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    95 e34 530i M60 Touring
  1. Is there any chance you still have the regulator valve off the self-leveling suspension on the rear? If it came with that option? you never know
  2. Any forum members got any spare shocks for the e34 tourer kicking around? Sure I read someone had some. Mine are leaking
  3. ah thanks. Perhaps I was barking up the wrong tree
  4. Please excuse my ignorance here I'm a total newb, literally just bought my first Haynes manual (That should be a satirical book) So I have e34 530i M60B30 and I looking to upgrade the throttle body and/or inlet manifold. So I've read here that the best throttle body that is compatible with my engine is the M60B44 (without the wedge, as opposed to the M62B44 that has a wedge), and the best inlet manifold would be the M60B44 (with the horns). So my concerns are: Can I mate up the M60 Manifold to the M62 throttle body? If I can will I have to get the CPU modded/ programmed to run properly? Hope there's someone who knows....Thanks if you do!
  5. Alex15

    Harro Der

    Hey there folks. Just bought my first 5 series after quite a few e30s and e36s. Treated myself to an e34 530i v8 tourer. She needs a bit of work so I'm looking forward to getting to know you all as I fix her up. I'm also a member of the official UK BMW club. So hope I can attend some of your forums meetings in the east mids.
  6. Hey I'm looking for at least 2 Flat star alloys. Mine are buckled so bad the car gets a nasty vibration. I can come pick them up and obvs put tyres on them.