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  1. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    We think alike my friend. There would be hell to pay if my sport plus stopped working
  2. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Phew! As long as sport works ok buddy
  3. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Just like parking bays they don’t seem to make or build them (garages ) like they used too. As in not big enough for their purpose. Unlike Costco parking which is built for the average American.
  4. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    A Few more annoyances, Regarding the driving assistance plus, wandering in the lanes when using lane assist, with or without steering activated, just think this could be better. The HK system’s SQ could definitely be improved considerably they got a hell of a lot right with this car particularly the basics, but when you start adding the expensive options, they seem to introduce more annoyances than actually solve the problem they were designed to take care of if that makes sense. Heating steering wheel is great, blind spot warning is also good and linked with steering the wheel vibration feature. Display key and remote parking, still no idea when I would actually need to use this feature in a real world situation? I never take the display key out as it’s huge, more gimmick than anything else. one thing that I actually do hate is the excessive M Performance brake dust on my alloys! They don’t even last a day after being cleaned, even though they have been Nano ceramic sealed! That’s all for now
  5. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Nothing I really hate about the G30, but if You compare the seats from the M sport g30 to the new 7 series you begin to realise that they are not as well designed or as comfortable, as mentioned the main dealer commented they Have had many complaints about this issue, you can bet the design will change for sure. I do wish night vision did full screen, The heads up was more configurable, the passenger side seat belt retracted in a way where it doesn’t twist and rattle causing me to lean over to adjust and finally, why oh why can’t they make channels to funnel the water away from the door when you open it, instead of it pouring in and onto the door controls, very poor design. I do love this car... other than that more of the same please.
  6. TK421

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    +1 having owned so many BMW’s over the years I’m struggling to find a comfortable setting for these seats also, particularly right leg hip pain. I notice the accelerator pedal is positioned over to the right and find that this caused by leg to flair that way more? Which I think doesn’t help. Elements of the Seat are sublime, just the lower thigh bolsters for me do push into the side of my right thigh. (IT Band) whilst i agree that some adjustments is necessary for the optimum driving position and best comfort, the basics of any seat shouldn’t cause discomfort. Such a pity as I absolutely love everything else about this car. I’m at the stage now where I’m going to put it up for sale as I simply can’t continue to suffer the discomfort anymore.
  7. TK421

    online mail no longer works

    Wonder if they will extend the service to those that paid for the subscription?
  8. TK421

    online mail no longer works

    I’ve struggled to get it working at all. Added the account online through the connected drive portal, then logged in in the car, nadda. Tried manually entering the details on the car, also nadda. Gave up as my password for mail is a crazy Apple created one which is an absolute nightmare to type in on the iDrive. even after adding the account in the car, it never appears, just the option to ‘add an account ‘ is available. Very frustrating.
  9. TK421

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    Can I ask if a battery reset resolves the problem (terminal off for a few mins then back on?) also, have you retro fitted Apple CarPlay or any other features been activated via usb or otherwise?
  10. TK421

    Best phone holder...?

    Solution is, activate CarPlay, use google maps and waze combo, job done
  11. TK421

    Tyres - Mix and Match brands?

    Time to name and shame my friend. That is awful behavior worthy of reporting to BMW UK. (That’s if it was a franchised dealer). Tell me you got this in writing? Some of These dealerships are a law unto themselves.
  12. TK421

    Wheel Coating

    I’ve tried loads of these sealants over the years, Chem guys, poor boys, megs, nano tech coatings etc and to be fair they’ve worked alright, but I started using collinite 845 insulator wax on the paint work (which is fantastic) then thought, what the Crp may as well try it on the alloys, and it works, it works bloody well! Plus they sparkle as well, win win! Give it a go ! I use a heavily diluted bilberry to clean of the dust, couple of squirts and they are like new again!
  13. TK421

    Tyres - Mix and Match brands?

    ^this. Switch them out for Michelin pilots, job done . Costco have a deal on at the moment I think? Plus keep your eye on black circles they had a mega deal on last month on Michelin’s personally i wouldn’t have different brands on the same car for any period of time. I understand if your cycling through to swap out all 4, but different companies, different compounds, plus different widths front and rear on BMW’s can and does upset the handling especially in the wet. Especially if you replace the fronts first ..
  14. TK421

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    Reading through this thread makes me think it could be down to some sort of contamination in the fuel, only reason I say this is I remember some time ago a filling station in the Northwest was caught using central heating oil and selling it as diesel at the pumps (or something like that) to take out all 6 injectors, points towards issues other than mechanical failure, to my mind anyway. That 3.0d engine is one of the best there is, if not the best. I’ve had them with over 100k on the clock still running original parts etc.. not saying that injectors can’t fail, but coupled with the over filled oil issue, just think something else has happened there. good to hear you got it back in the end though and can out this behind you! regarding Enterprise, there are useless, had my G30 in for warranty work with parts on back order, they wanted to drop off a mini, a 3 series dog, the usual, quoted all the BS they quoted you. I said no, I need a like for like, and to source me a 5 series. Then contacted a department within BMW UK, escalated it through them, next day 18plate 5 series was delivered. Don't loose faith in the brand, we all made the right choice, and all manufactures have issues, I honestly think this is just bad luck. Enjoy your silky smooth 30d confident in the knowledge you are sat behind one of the best engines on the planet! (obviously if it fks up again ignore all the above and buy an audi )
  15. TK421

    530D - Buyers Regret

    530d 261bhp 540d 315bhp 540i 335bhp (340ps) hence more comparable, never mentioned anything about how many turbos they did or didn’t have?? I give up, seriously but we’ll done on your journey of discovery my my old man used to say “never argue with....” , I can’t even be arsed to finish that sentence off.