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  1. Hi guys I’m thinking of getting my 540i remapped. It has the MPPSK fitted. Anyone had experience with DMS? thanks
  2. Hi guys Recently had to put the a/c on as the weather warmed a little and noticed in Sport Plus mode that the power drops noticeably. I have the MPPSK installed. Up until now I’ve been enjoying the power with the a/c switched off (no need when weather is cold). Anyone else feel the same?
  3. MN540

    Auto map update

    So the 2018-4 is now part of the maps right? I don’t need to install it or do anything?
  4. MN540

    Auto map update

    Quick one guys. Does this mean I have 2018-4 installed? i can’t select it so I’m assuming so:
  5. MN540

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    Just a thumbs up for Sytner Birmingham. The lads there got me the MPPSK for a very good price and the service was top notch. Had a new 320d for a day and then an M5 for 2 days! What a beast. Took 3 days in total but the job was done properly when I got it back. I would definitely recommend Sytner Birmingham. I purchased my car from them also.
  6. MN540

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Managed to get it sorted with Aviva. Exhaust mod can be declared online but had to call in to discuss engine tuning and add it to the online quote. Asked for bhp increase and cost of mod and the adviser got it authorised by the underwriter whilst I was waiting. Very efficient and friendly service. Would definitely recommend Aviva Car Insurance. I would stay stay away from Hastings at all costs. Your policy will be cancelled if you modify your car. As well as many other brokers who simply cannot quote for mods. Been a stressful day or so but very happy it is now resolved.
  7. MN540

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Will give them a try later. Thanks
  8. MN540

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Hmmm but if I select exhaust mod instead of ‘after market road legal’ the price goes up
  9. MN540

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Exhaust aftermarket for road use and engine chip/management. Some ask about 10% bhp gains. im waiting for Chris Knott to call me on Monday so will see how they do
  10. MN540

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Hi Guys Im strugglng to get competitive insurance after installing the MPPSK. Can you recommend any companies that are mod friendly without being extortionate? Many thanks
  11. MN540

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    Hi guys Just thought i'd bring this up. I am looking to get the MPPSK on my 540i. Been quoted £2,850 all in by Sytner BMW. Anyone else had their kits recently fitted? i've been in touch with Douglas Park and waiting to see what they can do it for. Thanks
  12. MN540

    USB Map update

    Hi guys Trying to update the wife's 2014 F30 through the BMW Download Manager and it is only showing 2018-1 as available. The car has the standard nav. Any ideas as to why a more recent version is not showing?
  13. MN540

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    Any ideas on whether an 18 plate (produced end of March 2018) falls under the 'earlier' cars?
  14. MN540

    M Sport Plus Package

    Hi guys Ive noticed that the above not only adds a rear spoiler but also an additional lip on the front bumber. I’ve noticeD it on mine and non MSP g30’s do not have it. It is slightly set back but still visible from the front of the car. Anyone else noticed this? i assume it must help with some sort of downforce etc
  15. Many thanks for confirming. Will keep an eye out when driving......