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  1. Keliuss

    e34 Oxford Green 525i Touring SE - OEM+

    Lovely job on the phone mount. I love these types of personal mods. For my E60 I made up a plate steel bracket to mount under the fascia strip, then modified a cheap generic holder with a charger and mounted it on the bracket. Here it is in an old photo I took of my personalised Android fascia mod Since changing my phone I gutted the plug charger and added a wireless charger. No photo of it yet. It is obviously bulkier but still unobtrusive. I'll eventually do something similar for the E34. Keliuss
  2. Keliuss

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    It's only another opinion to add, but I think this is what happens quite a lot. Keliuss
  3. Keliuss

    E60 530d glow plug removal.

    I'd say go with Jason's recommendation of just changing the module. Be sure to have a good look at the module power plug. They are known to fail there. The connector gets scorched inside the plug on the cable. Keliuss
  4. Keliuss

    newTIS no more

    That's a major bummer. What new host have you found? Keliuss
  5. Keliuss

    Puncture message and Stat inspection???

    Ye. It runs off the ABS wheel speed sensors. It detects a difference in tyre radius while driving. Pump the tyres to correct pressures and reset the monitor in the iDrive. Yes. You can reset the stat. vehicle inspection yourself to a future date. Keliuss
  6. Keliuss

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I've got cheap eBay adapters, both Bluetooth and WiFi. No probs with the BT one plugged in days on end without using the car. WiFi one plugged in overnight and I get the battery discharge error in the morning. Keliuss
  7. Keliuss

    Swirl flaps

    I'm normally all for keeping things stock but removed my flaps. I still have my DPF and EGR. I did enquire with PMG Technik about a refurb manifold but considered it an unnecessary expense. Each to their own I say. If you want to keep it as close to stock then a refurb manifold is a good option and I think the M57 option is much cheaper than my N47. But do educate yourself: NewTIS is info from the horses mouth. NewTIS - M57 Swirl Flaps "Effects of faults If the swirl flaps stick in open position: Deterioration in exhaust gas characteristics in lower speed ranges otherwise no effect. If the swirl flaps stick in closed position: Power loss of approx. 10% at higher engine speeds." Removing the flaps is the same as stuck in open position. The flaps are active (closed or semi-closed) when you are cruising at low rpms, exactly when you're not asking for extra torque. If you put your foot down even very slightly the flaps open fully. I don't know how anyone could think low down torque is affected. Also, if you read the article above you'll realise the flaps are as good as permanently open for months on end through winter in the UK, (intake temps under 15 Celcius) Keliuss
  8. Keliuss

    e34 Oxford Green 525i Touring SE - OEM+

    Nice job, been there, done that, very satisfying I'm curious about taking off the Rover logo. Did you try anything else before acetone? How much did it affect the surface finish? The area looks a tad different to the surrounding area. BTW, a bit of trial and error will get the radio to sit flush with the fascia. You keep some pressure on the lower section of the radio as you tighten the Allen screws. Keliuss
  9. Keliuss

    Key fob stoped working

    ?? Black choo The keys sort of have dual function. Remote locking and ignition ring recognition. The car will still start as the transponder is still recognised. It may just be the battery is goosed. Is this the old style key (diamond shape) or new type? Keliuss
  10. Keliuss

    Key fob stoped working

    As it got wet you might have damaged it obviously. If you have a multimeter check the voltage on the fob battery. It should be 3v. Keliuss
  11. I've not had to deal with this issue myself so not much help. Googling it returns lots of hits though. Keliuss
  12. Google that fault now separately. It has been mentioned here before a few times and can be coded out. Sure after today you're an expert now Keliuss
  13. Keliuss

    Spare wheel.....

    If you remove the tray liner, then the lower foam tray for the electronics and rehome them you are left with a non round lower wheel well. I think the sub-frame shape underneath intrudes. Space saver only. Keliuss
  14. Keliuss

    Spare wheel.....

    You can't fit a normal wheel in at all. You need the 17" space saver (135/80R17 IIRC). Not 16" Keliuss
  15. Read below post from other forum. He has a section for how to revert to original using the blank .MAN file when you cock up: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1800496-Dummies-Guide-to-Basic-coding-with-NCS-Expert Keliuss