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  1. MParallel

    KCA-420i wake-up mod

    Never even hear of the CPU mod. I only read about the wake-up mod and saw the single wire you have to solder in. I opened mine and there it was, just a wire soldered to the exact same points as instructed. If I open it up again I will take a pic.
  2. MParallel

    KCA-420i wake-up mod

    Not much to see. It looks the same as to the pictures at the beginning of this thread. I did read somwhere in this topic (but that was a while ago) that it can't wake up/detect a dead ipod. When I just open the boot an check the ipod, it's dead. When I unlock the car, you can see the ipod starting up (Apple logo). But once ignition is off/car locked, the ipod battery runs flat. I do have a 5V charge adapter.
  3. MParallel

    KCA-420i wake-up mod

    I opened mine and noticed the wire mod was already in place. But my ipod is never detected (Nano 4G) and its (bad) battery just runs out. I thought this mod would keep the ipod awake and charged.
  4. It's solved. The OBC error was the "bonnet open" message. When a message pops up, you press the button on the cluster to supress it. It then goes blank. But I guess it still was 'there' as now that I disconnected the bonnet switch and the OBC error no longer appears, my ID3 text returned to being displayed. I also noticed that after supressing the bonnet error, when I pressed the button again to show "Check Control OK" it turned back to blank as soon as I let go of the button, while normally, the message kept being displayed for a few more seconds.
  5. Ok, I'll have a go. I did check the Now Playing menu. Shows all info just fine. Could it be an OBC message is higher priority and overrides the intravee text?
  6. Yes OBC messages and consumption, time, time of arrival and all that sort of stuffs works as it always did. It is just the text from the Intraveeu.. I'm not aware that the Now Playing menu is showing anything else but the different options like song/artist/album etc. The song/artist info does show up correctly on the bord monitor itself.
  7. As per topic. Like out of the blue my gauge cluster of my E39 530i with MK4 stopped displaying the "Now playing". I checked my Intravee display settings and I noticed an "*" next to OFF. Strange, I never touched that. I turned OFF off (no "*") but stil nothing. Pressing the phone button on the bordmonitor, that I had set to show the text, you can see the display blink, but no text is shown. I have no clue what could be wrong.
  8. MParallel

    E36, CD43, Intravee - Making Some Noise

    Nice, I've always wondered if the intravee would work with the CD43. The CD43 does support ibus text/ID3-tags, so maybe there is a setting to make this work with the intravee. In my E36 I've been using a Dension GW300 since 2007 and it displays Artist/song/etc just fine. Big bonus with the MFL is that it overrides the need for the double-press when text display function is active.
  9. Upping this as I’m still curious. trying to find a Becker developer from 20 years ago is not easy. I’d really want to know how the BE2455 and BE2430 differ apart from the obvious BMW specific display color and radio connector on the back. Apart from that the units are identical, except for some reason the BMW unit lacks some brilliant function like ID3 tag display, playtime display, PTY selection and whether or not the PTY is being displayed. Filtering of channels, Radio Text. I swapped the BE2455 facia onto the BE2430. With an ISO-BMW adapter you get the full look of the BMW, with the extended functions of the BE2430. Very nice, but it comes with one big con: no ibus. So you loose all MFL functions for the radio. This is too big a sacrifice as being able to control channel and volume outweighs the extra functions, as cool as they are. Now the big question is: is this purely in the software or does the BE2430 have special chips/electronics on board for these functions. I’ve had both units open and I couldn’t see any major differences, but I’m no engineers/electronics expert like Revtor. If it’s software, or maybe even some flags turned off in the software, could unlock all these extra’s in the BMW unit. An old Becker engineer would probably know this.
  10. MParallel

    New to Intravee II - Help

    Yes the Intravee subsection. Not sure if the other connector is needed, but just to rule it out did you try and connect both?
  11. MParallel

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    Just upgraded to MK4 an hour ago. It had stopped displaying 1850, but now it says 01/01/1970. Updating with full 3D lock. So the Intravee update is mandatory I assume?
  12. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    Just installed my MK4, well chuffed. Just read your last reply carefully. So it’s always with vehicle info in split mode. Well that also worked on my MK3. Not much to fuss about really.
  13. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    Understood. Then it should be solved quickly, as I am waiting for my MK4 computer to arrive as we speak.
  14. MParallel

    Car's real-time date screen overwrites nav data.

    I don’t recall such settings so I’ll have to check. All I know I have set the 16:9 to split in the BMW menu and I am displayin the car’s data in full screen. The time and “TMC” are not overwritten and stay visible.
  15. When the screen that displays the car's current/max speed, revs, water temp, etc, I noticted that this overwrites the data "time of arrival" and "Distance left" that is displayed on the bottom-right of the screen. I have to switch back to the 'normal' intravee screen or switch back to the Navigation menu. Wouldn't it be possible to keep that nav data visible? p.s. it it possible to display a song's "time remaining" instead of "time played". Is this available at all?