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  1. Keliuss

    Changy 1 Pinch bolt 0

    I'd have gone straight for the ugga dugga! 10 ot of 10 for witty thread name though Keliuss
  2. Keliuss

    Axle stand positioning?

    As the jacking points are really plastic recepticles for the jack, most axle stands will ruin them in no time. So +1 from me for using the mentioned rubber inserts. Readily available on ebay/aliexpress. Keliuss
  3. Keliuss

    rusted chassis for sale

    That's generally the price for a badly rusted car WITH an engine and gearbox. That's what I'd be looking for if I wanted a fixer-upper. Speaking from experience with welding my own E34, rust is like an iceberg: you only ever see the tip of it and the bulk of it lies hidden underneath. Keliuss
  4. Keliuss

    Tool, and Socket Box Carrier

    The missus: "Where you off to love?" Me: "Just bringing Rusty out for a walk" Love it! Keliuss
  5. Keliuss

    Help me find my grandad’s E34…

    Hi and welcome. In case you weren't aware of it, there are narrow grille and wide grille versions. Yours is the narrow variant, indicating it is a pre-Sept 94' model. Not much help but it's a bit. Are you sure about the reg? Doesn't seem a likely format for the time. Keliuss
  6. Keliuss

    Cup Holders!

    Enjoy! Keliuss
  7. Keliuss

    New Wheeler Dealers

    That episode is about 8 to 10 years back so would be the "old/original" series. Keliuss
  8. Keliuss

    Headliner fabric source?

    Headliner out through rear door. Not done it myself but others have. Keliuss
  9. Keliuss

    Torch Socket

    Nice job and write-up. I love these types of custom modifications. Should inspire others. Keliuss
  10. Keliuss

    Space saver wheel size.

    They are somewhat rare but can be found. Just don't buy the more widely available 16" one from the 3 Series as it won't clear your brake calipers. Keliuss
  11. Keliuss

    Space saver wheel size.

    Wheel sizes are irrelevant. Standard wheel sizes range from 16" to 19" and there is only one size OEM space saver for the E60. It is 135/80R17. The rolling diameter will be similar due to tyre wall size. Keliuss
  12. Keliuss

    E34 BMW at Auction

    £6530 Keliuss
  13. Keliuss

    Temperature instead of fuel consumption gauge

    @Ollie Campbell is correct. But have a look here. Not something I persued too far myself. Keliuss