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  1. Changy

    Intercool charge pipe

    +1 I paid £40~ for my last set. I would make them a lower offer; they have accepted one before.
  2. Changy

    Clonking sound when gears engage

    +1 I had the same issue on my 2004 E60 530d and thought the noise was from the rear. I replaced the flex disc, and the noise went. I did have clunky noise from the gearbox as a result of leaking oil. The plastic pan developed a crack. I replaced the pan, and gearbox oil and the noise stopped.
  3. Changy


    The prices have increased of late, but I use this for testing and refills. Ensure you check all the seals and pipes, or you will always need to refill the system. Air Con refill kit
  4. That code is related to the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, and the error suggests short or open circuit. I had a look online, and it applies to other cars like Citroen and is usually EGR related. I read you cleaned the air intakes on the manifold, and changed the EGR sensor but have you removed the EGR valve to see if it is clogged?
  5. Hi all I have a strange clunk coming from the front end when the steering reaches the full left lock. What is weird, is it only really happens if I am stationary, have my foot on the break, and turn the steering! I am struggling with a bad injury, so am looking for ideas before I start scrambling underneath the car. My early thoughts are track rod end ball joint or lower arm ball joint. I have jacked the car up and gave the wheels a good wiggle but cannot feel any movement. One good thing, I have determined the off-side-front bearing needs replacing. That is the source of the dreaded bearing whine!
  6. Changy

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    Those small hoses are prone to perishing, and tiny bits of pipe can break off and create blockages. Perhaps you could remove the port and give it a clean with an air hose or small brush?
  7. Changy

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    INPA is easier than DIS. When it is connected correctly, you simply select the model using Function keys and run the check. It displays the underlying error code, and a quick Google search will give the details.
  8. The gunk on the manifold was identical to mine! These engines will run without glow plugs, and it is only a problem if it is severely cold. I doubt it is the mass flywheel; you generally hear a tractor engine clonk if that goes. Yes, check it with a camera to see if the rubber has perished or cracked, but mine was fine after 150,000 miles. I used my iPhone to video the rubber then I could check it. If your engine was running with low temps all that time then a regen sounds imperative, It is that or perhaps consider a manual DPF clean. If you have a laptop, I suggest getting a cable from Jimmy, one of the forum sponsors. He will support you with the software installation, and then you can read the codes yourself.
  9. Changy

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    Crikey, no errors are showing on DIS? Could you try with INPA or ISTA? I'm not familiar with the port where the hoses connect, but I doubt they will be different sizes as they all accept the same internal diameter. Perhaps someone like @Clavurion could help on that topic? I have the 530d, and they appear the same size on mine according to my ageing eyes!
  10. That could be a DPF issue; do you still have one fitted? The deep sound from the exhaust suggests a regen is occurring and could explain why it is lumpy below 2000 rpm. Finding engine much on the glow plug module controller is typical, but you may want to check the source. I had to replace the inlet manifold gaskets for the swirl flaps as mine was leaking sh!t onto the module. Water ingress on the ECU is possible, but I doubt it is the issue for your car. Do you have any errors codes?
  11. I've had a faulty glow plug module for three years, and it makes no difference to my car. Unless you live in the arctic circle, it shouldn't make any difference. +1 on the DPF mentioned by @dirtydirtydiesel; the back pressure code is indicative of the problem. When was the last regen?
  12. Changy

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    What error codes are you getting? They could narrow down the problem; potential vacuum-based issues can be a nightmare!
  13. Changy

    M57 after market inlet manifold

    I will order one soon. I have heard good things about them.
  14. I saw a replacement aftermarket manifold with swirl flaps but cannot find the supplier now. @Clavurion, please, do you have the link to the German supplier? Thanks Changy
  15. Changy

    M57 Vortex breather replacement

    Cheers mate, I have sorted it. I was surprised to find my car had a vortex version fitted despite being a 2004 model. Anyway, the gaskets were shocking. The new one was a Febi, and it was a "snug" fit! The old one looked awful, so I am glad I changed it. I think I could remove the covers and brace with my eyes closed now; I have done it so many times!