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  1. CFD

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    And the little blue battery indicator thing. Cant remember exactly what it looked like but there was definitely something something blue.
  2. CFD

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Yeah my F32 had a little blue symbol that showed up when coasting, as was the old school instrument cluster not the digital display
  3. CFD

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Interesting. I figured the gearbox was where the coasting feature sat, reading the blurb once upon a time on the ZF website. Obv. BMW control how it behaves in their implementations, but still seems like a glaring omission!
  4. CFD

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    Black absorbs heat, OP referenced the sun as a possible cause. Why the hostility?
  5. CFD

    Best phone holder...?

    The brodit holders do have a good rep. Personally I find the satvnav in mine so good i wouldn't entertain using my phone. Never had problems with it
  6. CFD

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    yeah eco pro does make a difference but all down to the routes you drive, the obsession it has with coasting can help downhill so far as economy goes. With that said I'm in a 530e which might exaggerate how effective it is!
  7. CFD

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    yeah absolutely head to the dealer. mine is dark coloured with black leather and interior and the sunny days have no effect other than turning it into an oven.
  8. CFD


    Has anyone else noticed this appear in 'Vehicle Apps' all of a sudden? I can't follow the required setup steps as the 'Alexa' entry in the connected drive store seems to be missing. Also hi again, i've been gone a little while!
  9. I can sympathise. When my 420d broke (the fire risk/manifold issue) I was told that Enterprise were under strict instructions from BMW uk only to provide me with another BMW - enterprise locally didn't have any and so had to move stock from another enterprise. Eventually I managed to get a local dealer to fix me a loaner and did it that way around rather than waiting - but certainly the service is less than stellar in these situations. I hope whatever it is, it gets put to bed properly and completely this time and it doesn't go on and on
  10. CFD

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    No doubt the ICON's are better, but I find the standard LED's fine - after coming from a 4 series which had the xenons, i don't notice anything to complain about (And I did worry about it pre-delivery) HK is an absolute must though, for sure.
  11. CFD

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    I still somehow have my old car in the app! Adding the new one worked almost immediately though if i remember correctly.
  12. CFD

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    I'm sorry I have nothing productive to add other than to say 'welcome to parity with Android compatibility!' I did find this for you though: https://www.imobie.com/support/downgrade-an-app-on-iphone.htm
  13. CFD

    It's here!

    Looks great mate. Happy run in period!
  14. Is anyone elses drive mode selector dodgy as hell? Sometimes it ignores the button press entirely and other times pressing comfort engages Eco Pro? I really dislike the design choice of 1 surface for 3 buttons underneath, the older design was much better imo. Ultimately going to take it into the dealer and ask, because I think it's a bit shit.
  15. CFD

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    Hmmm. Sounds very peculiar. Have you tried selecting stop navigation, if you goto Map then move the knob left (the iDrive knob, that is!) and select 'Route Guidance' i think it's labelled as (It's a tickbox, 2nd down from top) you should have an option to stop guidance. Maybe that will kill it once and for all? On the flip side, if you have tried that, I'm sorry!