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  1. CFD

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    This is probably similar to the method I last used too, tbf. Though I've been in company cars for 8 years now. Will see what the tax man brings when my 530e is up in 2 years time. Might be able to get a 545e and pay very little tax for it. If I can't do that I'll be in the market for a 540i, I love the idea of owning a 5er like the one I have now just with significantly more power.
  2. CFD

    New 540i - Couple of questions if I may

    As a hybrid driver, I echo this sentiment. The boot height is pretty terrible. We 'e' drivers, however, have no choice in this matter
  3. CFD

    BMW recall extended.

    Apparently there should be an IMEI checker on the site but it appears to be 'missing' at the mo: https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/footer/quick-links/bmw-vehicle-recalls.html I would ring your dealer and ask, though your mileage may vary as some dealers won't even bother checking i'm sure.
  4. CFD

    BMW recall extended.

    My F32 went in for this issue I think. I had 2-3 of the symptoms spread across a two week period and when the garage took a look they were quite sheepish when I asked if it was related to the recall and the car was at risk of fire. Got sorted though. There is a recall in the states for the G30's at the mo for the camera fault i think
  5. CFD

    About to buy-carplay help

    With the caveat here being it only works reliably for iDevices Android support remains unreliable at the best of times!
  6. CFD

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    Yeah to be fair I don't think it's in mine from memory, either. Could be a software update brought the parameter in? My car also a '68, FWIW
  7. My understanding is with the gearbox in sport, and the drive select mode in sport, the battery is charged continually as you drive along - on a 30 minute drive home mine tops it up by 3-4 miles of range. So far even with fairly spirited driving on backroads etc. doing sharp acceleration and braking i've yet to find i'm down on power - the car seems to do a good job of always having a little bit in reserve. That said, you'll find if you charge regularly the car in my opinion is more rewarding to drive - but maybe thats just me
  8. CFD

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    Is your marker on the dash for Cruise a thin pointed arrow or a broader line (as if to cover a range of speeds rather than 1 set speed) ?
  9. CFD

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    Yeah this is by design as per Boba. Not something I agree with particularly, but I quite rarely cruise in eco as it's irritating.
  10. CFD

    530e loss of electric drive

    Hmm. Very strange. To the dealer I say!
  11. CFD

    530e loss of electric drive

    Isn't this the same thing that happens when the battery is entirely flat? When it says 'full drive power available shortly' or something. What I'm getting at is the edrive might be unavailable as the battery was entirely depleted? I'm sure you've thought of that already. Or is this more sinister? I've not had this happen in 18k over 10 months, interesting to hear if anyone else has but i'd definitely take it to the dealer to look at
  12. CFD

    New Ride

    Looking good. Have to say I prefer the SE exhausts to the M Sport ones
  13. I doubt i'll go 27k on mine i do enjoy putting my foot down on occasion, but we'll see. Should hit 27k in the spring
  14. +1 to this. also on original tyres after 18k
  15. CFD

    New 520i

    I absolutely love the colour!