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    Cycling, Bass Guitar, Real Ale.


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  1. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    Too late now. It was being painted on Monday. It's now code 9000 - so I assume somewhere on a train in Germany. With the Tech Pack. Fingers crossed...
  2. Campagnolo

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Try a pie-only diet for a month or two and see if that helps?
  3. Campagnolo

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    Don’t know. Whatever it is gets a bit stroppy when there’s a frost...
  4. Campagnolo

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    I’ve had the same issue with the matrix LEDs on my A6 on frosty mornings. I concluded that the sensors were iced over.
  5. Campagnolo

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    Not sure - I quite like the stealthiness of it. You're right - unless you know what you're looking for, it could be a 520d. (Nothing wrong with that). Each to his own, but I think the RS6 looks a bit ostentatious.
  6. Campagnolo

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    Entertaining that the photo seems to show it parked in an EV space... I've spent time hankering after that one on the Sytner website. Think I'd want badge delete, but otherwise it looks great. Bet it sounded good too...
  7. Campagnolo

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    Nice tool. The main thing I take from it is that the G31 is a good-looking beast. Even in a dodgy colour...
  8. Campagnolo

    The 7 Series then...

    With a pot that size, wouldn’t gifting you his 7-series be a sensible inheritance tax planning strategy?
  9. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    I read that it was a change for the 2019 model year. Dealer confirmed.
  10. Campagnolo

    530D - Buyers Regret

    It was a 53 reg - I sold it in 2011. According to the DVLA MOT check site, it’s still running and over 150k miles. Should have hung on to it. Muppet. But it was part of a complex deal in which my wife went from 320d Touring to Golf and I went to the F11. So it was a good outcome in that sense.
  11. Campagnolo

    530D - Buyers Regret

    That’s the conclusion I came to. I had an F11 530d, brilliant car and I loved the engine - but just not as much as the plant in the E46 330Ci that I still regret selling... so I’m hoping that the 540Xi will scratch that itch. In about 8 weeks. Not that I’m counting...
  12. Campagnolo

    Real world mpg and range

    bet it looks nicer though...
  13. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    Thanks - Mobilejo the silicon case looks a better deal than the Montblanc one...
  14. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    Build Week 50 doesn't seem to be getting any nearer. But it does mean I still have the opportunity to faff around with the specification. At the moment, I've added Z0J - the Tech Pack - on the basis that I wanted the HUD and the enhanced bluetooth / wireless charging / wifi hotspot. Tech Pack costs £25 more than the sum of those parts, and brings with it the Gesture Control and Display Key. I was looking at that £25 as an option premium - I might be the first person ever to get on with GC. And the DK I suspect will be a bit marmite. But if I don't like either of them, it's about six pints of beer foregone. In the context of the overall cost of the vehicle, that's not a big issue. But the news - which I'm checking with the dealer - that the DK now only comes with one normal key has made me wonder. My wife will need a key. So one of us might end up stranded with the DK - or I end up spending £300 on another conventional key. What do you reckon? Ditch the tech pack in favour of the options I definitely want and spend the £25 saved on beer, or give the GC and DK a go?
  15. Campagnolo

    Winter Wheels Today

    Interesting, thank you.