrading my IC and charge pipe, I know there are some good US versions, but are there any good UK (darkside) or chinese (Gtech) versions? Chargepipe is to re[lace crappy plastic OEM unit.
  6. NeilV535

    F11 535i

    I went for Limo tint on rear most side windows (shade for dog), and 50% on Passenger and rear window.
  7. NeilV535

    New F11 535i Owner

    mods since buying, mainly cosmetic and functional
  8. NeilV535

    550i F10 spotted for sale

    How about one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-Series-4-4-550i-SE-4dr/323792434951?hash=item4b63887707:g:s10AAOSwZDFcxzFB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2010-BMW-5-Series-4-4-550i-SE-4dr/163535701898?hash=item26137cc78a:g:WqcAAOSwpZNcYWrY
  9. NeilV535

    Spot the difference

    Door Handles are Silver, Chrome strips on handles + Side sensor are now Gloss Black
  10. NeilV535

    Spot the difference

    No it's the handles, they were chrome now Gloss Black
  11. NeilV535

    Spot the difference

    What you think?
  12. NeilV535

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I had a water ingress issue but this was caused by door element not being sealed.
  13. NeilV535

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi All, Does this affect LCI models, only I have a 2015 F11 and cannot find the yellow grommet!. What there is, is a Black grommet with a honeycomb shape.
  14. NeilV535

    F10 vibration

    Change your front tyres as they are responsible for stopping you. I alway use the best I can afford.