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  1. Keliuss

    windows deflecters

    We should ask @Deviantwhat he thinks of BMW Doctor Keliuss
  2. Keliuss


    It's not really a temperature gauge, so don't rely on it as such. It's a moving redline indicator. As mentioned, use the hidden menu if you need the temp. Edit: It's only on early models, LCI cars don't have it. Keliuss
  3. Keliuss

    DPF regen

    Hi Gonzo, the linked paper does appear to support that argument, but not the quote you used "Soot measurements show that the soot volume fraction decreases with increasing EGR". "Soot volume fraction" in this instance is not a measurement of soot. It is the distance between the formation of soot particles. Also, they didn't even use recirculated gases in the experiment. They simulated an EGR by using decreasing amounts of oxygen. It's a complex article on the intricacies of the actual formation of the soot particle, so not sure if it is apt for this debate Here's another paper with a much simpler quote from the abstract: "Drawbacks of EGR include increased PM emissions and increased fuel consumption. " Dieselnet - Effect of EGR on Emissions and Engine Performance What the remappers say seems to counter the science. Keliuss
  4. Keliuss

    DPF regen

    The whole concept of an EGR is to reduce harmful NOx gas. It doesn't recombust exhaust gases, quite the opposite, it recirculates the exhaust gases because they are largely inert in order to lower combustion temps. NOx forms at the higher combustion temps. So it actually reduces combustion (and power). The knock on effect of this reduced combustion is increased soot. This is why we also have DPFs these days to counter the EGR. Wikipedia - EGR Scroll down to "diesel engines" Keliuss
  5. Keliuss

    DPF regen

    EGRs increase exhaust particulate matter. Which led to the evolution of the DPF to counter the problem. Blanking an EGR should reduce particulate matter and extend the DPF lifespan. Keliuss
  6. Keliuss

    windows deflecters

    No idea what that clown has. Team Heko is what I have. Keliuss
  7. Keliuss

    windows deflecters

    No problems with mine. Keliuss
  8. Keliuss

    Battery drain issue

    Registered or not, 15.6v is too high! Keliuss
  9. Quite a laughable statement in the final paragraph of that: "My recommendation to anyone in the EU looking to buy goods in the UK is: don’t order anything until you know what the charges and VAT will be. And be patient. This should all sort itself out eventually" Eh, no it won't. Not unless the UK rejoins the EU it won't. Keliuss
  10. These aren't tariffs. You've left the EU customs union so you're taxman is charging you, same as he always did if you bought from say the US or China. It's just your definition of "Abroad" that has changed. Items sent from "abroad" incur a charge. Abroad used to mean countries outside the EU, now it has narrowed considerably to countries outside the UK. Also, I always thought the UK cutoff value was £135, not £390, but I'm not up to speed on this. Maybe that's the VAT cutoff. A quick google doesn't make it any clearer. A long google might be required I'm in Ireland and am plenty used to buying online from the UK and I can't see any winners in this. Next time I need anything I'll be doing my best to source from the EU to avoid getting caught for 1. Import duty, 2. VAT (calculated on the item value + import duty + shipping price), and 3. Administration fees. If I do have to resort to a UK source then I'm the one out of pocket and the Irish taxman collects. Keliuss
  11. Keliuss

    Rough lumpy idle

    I see dj asked about error codes and your reply but, you may not be aware that only the more serious errors throw a warning light. If a code reader is hooked up there may be multiple errors recorded which might shed some light on the problem. In my experience it's actually quite rare for no errors to be present even with a seemingly perfect car. Keliuss
  12. Keliuss

    M47 question

    Tad late, but yes. Correct. Probably only concern with M47 is swirl flaps. Keliuss
  13. Keliuss

    DIY DPF cleaning

    Ash mass is just a calculation based on the amount of regens over the life of the filter. Only way to reset it is to register a new filter. Not sure what the expected limit is but off the top of my head 90g is about 250k km worth. Soot mass goes from 0 to ~45g every regen cycle, roughly every 400-1000km depending on conditions. It goes back to zero after each regen. So regardless of how good your clean out was the numbers in Carly won't change by themselves so to me they sound correct. Keliuss
  14. Keliuss

    BMW Technical Information System TIS

    PM'd Keliuss
  15. Keliuss

    Petrol, and diesel sales banned by 2030!

    Some interesting points raised around the question of CO2 in the production of new electric cars. Keliuss