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  1. CFD

    Remote Services - Not Working?

    From my experience most of the remote services are spotty at best. Unlock/Lock seems fine but beyond that (as an android user) the rest of it is pretty patchy. never tried from a desktop mind you
  2. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Yeah I do tend to find being on fire a bit of a problem in a car, not a feature I look for tbh.
  3. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    As an aside, just read a review of the X5 45e - now rated for 50 miles on a charge. Battery is 24kWh rather than 9.2kWh. 50 miles would almost get me to work AND back on a single charge. Much better.
  4. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Now now. Don't paint everyone with the same brush, please.
  5. CFD

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    So I tried it last night. I invite anyone to try and get any drive mode changes by pressing the button down with the edge of the leather fob thing BMW give you with the car. It wont work, because the buttons are capacitive. I tried 40+ times with the leather fob, you can hear the click but no change in mode. If you try with a finger it works. Also interesting is if you put 1 finger on Sport and 1 on Eco at the same time, then click the button down (regardless of where the pressure is) you get Eco. The touch sensor will take instruction from whichever button most recently has a finger on it. Edit: Think of it like a crap trackpad on a laptop - the force pushing it down clicks the button, but which option gets selected is based on where your finger is.
  6. CFD

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    I beg to differ. Tried last night, impossible to swap between drive select modes with any object which wouldn't work on a capacitive touch screen. The button clicks as normal but doesnt change a thing. I'll do a video tonight if I can be bothered.
  7. CFD

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    Mine move - but when I had thick gloves on the other day I couldn't activate any other drive modes, girlfriend could (she didn't have gloves on). I have a dodgy drive selector anyway as it sometimes picks a different mode to the one you press, but the dealership couldn't recreate the issue. Will try more thoroughly when I next have gloves on!
  8. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    I'm with you on all this - just saying it could be improved without any real negative effect with a bigger battery. Mine has not once shown more than 20 miles of range on a full charge I generally don't use fuel when pottering around at weekends either, and enjoy cracking mpg most of the time unless I deliberately drive like a dick.
  9. CFD

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    Lots of missteps like that in the G30 I reckon. My drive select button, for instance, doesn't work when I have gloves on. It's daft, why make it a touch sensitive button?
  10. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    The battery on the 'e' is too small imo. I'm sure a bigger one would physically fit. I reckon 50/60 mile range is enough for a lot of people's commutes, certainly more than 20! Difficulty I have sometimes is even in electric mode, i still want the heated seat on and the A/C toasty. If I drove with a jacket on would probably help with efficiency I'm guessing.
  11. CFD

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Welcome aboard. Nothing more to add over and above what the chaps have already posted
  12. CFD

    iDrive/Driver’s display malfunction

    Nothing like this on mine at all. Seems pretty crazy. Also, 27 degrees on your aircon! Were you driving naked or was it really cold outside?
  13. CFD

    530e charging fail

    Mine never shows more than 18 miles!
  14. CFD

    Auto lights on when switch set to 'off'

    I've wondered about this too. With my F32, switching the lights to '0' left the Daylight running lights on but always always turned the lights off. With my G30 doing this sometimes has the same effect, but other times literally does nothing. PS. I'm super jealous you have xdrive! Wasn't available on my 2018 530e.
  15. CFD

    G31 520d

    Good luck!