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  1. We tested Volvo V90 and XC90 (the wife thought she wanted a SUV). Not impressed at all by the XC90. The V90 was ok but as I grew up in "proper" Volvo estates I thought they have taken it a step too far. We also tried friends A6s and E220s, nothing special. Along came a test drive of the 520d G30 which we both really liked so naturally we went for a 540i G31. Not sure how it happened but I'm very, very happy with the car so not a big problem.
  2. HBR

    Real world mpg and range

    540 - Mainly out of central London up the A12 to Suffolk and back again, 30-31mpg. I'm happy with that, compared to my 24 year old 850 (the Volvo version) it's more or less the same and I know which car I like the most....
  3. HBR

    Delivery Leadtime

    540 ordered on the 25th of August, dealer claims it will be ready to pick up on the 15th of October. I hope he is right.