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  1. CFD

    Creaking Rear

    My dealer did something to my mirror/door there that rectified this issue, but it has since come back. Something coming loose causes it I reckon. Mine is a lease so it doesn't bother me that much, if I owned it however i would persist until resolved
  2. CFD

    G30 LCI

    aaah I see. Thanks for the clarification
  3. CFD

    G30 LCI

    Sounds good spec wise. I'm 17 month out of my 530e BIK machine going back. Quite likely to go fully electric next time I reckon. Interesting the Icon lights are standard now
  4. CFD

    G30 LCI

    OG M2 is the plan, the stock sound is significantly better to me - and I've no *need* for the extra horses. This may change over the course of me saving for it, but currently I firmly have my heart set on an original model M2. The comp, power wise, would be great I'm sure but don't know that it's warranted or necessary. 365 horses is a great sweet spot between 'very fast' and 'stupidly fast'. Have spent a lot of time in a C43 and that sort of power seems ideal (i've also spent a lot of time in a GTR and found that to be OTT, personally) of course i've yet to test drive an M2, so could be when I test drive all the options for that sort of money/age/power - that I prefer something else, but somewhat doubt that
  5. CFD

    G30 LCI

    Thats the dream! Currently only car in the household is the 530e, which now looks like will be replaced with a 545e when the time comes. I also thought about a M240i but if I'm going to save up for something fun I may aswell do it properly - not under any pressure it's literally a case of buying it because I can. Saving to buy outright which will take 12-18 months at current pace, assuming the recession doesn't screw everything up! So hopefully 18 months down the line will be a 545e and a M2 on the drive, living the dream!
  6. CFD

    G30 LCI

    Yeah the M550 sounds nice but tbf i'm not really likely to ever get one. Currently aiming to buy an M2 as a second car in 12-18 months, and then have the 5er as the big comfy car and the m2 for fun - have to admit having 1 single car for all of that would be great, but i can't justify the expense
  7. CFD

    G30 LCI

    I'm not sold on the lights, but to be fair don't really have much choice if I want another 5er after this one. They have now formally announced the 545e too, which may be of interest in 18 months!
  8. CFD

    G30 LCI

    The rear 3rd of the car screams c-class coupe looking at it from that angle. Sure the back looks different and how different can you make a coupe, maybe, but too similar for my liking. As for the front - I don't like it, but suspect it'll grow on me
  9. CFD

    G30 LCI

    It's very widely rumoured it will. After all, Audi just released the A6 55 TFSI e with 360 horses (off top of my head) and currently the closest we have to that is the 530e with a paltry 252 (280 with eboost). Having said that, the 0-60 difference isn't massive. Volvo still do the patently ridiculous 410 T8 S90 also, I believe. So the 545e does make some sense. We'll only know when it's formally announced I suppose. My 530 is only almost half way through it's time with me, so aslong as the 545 comes out before the end of next year then I can line one up as a replacement :D. During lockdown I've not used a drop of fuel despite a number of (essential) trips out. Fingers crossed, eh?
  10. CFD

    Halfrauds is an essential retailer?

    Yeah most businesses will be vying for that status no doubt
  11. CFD

    530e Replacement Battery Cost

    I suppose my thoughts on this are £8023 for a complete replacement of a component which offers you ~16 to ~31 miles of range depending on year is still pretty steep however it's unlikely the original owner will keep the car for 6 years I'm guessing? But it's definitely a problem for the 2nd or 3rd owner and beyond
  12. CFD

    Keyless access break in

    Me and you don't always agree but on this we're 100% in alignment I'm sure your insurance is a fuckton on your x5 if you're 27, hope you have decent no claims!
  13. CFD

    Keyless access break in

    My point exactly! When the media report relay theft they use the blanket term of keyless - but thats far too vague.
  14. CFD

    Keyless access break in

    Yeah i think it's a good precaution to take but I'm not sure it's strictly necessary. I leave my key out in the open a) as i don't think it's at risk and b) it's not my car anyway
  15. CFD

    Keyless access break in

    I was explaining just to avoid misunderstanding, 'keyless entry' is a misnomer anyway as you still have a key. But anyway I digress The media and reporting of such events may refer to 'keyless entry' but it's unclear what that means in truth. All of the Fiesta's for example locally which my mates have had nicked have had the keyless unlocking option selected i.e wander up and pull the handle. I don't have enough data on the other scenarios where this has happened, but it doesn't make sense to me from a technical standpoint for it to be possible to get into a non-comfort-access G30 and drive it away, as I can't see BMW fitting the keyless unlocking sensors to all cars regardless of the option being selected or not. I would assume, rightly or wrongly, that you would be able to code comfort access into non-comfort access optioned cars if the hardware is the same. Someone more in the know might chip in here but i'm of the opinion that non-comfort-access cars are entirely not at risk from relay theft. HOWEVER if someone breaks the window and then uses a relay device - that might still work. I don't know if G30's immobilise themselves if a window is broken but the sensors inside all of our cars would be tricked by the relay process. Talking aloud - if you wanted to test it leave one key in your car and have your other with you. Lock your car with the key you have with you and then pull the door handle - surely that won't work? The car will know a key is inside for starting the car, but not for opening the doors.