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  1. Is anyone elses drive mode selector dodgy as hell? Sometimes it ignores the button press entirely and other times pressing comfort engages Eco Pro? I really dislike the design choice of 1 surface for 3 buttons underneath, the older design was much better imo. Ultimately going to take it into the dealer and ask, because I think it's a bit shit.
  2. CFD

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    Hmmm. Sounds very peculiar. Have you tried selecting stop navigation, if you goto Map then move the knob left (the iDrive knob, that is!) and select 'Route Guidance' i think it's labelled as (It's a tickbox, 2nd down from top) you should have an option to stop guidance. Maybe that will kill it once and for all? On the flip side, if you have tried that, I'm sorry!
  3. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Hah. I'm just making light of the situation, don't worry. So...that M550i then. @Back2Beemer / @BacktoBeemer - whoevers thread it is!
  4. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Don't mince your words mate, say what you mean
  5. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yeah to be fair leasing an expensive car is cheap compared with buying a house. Particularly given that in the 80's the average house price was ~20k compared with ~210k today. Even adjusted for inflation, the ~20k is still only ~95k. Not convinced the state of our housing market is funny but I get what you are saying. Leasing is an attractive 'fixed cost' option which enables a low cost upgrade to a new car every 2/3 years, I can see why it's so popular tbf.
  6. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yeah I can understand that. Plenty of folk who can't afford nor want full fat M cars and instead just want the top of the 'regular' cars. 550 is a bit excessive for my wallet but 540 would do perfectly I reckon.
  7. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I thought a change in subject might be welcome. My 530e is my last company car, so I'm dreaming of a bargain 540i on the back of the current 540 owners selling theirs in favour of 550is Only hesitation I have is that my commute is 24 miles each way and I have no concept of how expensive that would be given that I've not paid for fuel for 8 years and pay no real attention to mpg.
  8. CFD

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Arguing over something which is subjective seems odd. Everyone on both sides is right - if you like the 7 with it's massive kidney grill then great, if you don't like it then great. Agree to disagree shall we? In other news, the M550i just got announced for the UK market?! 445bhp
  9. CFD

    Charging display key

    Hi, It should, yes. Wireless charging is a standard so I suspect it will work. It is possible BMW invented their own propriety inductive charging but i doubt it. Give it a go
  10. CFD

    New G31 arrival

    Congrats. I like the combo too - not usually a fan of black alloys so good going
  11. CFD

    Spotify on Android

    Thanks for testing. It's a no from me
  12. CFD

    Spotify on Android

    And to be clear, this is the latest release from the play store you are using? or the release i mentioned?
  13. CFD

    Spotify on Android

    Temper your expectations. The release I'm on isn't exactly rock steady. It works for the most part though. YMMV.
  14. CFD

    Spotify on Android

    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that .785 will break the integration again tbh.
  15. CFD

    Tdi tuning

    Ultimately you are asking the machine to operate outside of it's normal, designed, operating parameters. Don't be surprised if it causes increased wear and tear. Can't speak to experience having done this with a BMW, but with other brands it has caused excessive wear to some components. Of course I may be wrong.