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    F11 520d non-Msport owners - favour to ask

    Being at my second BMW f11 I kind of started to know this cars very well regarding noises clonks and bad habits. First f11 I bought sh had this clonk from day one and I only managed to get it fixed by installing Bilstein B6 front and rear. The noise was fixed for good. The car felt smoother with a more precise solid ride without loosing confort. After this I realized I like the car so much that I decided to sell it and buy the face lift biturbo 525d, loaded with all kind of gadgets. Fantastic car but what do you know. The old clonk was back even with the LCI, just as ugly as before. I said I am smarter this time and i will not invest in expensive Bilstein B6 and bought Bilstein B4 instead, cheaper, reliable more confortabile. Wrong decision. The klonk was there twice as ugly. Hmm, I said there must be something wrong with this Bilsteins and replace them with a pair of KYB. Pleasent surprise. The clonk disappeared but only for 10 minutes. It looks now I am going back to monotube technology of the B6. The only one that can easily handle the fast rebound from OEM springs. The lack of cavitation does wonders in this case. I hope this helps you enjoy your cars as I will enjoy mine even if you don't have warranty left.