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  1. I suggest that the Harman/Kardan system is an absolute must. A broad set of the population here will say the ICON lights are a must, personally I find the standard LED's 'fine' but not great. I also opted for the folding mirrors, tinted glass and rear folding seats.
  2. To say it's unreliable is a bit of an understatement, particularly on Android. Your experience may vary depending on device. The iOS app has more functionality which is entirely unreasonable, but here we are!
  3. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    Guess the issue is we have Eco Individual, Sport Individual but not Comfort Individual? If we had Comfort individual and you could customise that the same way you do eco, you could turn off/on coasting - but thats all hypothetical until BMW get their shit together
  4. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    So far as I understand it the new models (including the 48V mild hybrid) all coast in Comfort now too. Not sure on Sport but assume not
  5. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    yeah it's my understanding thats part of the rollout of mild hybrid across the fleet. Might not be exclusively to those with the 48V battery, but all of the ones with the 48V battery coast in eco now too.
  6. CFD


    Hi Stan Only just seen this myself! Generally speaking range does drop in the winter due to temperatures, no doubt about that. Never had an issue charging at home personally. What did the dealer say?
  7. CFD

    What you planning to change to ?

    They still look massive to me. Not at all used to the proportions as yet
  8. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    I'll aim to do a similar comparison Monday. I'll drive the same route with the same amount of charge in Comfort instead and compare/contrast
  9. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    Choices as i see it are in the 'downhill with clear traffic ahead' situation Comfort: will slow the car down and charge the battery slightly, but if the traffic is clear then you'll only end up using the throttle again anyway. As the regeneration isn't very efficient most likely scenario is the throttle you use to regain the speed you just lost then it's not that effective Sport: Will slow the car down and depending on if you have the gearbox in sport use engine braking to slow the car without really charging the battery all that much (think this is the way it works but i dont do it all that much!) Eco: engine turns off, car coasts and in clear traffic as said you'll go further 'for free' and likely pickup extra speed depending on the incline. What I tend to do is let it coast in eco until i see traffic slowing down, or i need to slow down for a junction/roundabout etc in which case knock it into comfort to charge the battery and slow down. What I'm getting at is there are situations where coasting makes sense instead of always gunning for charging the battery. About town when you are always speeding up/slowing down for lights the regeneration is a better option i believe. Have to mix and match between the modes imo, which is why the touch sensitive buttons are irritating! Edit: As for the 0% situation, I don't make a point of driving it with no charge - but if its not feasible to charge it, nothing I can do.
  10. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    It'll come on cold so far as I know. To a point where I can get to the motorway from home fully on electric, but once at 60mph the engine kicks in and doesn't feel very happy about being woken up at 60mph! The vents at the front close (but thats standard so far as i know on all G3x) by default so the engine does heat up quickly though mind you. There have been circumstances where I've been in a long queue of traffic behind rubberneckers and when it cleared nailed the car to get back upto speed only to realise the engine had gone cold as it'd been on electric for 40 minutes - could tell it wasn't happy
  11. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    A good chunk of my journey to/from work is downhill - and often light of traffic, in this scenario coasting seems to make more sense. With 0% battery in eco it'll still occasionally use some of the drive power to charge the battery enough to survive coasting with the engine off entirely and 'setting off' in start/stop from the electric. every now and then the live mpg display will entirely go to shit, even when barely touching the throttle on a flat road, to charge the battery. When in a coasting situation where i actively want to slow down (traffic ahead, coming off motorway) then i'll knock it to comfort to deliberately charge the battery and slow me down instead of breaking. Just depends how interactive you want to be with the drive modes, really?
  12. CFD

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    Unless you have it on Eco and the cruise marker is 'wider' which allows it to go over/under?! Can't say i've ever seen it do that tbh but I am driving in eco much more these days. Did 50mpg on my way into work when leaving home with 0% battery
  13. CFD

    Tilting wing mirror

    It was part of the mirror pack when I bought mine - at least i've not needed to add it in after the fact.
  14. CFD

    What you planning to change to ?

    Probably a 545e, assuming BIK rates allow for it to be financially sensible. If I end up without a company car then a 540 is probably top of my list
  15. CFD

    530d judder.

    My immediate thoughts were EGR too, but I'm no expert.