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  1. I managed to access fuse 54 after removing airbag switch panel and lower glovebox panel. Dashcam now works fine however it switches on as soon as the door is open which means if you just need to fetch something from the car the dascam springs into operation taking a video of my garage door for 10 minutes or so. 1. Can you tell me if fuse 31 is powered up only when the engine is on? 2. Other problem is the passenger Airbag Restraint system warning now lights up. Did you avoid this problem? I read somewhere to be careful not to turn ignition on with Airbag panel wire disconnected but I didnt turn the ignition on as far as I can remember? I wonder if independant garages will clear the fault without charging 2 hours labour as BMW probably will?
  2. Hello Don, your post describes my dilemma exactly, it seems the panel in theback of glove box does not allow you access all of the fuses including Fuse54. Did you ever get this solved otherwise I shall have to start removing other panels despite people saying its not necessary. No point trying to take a photo of fuse 54, its totally obscured and unreachable as you found out?
  3. I'm looking at a remap when warranty finishes or maybe before. I have the B47 520d, 188/190BHP, I would hope a remap might address the annoying hesitancy when from a slow speed you need to accelerate quickly onto a roundabout for example. Celtic Tuning do stage one remap to produce I think 238 Bhp. I am not sure if Celtic use the OBD port without drilling and also is 238Bhp may be stretching the limit a bit as MashedPotatos maximum is 220Bhp? I have also read one or two unfavourable reports on Celtic however some customers may imagine the blame is due to the remap rather than something else? I cannot find a thread with specific comments regarding the 520d B47 remaps and real life benefits and indeed if m.p.g is potentially much better. Any relevant comments would be appreciated.
  4. I have been in both and think the B47 is better especially at lower speeds when you are more likely to notice the typical diesel noise. I do notice that the diesel noise is sometimes slightly noisier than usual and like others I put this down to my imagination or the dpf is in recharge mode?
  5. Dogruff

    Picked up my 520d Luxury

    Looks to be a nice one Alan, the 2014, B47 is poorer than predecessor on m.p.g. I can get over 50m.p.g on motorway runs but in mixed driving no way. I think 45 m.p.g is probably about average under the conditions you describe and I too would consider a remap when warranty runs out though the difference between 45m.p.g and 50 m.p.g is probably not a lot in the scheme of things unless you are doing a very high mileage. The car however is really nice to drive as you know.
  6. Dogruff

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    My first post here since acquiring a F11, 520d with VCD and 17" run flats. VCD was a priority for me, my brother owned a 523 M Sport with 19" wheels and got rid of it because the ride was too hard especially on the Devon roads littered with deep potholes, though it was probably OK on Motorways. The ride on my car is sublime in Comfort and Comfort plus and is still good in Sport. I may change to 18" wheels without runflats and then keep the 17" wheels for winter tyres when my tyres wear low. I will not be getting 19" wheels as that would be a step too far for our roads. I would appreciate a little more steering feel and would be grateful for your input as to how 18" wheels with decent non-RFT's might compare to my existing 17" wheels on RFT's?s