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  1. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    I feel a bit of a Muppet because I was unaware of something on my car. I had the EGR deleted and told the cooler was blocked off, and the EGR thermostat bypassed. I was looking at the car today and noticed a small leak emanating from the EGR stat area. I stripped everything off and discovered I was wrong. The stat was still inline, and it was leaking. I decided to blank the cooler, bypass the stat but leave it in situ. At least it can be seen although it performs no function. The noise has now changed completely, and it sounds like a fluid under pressure. I think I am slowly going insane!
  2. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    @dj1233It seems there is a slight change in sound when I rev the engine. However, I had a local mechanic listen to it, and while he isn't an expert with this engine, he didn't think it was the timing chain. He suggested it could be the pulley on the alternator or another on the system. I have listened carefully, and the alternator pulley is a possibility. Please, can one of you confirm something for me? I believe one wire from the alternator is a voltage for the glow plugs. I have had fault codes showing all glow plugs as faulty, which would suggest a voltage failure. Could I be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, or does that make sense? Is there a way of testing the alternator pulley without needing to replace it? I do not want to replace the thing only to find it isn't faulty after all! TIA Changy
  3. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    It makes a sound a bit like a hot water radiator which has air in it. With the noise from the engine, it makes it hard to distinguish the exact sound.
  4. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    It seems to be close to the Vacuum pump and EGR cooler, that is about as specific as I can be. Would a dodgy cooler/stat cause an issue/sound like this?
  5. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    No mate, it just seems to be a constant sound irrespective of revs. I was hanging my hopes on that meaning it isn't the timing chain!!!
  6. Changy

    Another knocking noise - help!

    I have been out in the car; it is driving well. When I pulled up outside my home, I could hear the noise again It now sounds worse than before, and I am concerned it is the timing chain? I have attached a video. Any advice is most welcome. TIA Changy Vacuum_pump_noise_x264.mp4
  7. Hi all I had the strange clicking noise from the front of the engine and suspected the vacuum pump. That noise has now gone having replaced the pump. Sadly, I have a louder sound from the top part of the engine; the attached video highlights the increase in noise when I remove the oil filler cap. Any ideas, guys? I am praying it is nothing serious. Oops!! I forgot to complete my text before posting. I keep reading this is a normal noise?? I have checked endless YouTube videos, and they are suggesting not to worry. TIA Changy BMW_Knock_x264.mp4
  8. Thank you, excellent information! The replacement should be here on Monday so let's hope it sorts the issue. Changy
  9. @Clavurion and others who have done it. Is it difficult to replace the vacuum pump? The noise coming from it concerns me, so I have ordered a replacement. Please, can you tell me if there is anything extra involved other than unbolting and replacing?
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply @Clavurion. I thank it is possibly the vacuum pump? The sound does seem to originate from it.....I am slightly stumped! BMW tick2.mp4
  11. Hi all I have attached a video so someone can hear the strange sound. It is a kind of click, and it's puzzling me. I only noticed it today, but it could have been there for a while. I cannot accurately determine the origin; it seems like front area, almost like a squeaky pulley or bearing? I am not getting any error codes via INPA. I am hoping someone on here will have heard it before. I apologise for the short video; I kept exceeding the size limit! TIA BMW tick.mp4
  12. Changy

    E60 520D WONT REV !!!

    You need diagnostics to narrow down the potential error or you could find yourself spending a fortune and not fixing it. Do you have a laptop? If you do then order a cable from Jimmy at Cable-Shack (site sponsor) and run the included software. INPA is fine for an initial diagnosis. It could be a blocked DPF, a vacuum leak in the charge line, blocked EGR, a faulty temperature sensor for the exhaust, faulty back pressure sensor to name but a few. If you get the codes you can make better use of your time. Changy
  13. Changy

    Can’t set date

    You usually set the date/time in iDrive. Mine had a wobbly once and it lost a week.
  14. Changy

    530D Low running temperature

    It took me ages to source an original primary stat, but I did find one. It came from eBay, I had a mate check it who was a tech at BMW and he said 100% genuine. I have tried to find another one for a local guy who also has a 530d, but as @Clavurion said, they are all made "elsewhere."
  15. Changy

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    This sort of problem can be a nightmare, constant Red Herrings! Have you checked the pressure sensor located below the low-pressure input? If you disconnect it, the fan should run very fast. I would suggest you try and find a local Aircon specialist; it could save you money and a lot of stress in the long run.