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  1. Hi everyone, some advice please. Recently bought a 07 525d LCI, and came with the Window anti trap error. I've seen a few guides on the web, hold down (when open)for 17 secs and then hold up etc, another thats says 15-25 secs, but still not resetting. Have tried with error shown on screen, with car running also. Is there anything else you can suggest I try. I have access to Inpa/Dis, but I find it confusing to use, is there anyway to reset through that? Thanks
  2. Hi looking at ordering these 2 for the my 525d LCI Halogen projector. Will I need anything else? like the lamp/bulb holder or will the existing one work fine? What kit would be best for the angel eyes, like a Led to match? Thanks
  3. bash

    Passenger rear window

    I've having the same issue, tried the guide and youtube video advising exactly 17 seconds, but no luck. Did you manage to fix?