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  1. Tjsbeemer

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Just put the led lights into the overhead consoles and bmw projector lights into the doors Nice birthday/Christmas present
  2. Tjsbeemer

    Snow tyres and snow

    Absolutely hilarious. Made my day
  3. Tjsbeemer

    Windscreen...I think the answer is no!

    Jaguar as far as I’m aware still use them to as well as Land Rover yes I do know that they were part of the ford family at one point
  4. Tjsbeemer

    Voice Control

    No matter what I say to mine it never goes to what I said whether I say radio,climate or anything so completely useless
  5. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    West coast motor wurks on lister road,sorted out the car car no problem
  6. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    I may of misheard but could swear that’s what he said but it controls the immobiliser and ignition and a whole number of things apparently that’s when the wipers were going on their own it was that unit going into default mode
  7. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    Just a quick update had the car fixed a place in Hillington was the cash unit which was causing the car not to start and the drivetrain fault was the transmission loom unclipped from the box and melting into one on the exhaust lucky it didn’t catch fire I think anyway fingers crossed now that it will be okay for a couple of weeks problem free motoring wish me luck guys
  8. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    It has been very problematic from day one it really can’t be trusted
  9. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    I was doing exactly that lol are you reading my mind?????
  10. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    Not yet mate still trying to weigh up my options do I keep piling loads of cash at it and wait for the next problem to arrive,because this won’t be the last issue I’m sure or do I ditch it and run a mile?
  11. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    To be honest nash I feel like getting shot of the car it has been the most unreliable car I’ve ever had I like it to look at but it seems that I spend a lot more time looking at it rather than driving it the car just can’t be trusted to go from a to b
  12. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    No worries mate
  13. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    Thanks Andrew was wondering if anyone local off here could plug in and check the codes out and point me in the right direction I will give them a bell later
  14. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    So back to square one with my car wont start wipers wiping even though they are off transmission lever no light on it and no dash lights on at all its been behaving itself for a while but now worse than ever does anyone have any code reader or the likes around glasgow at all?????
  15. Tjsbeemer

    Body control module

    Hi I’m in Glasgow so a bit far from Bromley the battery was replaced as the car was misbehaving so had it changed yes it was coded to the car as had problems with another car of mine a while back