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  1. NeilV535

    Remote key error

    Rear foot well drivers side, Also real OEM shows picture of car but not location of item.
  2. NeilV535

    Remote key error

    Ok about a week ago i noticed an interesting error which only happens occasionally, when I start the car I get an error message that states "remote not present you may not be able to start car", Car works fine drives great and everything works ok. Today whilst cleaning the car I found the attached item. I found out the following: Interior aerial, comfort access 65 20 9220832 Great now I know what it is but not where it goes any ideas?
  3. @535i Andrew No oil in either pipe. car is now on 48,893
  4. Had new Charge Pipe, Turbo to IC pipe, stepped Intercooler and Yellow Grommett sorted today. Drive home very entertaining changes made for reliability. New Masata ChargePipe Old Charge Pipe and Tubo to IC pipe and grommett
  5. Chargepipe/Intercooler + IC to turbo pipe being installed this weekend.
  6. they are a twin scroll turbo not twin turbos
  7. apparently gains of 10 whp plus turbos are more prenounced. will report back, had a K+N panel fitted.
  8. Air Intake installed.
  9. new bits arrived: Masata CP Masata IC Masata turbo to IC connector pipe BMS air box
  10. NeilV535

    New Interior Trim

  11. NeilV535

    New Interior Trim

  12. Fitted new Interior Trim
  13. NeilV535

    New Interior Trim

    Just fitted some new interior trim pieces old trim / compariscon / New Trim
  14. NeilV535

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    Whilst not an M5, I believe my F11 535i is rare with a full Alcantara interior. Not a spec of cow hide in sight.
  15. NeilV535

    530d air filter change

    No don't work for them, have always used them across all vehicle types, never had any issues and they definitley work for me, also saves a ton of money by not having to keep changing.