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  1. RamZ

    Swirl flap removal

    Thanks mate I thought the same? It is the 3.0 diesel engine 2002.
  2. RamZ

    Swirl flap removal

    Sorry for the silly question, I've searched the forum but coudnt quite find the answer. Reached out to a mechanic regarding having my flaps blanked and he also mentioned the bypass relay that needs to plug into the wiring harness? apparenty otherwise it will go into limp mode? How true is this?
  3. RamZ

    e39 Crank case oil breather

    Answers my question! Thanks
  4. Hello all! So after having quite a fair amount of work done to my e39 I have also decided to check if the swirl flaps have been removed or not. It has 242k on the clock and I've owned it since 220k and have never had any issues but obviousy you can't be sure until you check. Anyhow I thought while the inlet manifold is off I should also replace the crankcase oil breather. My question is should I go for the standard loo type or can I use the E60 vortex upgrade edition? Wanted to hear from experianced people on the benefits and compatibility? Will it even fit? If I understand correctly (reading around) should be no issues? Oh and forgot to mention its a 530d 2002 Thanks in advace
  5. Thanks mate, so do you think it's worth replacing the small one or should I leave it to rust lol.
  6. I've showed my mechanic the above diagram but apparently it doesnt match what my car has. Any idea what part no would be for these?
  7. RamZ

    BMW 530d Oil question

    Yeah on delivery there is no mention of it being LL04 so got me a little confused
  8. RamZ

    BMW 530d Oil question

    Here is the one i bought - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Castrol-150B0B-EDGE-Engine-5W-40/dp/B0043R0L0A Here is the M version - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Castrol-EDGE-5W-40-M-5L/dp/B087YWVKRP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=castrol+5w-40+m&qid=1592233491&quartzVehicle=1526-664&replacementKeywords=castrol+5w-40&sr=8-1
  9. RamZ

    BMW 530d Oil question

    Hi all, So after doing some research I decided to go for Castrol 5w-40 for my BMW 530d which has 242k on the clock. Long story short, Amazon description says it's BMW LL04 but on arrival it turns out that's not the case and apparently I need to purchase the 'M' version of the oil. (Very misleading) My question, will this make a difference? Am I good to use this or should I return and buy the Long life 4? Thanks in advance.
  10. Very helpful, thank you!
  11. Hi all, I have a 2002 530d m sport that needs its fuel line replaced due to rust and corrosion. Can someone guide me on what part no I need? I've also read people having their pipes custom made due to it being cheaper. Anybody know of any manufactures who can help? Thanks in advance