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  1. CFD

    Restraint System Error Message

    Not the kind of warning that can easily be dismissed as a one off mind you. Fingers crossed it's a false alert
  2. CFD

    G32 First Service

    Conversely my car is 8 months old and has 15k on it Time for a service v. soon.
  3. CFD

    Help choosing a G30

    I also hear rumours BMW are thinking about a M140e combining the new 4 pot in the 135i with an electric motor totalling 400bhp. Will surely go like shit off a shovel, but will people hate it because it's a 4 banger with an electric motor?! It'd do nicely for the missus i reckon and we can both benefit from charging then! Long journeys the diesels by all accounts then do significantly better economy wise. The only core strength of the hybrid (beyond BIK) is probably shorter journeys then. On my 50 mile round trip from work yesterday and back again today I've clocked in 72mpg but i can't get anywhere near that on a long trip
  4. CFD

    One or two splutters

    I seem to remember this happening to my 420d before I had the EGR/Manifold fault. (the one the recall was for). Let us know how you get on?
  5. CFD

    Help choosing a G30

    Tbf on a combined cycle covering a 300 mile round trip I recently did ~43mpg including only charging at 1 end so the economy isn't wildly different. Style of driving may differ in my example though in fairness. I'd love a 530d over the 530e but it's a significant extra expense BIK wise and totally not worth it. Apparently BMW are tooling up for a 545e based on the same setup as the 745e - in which case i'll stick with the e
  6. CFD

    Help choosing a G30

    I say go for what makes you happy The G20's look great tbf, though i do prefer the 5 series personally. Can understand why the 530e not that popular privately, and tbf i'd go for a 530d given a choice privately with the high miles i do. Otherwise if i did fewer miles I'd love a 540.
  7. CFD

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    530e - no sport plus for me unfortunately!
  8. CFD

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Exactly! Main reason I haven't bothered making the trip to the dealer otherwise!
  9. CFD

    Wheel Corrosion

    Aye, happened to my 420 and I handed it back to BMW with 3 of the wheels looking worse than the above corrosion wise.
  10. CFD

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    My driving mode selector doesn't work correctly. Due to raise that during first service along with a host of other issues. If I click 'Comfort' then 80% of the time it thinks I pressed 'Eco'. Sport works quite reliably but Eco/Comfort routinely work incorrectly.
  11. CFD

    Help choosing a G30

    Keep in mind the fully electric range is ~20 miles for most of us in the 530e. So your school trip would (possibly) fit inside of that with careful driving - so if you charge it per day then your fuel costs are just extra leccy costs most of the time. When you venture further afield the economy won't always be fantastic, but I charge sporadically and I'm managing 42mpg combined currently. If I charged more frequently and didn't drive with a heavy foot then it'd be more i'm sure. The 530i has the same (ish) power as the 530e but at least it has that power all the time - and the economy compared to a non-charged 530e shouldn't be worlds apart. Tough choice. I'd be wary of the auction 540i though otherwise I'd absolutely love one. Only have a 530e for BIK reasons tbf.
  12. CFD

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    I find auto hold a bit poor too - it seems to be standalone without a separate HHA. I never want the car to roll backwards regardless of HHA. What my 4 did (with a traditional handbrake!) when switching from R/D was keep you stationary until D was fully engaged then start rolling forwards. What the 5 does with Auto Hold off is once you select D and lift your foot off the brake - allow you to roll back until its fully engaged. Auto Hold and HHA should be two separate things. Why would you ever want to allow rolling backwards when a forward gear is selected? Stereo was way better in the 4 too
  13. CFD

    Door creak

    Mine too. Going to ask the dealer when there for my first service in a few weeks!
  14. CFD

    An apology :-)

    The HK really is great. Though my older car with the HK was noticeably better, but not sure why that is. It's an essential for me when looking at a new car. I do wonder what the £3500 (or whatever) B&W System sounds like, but absolutely cannot justify that expense!
  15. CFD

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    And the little blue battery indicator thing. Cant remember exactly what it looked like but there was definitely something something blue.