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  1. Keliuss

    Exhaust flange leak

    Yeah, defo a bit strange. 18308513651 seems to be the part that is listed yet not listed on realoem. Just wanted to be sure but I won't be now lol. Keliuss
  2. Keliuss

    Exhaust flange leak

    Where did you find that part number? It's not listed on realoem as a 5 series part, it's for 1, 3 series and Minis. I can't find any gasket listed for my car on realoem. I've looked at the DPF side and the turbo side, neither have a gasket showing at that join. Is it possible there's not supposed to be a gasket there at all? BTW, assuming your turbo actuator is the same as mine it can be removed very easily without undoing the turbo itself, so I don't think that's how yours went missing, (if it did). Keliuss
  3. Keliuss

    Exhaust flange leak

    Cheers, that's exactly what I needed to know. Will order the part and get some swear words warmed up ready for use Keliuss
  4. Keliuss

    Exhaust flange leak

    Thanks @Peggowski Was it easy/hard to separate the two parts? Did you have to undo anything else other than the clamp to separate them? And were you able to do it from above or did you have to get under the car and remove covers? Keliuss
  5. Keliuss

    George Best.

    I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered - George Best Keliuss
  6. Keliuss

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    I'm sure @d_a_n1979 mentioned this job before in another thread and how simple it is. But, I had similar issues on my E39 and one of my sensors on the rear broke while trying to remove it. I assumed that one was the problem but alas it was one of the "good" ones. My advice is to be sure to use plenty of penetrating fluid prior to attempting removal. In fairness it was probably original and so was in there nigh on 20 years so I should have known better. The remainder that was left behind was a pig to remove without taking hub off the car. Couldn't get a drill in at it as wheel arch in the way, could barely get my head in to see what I was poking at. Took about 2 hours of swearing poking and gouging at it before clearing the hole. Moved on to the next wheel and found a chaffed cable after 10 seconds lol. So be careful Keliuss
  7. Keliuss

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    Should have gone to specsavers lol. My woes were with crankshaft position sensors, not camshaft but I imagine symptoms will be similar and my advice on errors still holds. Keliuss
  8. Keliuss

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    Your 1st three bulletpoints sound very much like CPS woes I've had on my old M52. I can't comment/don't know about the other errors. Best thing to do is clear the errors and drive for a couple of days and check again to see what's recurring. Go from there. Keliuss Oh, and welcome
  9. @jimmy from cable-shack.co.uk can sort you out. He's a site sponsor here. Keliuss
  10. Keliuss

    Show Us Yer Knob

    This seems more in line with what OP is looking for Keliuss
  11. Welcome Mike I've not got any magic insight for you unfortunately but the number one thing to do is get it hooked up to a diagnostics reader to see if you have any error codes and go from there. Might not have any related errors logged but it's always the starting point. I don't have comfort access so I'm already at a disadvantage. Keliuss
  12. And is your car a Government one?
  13. Keliuss

    Boot lock.

    No bother Johnny. RealOEM.com for accurate part numbers. If you have it bought already then that's that. Still might have been worth a punt for the price of the postage Keliuss
  14. Keliuss

    Boot lock.

    Older type Newer type
  15. Keliuss

    Boot lock.

    So it turns out my LCI trunk release button is quite different to Johnny's pre-LCI, connector looks different too. His is the same as an E39 one. While they are definitely different, they still might actually be interchangeable. Does anyone know if it's possible? Keliuss