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  1. If the DPF is blocked, partially blocked or not functioning optimally, it prevents gas passing through the exhaust system at the correct rate. As a result back pressure and exhaust gas temperatures increase which causes turbo lag. That seems to tie in with your issues.
  2. Changy

    Track rod end (outer) spanner size?

    Thanks. Was it difficult to remove?
  3. Changy

    Brake Disc OEM?

    I don't immediately need to change the brake discs, but when the weather improves, it is something I will do. What is the OEM for my E60; is it Brembo? TIA Changy
  4. Changy

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    If it isn't financially viable, I don't do it, but I cannot throw stuff out for the sake of it.
  5. Changy

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    All of the above. Although I will add, I am obsessed with repairing things when possible, and everything I buy is based on function and not form. My Miele washing machine lasted 23 years, and I only had to perform two repairs. My lawnmower is now 24 years old, and it cuts like a new one after a few repairs. When the Dyson vacuum died, I stripped it down and repaired it! The same with a Karcher HD pressure washer. I hate throwing things away; I confess it is part of my OCD
  6. Changy

    Track rod end (outer) spanner size?

    Will that require a 38mm crow's foot spanner? I seem to recall @535i Andrew mentioning it recently.
  7. Perhaps it is your DPF as you have cleaned the EGR? Also, have you checked all the hoses for splits, the large and small ones? Do you have any other error codes?
  8. I cannot complete the work on my car due to an injury. I thought I had pulled a pectoral muscle, but I have torn the cartilage between the rib and sternum; it is agony, even breathing is painful! The outer track rod ends are in a sorry state, so I want to change them when I have recovered. I think it is a 24mm spanner size and 15mm on the collar; please, can someone confirm that? Also, what is the OEM or decent alternative brand? Thanks Changy
  9. Changy

    No fuse card. Dipped headlight

    I've known a fault like yours to reset following the disconnection of the battery, but there's no guarantee it will work this time. You can't do anything wrong by disconnecting the battery; leave it disconnected for a while and see if it works.
  10. Changy

    E61 seat plugs

    This website offers a lot of information that may help you.
  11. Changy

    No fuse card. Dipped headlight

    Did you disconnect the battery when changing them? I know it is a bit late now, but always disconnect the battery when doing electrical work like changing bulbs in the future. As @GoNz0 said, you need BMW diagnostics to check/reset the LCM (Light Control Module).
  12. Changy

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    I've helped a few local E60/61 owners, and they all struggle to perform the most basic tasks. A mate of mine owns a small motor factor company, and I often bump into them there. You're correct; none of them has any engineering knowledge; holding a screwdriver is about it! That is said tongue in cheek!
  13. Changy

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    It's not boring to me, I have been in engineering for 40+ years, albeit in a different field from you. I have a mate who works for BMW: say no more I'm interested in knowing about the types of bolts and their metal type as it means I can source them cheaper when I can't reach my mate.
  14. Changy

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    I have a new bolt from BMW and will use Molykote 1000 to prevent seizures. It's similar to Copaslip.
  15. Changy

    E60 Bluetooth issue

    The diagnostic package needs an ICOM unit for your car. Once connected, it helps determine the likely fault, which might not be a fuse.