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  1. Upping this as I’m still curious. trying to find a Becker developer from 20 years ago is not easy. I’d really want to know how the BE2455 and BE2430 differ apart from the obvious BMW specific display color and radio connector on the back. Apart from that the units are identical, except for some reason the BMW unit lacks some brilliant function like ID3 tag display, playtime display, PTY selection and whether or not the PTY is being displayed. Filtering of channels, Radio Text. I swapped the BE2455 facia onto the BE2430. With an ISO-BMW adapter you get the full look of the BMW, with the extended functions of the BE2430. Very nice, but it comes with one big con: no ibus. So you loose all MFL functions for the radio. This is too big a sacrifice as being able to control channel and volume outweighs the extra functions, as cool as they are. Now the big question is: is this purely in the software or does the BE2430 have special chips/electronics on board for these functions. I’ve had both units open and I couldn’t see any major differences, but I’m no engineers/electronics expert like Revtor. If it’s software, or maybe even some flags turned off in the software, could unlock all these extra’s in the BMW unit. An old Becker engineer would probably know this.
  2. MParallel

    New to Intravee II - Help

    Yes the Intravee subsection. Not sure if the other connector is needed, but just to rule it out did you try and connect both?
  3. MParallel

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    Just upgraded to MK4 an hour ago. It had stopped displaying 1850, but now it says 01/01/1970. Updating with full 3D lock. So the Intravee update is mandatory I assume?
  4. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    Just installed my MK4, well chuffed. Just read your last reply carefully. So it’s always with vehicle info in split mode. Well that also worked on my MK3. Not much to fuss about really.
  5. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    Understood. Then it should be solved quickly, as I am waiting for my MK4 computer to arrive as we speak.
  6. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    I don’t recall such settings so I’ll have to check. All I know I have set the 16:9 to split in the BMW menu and I am displayin the car’s data in full screen. The time and “TMC” are not overwritten and stay visible.
  7. When the screen that displays the car's current/max speed, revs, water temp, etc, I noticted that this overwrites the data "time of arrival" and "Distance left" that is displayed on the bottom-right of the screen. I have to switch back to the 'normal' intravee screen or switch back to the Navigation menu. Wouldn't it be possible to keep that nav data visible? p.s. it it possible to display a song's "time remaining" instead of "time played". Is this available at all?
  8. MParallel

    AV input Retrofit DIY

    Had not idea this was possible. Just ordered a cable myself.
  9. Just stumbled upon this. Sounds very promising.
  10. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    I am aware of that. But this still leaves open what I said. It could just register the press, not the command that come with it. Not saying this is the case, but I don't know for 100%.
  11. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    Yeah really weird. Might try a new door module as that makes the most sense in this mystery. INPA registers the press of the button, but not sure this means the actual fold command is being successfully send. Maybe I can log something with NavCoder, unless this only logs ibus.
  12. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    I read codes using INPA/DIS. I have a GT1 "yellowhead" as well. No fault stored in GM3 or door module. In INPA the press of the fold button is registering. So with this I take it the door module is working (the switchpack = module, right?) I have unplugged the intravee to rule it out. No cigar. I also tried the battery reset, although not for 30 minutes, maybe 10. Could give that another try. p.s. I noticed the mirror housings have a little play. I never noticed this before, but only because of the non-folding have I paid detailed attention to everything around the mirror. MIght have always been like this. Just mentioning this as it could be folding motor/gear related.
  13. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    120 view now. No one on here with an E39 ever had a problem with their folding mirrors?
  14. MParallel

    Head lamp adjusters. Where from?

    Are all types of light units/production dates affected by this?
  15. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    55 views. Not a single owner who experienced this? What module controls the folding? the GM3?