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  1. NeilV535

    F10 rear number plate screw position

    on my F11 they were screwed in on the centre line, my short number plate just covers the screw holes but mine is stuck on with gorilla 2 sided tape.
  2. NeilV535


    Front Windows aren't tinted
  3. windows tinted and indicators wrapped
  4. NeilV535


    Windows tinted, indicators wrapped
  5. I am planning on getting a new steering wheel from Royal, will I need to get the new wheel coded to the car 2015 F11 535i MSport? If so who can code for me? I am on the Wirral (across the Mersey from liverpool.
  6. NeilV535

    F11 D-pillar and luggage cover fun

    had this, fitted luggage cover wrong, with a bit of effort bending luggage cover managed to mount right way, had to straighten bar once refitted.
  7. NeilV535

    Odd Tyre Wear ?

    dero wheel alignment my rear was out of alignment which was wearing both front tyres on the inside
  8. NeilV535

    F10 535i Service advice

    I always check the tyre, 4 different tyres or mismatched tyres or cheap chinese, and he has saved money, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental all round guy hasn't skimped on anything else.
  9. NeilV535

    Tyre pressure Non RFT's 535d F10

    i use the door markings for M+S 2.3 front 2.7 rear
  10. NeilV535

    New plates

    355x111mm was the size mibe are actually 330x111mm https://www.platesforcars.co.uk/designer.php?type=gelresinacrylic#numberplates
  11. NeilV535

    New plates

    You can order any size you want as long as spacing and characters are correct.
  12. NeilV535

    New plates

    Mine are raised in Carbon, ordered from PFC.
  13. NeilV535

    New plates

    Mine has been driiled in front twice different places but luckily close together. Looks better with short plate on if necessary will get bumper fixed at a body shop.
  14. NeilV535

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    I only use Mobil1 0W-40 have run it in all my cars some for mega miles, Only Oil i have used where I can thrash car from cold without worrying about the engine.