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  1. keliuss

    Wiper stalk removal ?

    Oooops. Yes, now I remember your stalk thread LOL
  2. keliuss

    Wiper stalk removal ?

    My wiper arms are rusty so I've been planning on removing them to respray. I've made up a rough n ready removal tool from a bit of scrap metal in work. If I get around to it soon I'll take a few pics. The important thing is to mark your current wiper position before removal. Keliuss
  3. keliuss

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    The crappy optics in the standard rings prohibit any "upgrade" from looking as bright as a modern car, (despite what any advert claims). If you see an E60 with angel eyes visible on a bright day then they have been fitted with custom LED rings. They've been available for years, are expensive and involve cutting your lenses open to fit or paying even more for someone else to do it. I have a spare set of LCI headlights that I've been experimenting with (cut open) and even using an LED headlight bulb with the COB chip facing into the optics does not really improve light output. I must get around to continuing my experiments Keliuss
  4. keliuss

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    It's great when you find a nice simple fix like that. Very satisfying when you find that cable and have a little "eureka" moment Keliuss
  5. keliuss

    Which wheels are these?

    http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/95 Looks like these?
  6. keliuss

    535D newbie

    Welcome aboard Max! Lots of info here to trawl through and quite an active forum Keliuss
  7. keliuss

    E60 520d to 530d engine swap

    "No", would be the short answer Keliuss
  8. keliuss

    spare tyre r17 when stock r16

    No idea if it's bad, but if an otherwise perfect set of matching tyres with one partially deflated is enough for the car to notice then I think it will notice the above discrepancy. It's not going to be an issue in an emergency using a smaller size temporarily. With long-term use I have no idea. I had a slow puncture in a rear tyre and I would notice this gearbox behaviour when the air got really low. It wasn't an issue that worried me. Keliuss
  9. keliuss

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Three things: 1. My LCI has a permanent error for "DPF near end of life" error code. It has 127k miles on it with about 22k life remaining. So yes, about 150k 2. "Lifetime" means many different things to many different people. Like BMW "lifetime" oil in gearboxes. In case you don't know what "lifetime" means in BMW speak, it's 100k miles. 3. All DPFs in existence accumulate ash. Soot is burnt during a regen and you are left with some ash which cannot be removed without removing the DPF. Keliuss
  10. keliuss

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Ouch, those pressure readings are high. How many miles are on the DPF do you think?
  11. keliuss

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Using live data from the car with an obd adapter and phone app like torque/carly. Keliuss
  12. keliuss

    spare tyre r17 when stock r16

    Yes, should be fine. What I noticed at those speeds was that the box would not change up through gears and you'd end up driving lower gear with higher revs. Can't fully remember what resulted shifting in steptronic but I'm leaning towards thinking it had no effect, (not sure though). Keliuss
  13. keliuss

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Since day one under my ownership I have GPs 1 & 2 errors. I did change all four of them but the errors persist. Likely controller unit at fault. I'm starting to see GP 3 now faulting regularly. My DPF does regens no problemo. In fact I've got a couple of threads going about it doing them TOO frequently, but that's a separate issue. Keliuss
  14. keliuss

    spare tyre r17 when stock r16

    In an emergency it will be sufficient but if you have an auto gearbox and different size wheels, the car "thinks" you are going around a corner due to differing wheel speeds when you are on a straight road. This will result in the box not changing gears as it should. Same thing happens with an under-inflated/punctured tyre. I learnt this from experience with my old E39. Keliuss
  15. Really? Mine power off immediately. Keliuss