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  1. USA Individual car 1 of 1 Sebring Gray Metallic - Black Nappa Leather - Anthracite M-Cloth. Thank you having me aboard.
  2. Stevenc3828: Thank you very much. I have the top of the strut mounting exposed and we will be looking into top mounts. I will also bring up the rubbers that isolate the springs. The Pentosin ll is at the proper level and clean / fresh. Thank you very much for taking the time to give consideration and support to my issue.
  3. Thank you very much for your assistance. I apologize to the crew and new members whom this section applies. I will pay more attention.
  4. Hello: My first of what I hope are not too many questions. 1991 M5 is making a single clunk or mild knowing sound when going over medium bump or rut. I had her on the lift last week and the struts show now sign of leaking. The accumulator are about 10+ years old. Subframe mounts done about 4K miles ago. Pitman arms and sway bar links done at the same time.Car has been sitting for quite some time. Thank you in advance for your thoughts, consideration and support. Chazuno
  5. Cheers and Hello: I was just approved and testing your incredible site. I am 66, have owned mostly E31 840 cars. This may be the final BMW unless one more nice 840 comes my way (fingers are crossed). Unique to USA 1 of 1 combination; Sebring Gray Metallic 0226 - Black Nappa Leather with Anthracite M-Cloth 0313 - Mll Star wheels and shadow Line trim - lovely car. I have owned her for about 6-years but just now starting to get to know one another. I will have a few questions for you soon as the small WA State town where I live has very limited knowledge of this car. Thank you again for having me a board. Sincerely, Chazuno