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  1. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    Seat is currently upside down in the conservatory with a tub of baking soda on the foam. Once that has worked its magic I think I'll spray a mixture of white vinegar and water onto the foam. Apparently that deals with the bacteria and it should soak well in to the foam.
  2. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    I did it a few hours ago, as you say a doddle. Just have to treat the foam now to get rid of the stench and bacteria. Cheers
  3. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    I'm a little concerned about the wording in the instructions as per Johnny Grabble response. Unlock and disconnect the plug connections? I need to find out if there are any plastic plugs that need to be turned to release the seat, maybe hiding behind the carpet
  4. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    On second thoughts I think it will be
  5. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    Thanks. I thought it would be but wanted to make sure I didn't permanently damage any clips etc. I also wasn't certain where the bench would separate from the backrest. I'm assuming it will be at the red line in the photo
  6. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    Brilliant thanks. I just need to establish the extent of "unlocking and disconnecting plug connections" e.g. I may need to move the carpet away from beneath the seat perhaps. Other useful info in the link also so again thanks
  7. 1stBimmer

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    Help……..Milk bottle split on back seat and dripped down the gap where the seat belt buckle comes up through the seat (about 1/2 pint). I've stuffed microfibre cloths down there over the last week and they have soaked up a lot of it and are now coming out dry. The stench is now awful but I can't find how to remove the bench. I can find videos for earlier models and they seem straightforward but I'm concerned about the isofix points and batteries (530e). Anyone aware? TIA
  8. 1stBimmer

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Rear passenger side rattle is now evident on my 530e after 4 weeks ownership. Intermittent though so no idea as yet.
  9. 1stBimmer

    Real world mpg and range

    Yes I'm aware. No traffic at 6.30 this morning, it's not exactly Siberian weather, half of the journey down hill so regen was active in comfort mode. A reduction in mileage of almost 50% over 4 miles seems unreasonable to me, as does the 17 miles fully charged. If you're saying that's what you'd expect from your experience (or others do also) then I clearly need to realign my expectations. Based on these numbers If I'd have driven 9 miles this morning the EV option would have been removed. Hardly seems worth plugging it in. Let's see what BMW have to say. The dealer is around 8 miles so I should just make it on a full charge (mind you it's uphill).
  10. 1stBimmer

    Real world mpg and range

    So I'm now only seeing between 16 and 18 miles displayed as a 100% charge. Driving in the dark with heating on 20 (drivers side only) I travelled 4 miles this morning and the miles dropped from 17 (fully charged) to 10 miles. Called BMW dealership who were unhelpful at best, earliest booking available with a courtesy car 12th December. Beginning to wish I'd chosen a full fat A6 or E class.
  11. 1stBimmer

    Muting calls...?

    my vehicle \ idrive settings \ sound \ volume settings \ microphone \ mute There's probably an easier way?
  12. 1stBimmer

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Connected Drive encourages use of eco-pro for ultimate economy. But 13 miles? I've made an executive decision, I'm not going to ponder on it too much. I'll charge it every day but sport mode across the board from now on
  13. 1stBimmer

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Fully charged I'm only seeing 19 miles on the dash. It started with 21/22 when I had it 3 weeks ago. Local journeys are very hilly so that may be a reason. However it was showing 19 again this morning after a full charge, 6 miles to train station early this morning (lots of uphill), lights on, no heating, no radio. Return journey of 7 miles via shop, again with lights but heating and radio on also (mostly downhill)...now showing zero electric miles. 13 miles? Not impressed. All in eco-pro by the way
  14. 1stBimmer

    530e Performance without electric

    The car maintains the torque even when the batteries are showing as empty so overtaking isn't a problem i.e. the batteries are never actually dead so to speak and a lot of the torque comes from the batteries. Bear in mind also the torque is higher on the 530e than it is on the 530i and I don't think its much less than the 530d. I've only had mine a week but on a 110 mile A road trip it did 37.7mpg on one charge which I thought was really good. The batteries charge a little when in auto e-drive as you decelerate and brake to support my above comment but if you choose to maintain a charge it uses more fuel so probably not a practical solution. I wouldn't think it will be as costly to run as your M3
  15. 1stBimmer

    2018-4 Maps available from Download Manager

    Cheers. Must have been updated today, I'm sure it was 2018-3 yesterday