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  1. Malcolm

    Coding Costs

    Hi AndyM, I've dropped you a PM
  2. Malcolm

    Coding Costs

    I'd love coding too, but in West Yorkshire and not sure if anyone has the gear local to myself.
  3. Malcolm

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    Great stuff, glad you sorted it.
  4. Malcolm

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    Hi Moggiemania, I know of the units and they are good for what they cost too. I do know they are only compatible if your car has a Aux Input and I know it sounds stupid, but do you have an Aux input? It could be that a connection from the connector pins is possibly loose resulting in the Aux Audio not working? Malcolm
  5. Malcolm

    F10 2015 multifunctional dash info

    Yeah I would agree if you have the 6WB being a digital cluster it would be much better. You never know some future upgrade may offer it.
  6. Malcolm

    F10 2015 multifunctional dash info

    Speaking of Dash Displays I would have to say the New Merc full digital cockpit is awesome and the fact you can control it all from the steering too (using the touch sensor button...). But yes the Audi ones are cool and they also do a full digital version
  7. Malcolm

    F10 2015 multifunctional dash info

    Hi Mudd786, The porsche uses the same layouts as the audi and I don't think you can list the same format on the BMW; however on my car (I think I have 6WA) cluster I can scroll through the trip info and also get the Navigation (directional not maps) info on the cluster. I have the HUD so I guess I get the additional feature there too. One thing I do like using is the split screen on the iDrive and that displays everything I need. Hope this kind of points to what you asking? Malcolm
  8. Hi Guys, Just to give an update on the issue. I had my car delivered back today and it seems they've managed to fix the issue as now my car is creak free (touch wood). Even when I apply pressure on the dashboard I can no longer hear the creaks. With regards to what was causing the sound I am not sure and neither is the dealership; however they did find my centre vents damaged and this could possibly have been the reason. They replaced the vent and also applied felt under the dash and following this the sound seems to have disappeared (fingers crossed for the long term and not just a short fix). The only thing I have noticed since is my HUD which I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid, but seems to be slightly out of focus now from a certain angle and if I move my head very slightly its back in focus....LOL Once again not sure if this is following the dashboard being removed and possibly the HUD unit being out of place, but I will get a second opinion prior to taking it back to the dealer to look at. Malcolm Ps. As a note the Dealership was 10/10 for me and went above and beyond by collecting and delivering a car whilst sorting this issue. Whilst with them they also rectified a couple of other minor cosmetic issues which they possibly missed during the initial prep of the approved car.
  9. Malcolm

    iDrive Coding via USB

    Hi Guys, New to the forum and specifically Coding too. I have come across some sellers (eBay) offering USB Coding for iDrive's where they send you a .bin file via email to then ingest into the car via the USB port enabling certain functions within the iDrive system. I was wanting to know if: 1. Is it safe to use this approach? 2. Can I create the .bin file myself using software rather than paying someone for the services? I have considered the cable approach, but would not know where to start, but I do think it can be cost effective for me considering we own 3 BMW's within the family. Thanks
  10. Hi Graham, Seems your one of a few people who have pinpointed the issue being around the Passenger Air Bag Module, but mine seems to be coming from the centre top of the dashboard. It is due in with the dealers this week and hopefully I will ask them to provide some info on the fix so I can share on here.
  11. A friend has an F10 (2013) and no creaks either and even to push on the Dash it seems solid without any noise, but I do the same on sisters 420D (2017) and I can replicate the same sound despite she not hearing it at all whilst driving. Must be a common thing, but I guess only those who spot it are concerned and its one of them sound unless highlighted to you you wouldn't notice and it wouldnt be a concern.
  12. As an update guys, the dealership accepted to resolve the issue without any concerns and it is booked in for next week as I needed a loan car. Apparently the After Sales Manager who contacted me said he mentioned it to his technician who instantly asked if it was an F10 as it's a known thing.... hopefully they'll get it sorted and I will post my findings once car is returned. I wasn't really too concerned with whether or not BMW would accept to fix the issue, but more to do with creating a domino effect where they remove the Dash and before you know it they loosen other trims and the sounds get worse....LOL
  13. Yes I agree and will that, seems its a common issue too as the more I google this the more posts I feed with the same problem. My only concern is if the dash etc is dismantled and not correctly reassembled then could this cause further creaks...lol If so it would be ideal to see if anyone has managed to apply a fix without going to that extent.
  14. Hi Ricky, Thanks for your input. Would you know if they had to remove the Dashboard to do this and was it a job via the dealership?
  15. Malcolm

    New BMW Owner

    Thanks Loadmaster