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  1. MN540

    USB Map update

    Hi guys Trying to update the wife's 2014 F30 through the BMW Download Manager and it is only showing 2018-1 as available. The car has the standard nav. Any ideas as to why a more recent version is not showing?
  2. MN540

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    Any ideas on whether an 18 plate (produced end of March 2018) falls under the 'earlier' cars?
  3. MN540

    M Sport Plus Package

    Hi guys Ive noticed that the above not only adds a rear spoiler but also an additional lip on the front bumber. I’ve noticeD it on mine and non MSP g30’s do not have it. It is slightly set back but still visible from the front of the car. Anyone else noticed this? i assume it must help with some sort of downforce etc
  4. Many thanks for confirming. Will keep an eye out when driving......
  5. Hi Guys I've noticed then when I turn the steering wheel to the left the lights move (as they should) but when i turn the steering to the right they hardly move. Is this to do with the fact that we drive on the left and don't want to dazzle oncoming traffic on a bend? can someone check their lights please. Many thanks.
  6. MN540

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    This seems a logical explanation. For both to be faulty at the same time seems abnormal. Will note it down amongst other things and get them looked at in one go.
  7. MN540

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    So you reckon it’s a fault with the headlights?
  8. Is this normal? On both sides Clears after a while but noticed it after a short drive when the headlights would have been on
  9. MN540

    Real world mpg and range

    reassuring to know that it's not only me
  10. MN540

    Car theft trends

    I think i'll get one of those too!
  11. MN540

    Car theft trends

    We should all keep one of those extendable metal truncheons in our cars. To help with any car jackings.........
  12. MN540

    Real world mpg and range

    540 - Getting 12.7mpg since last fill up. Around 2,700 miles on the clock. Just over 17mpg since inception. All inner city driving since last fill up. Rarely go on A roads or the motorway. GP style driving in the mornings. Good huh?
  13. MN540

    Autowatch Ghost

    They have a service code so theoretically if you are forced to enter the code you could put it in service mode which means they can drive for 3 minutes up to 30mph. Whether you think that far ahead in the circumstances is another question....
  14. MN540

    Autowatch Ghost

    Someone mentioned that because it sends a command via the canbus it could (if there is a glitch) send one to activate say the air bags! thats the scary bit. Sounds a good idea but I just need that re-assurance
  15. MN540

    Autowatch Ghost

    Hi Guys First post here Has anyone got the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser installed in their cars? If so, any risks to be aware of and any good recommendations around Birmingham to get it installed?