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  1. Colin L

    MY 2011 F10, I loved this car....

    Yes it was definitely metallic Blue, I think it was indeed the Deep Sea Blue, while ago now.
  2. Colin L

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    For info I was trying to download the office 365 and the entertainment trial and currently considering if the Apple Carplay is worth the £230.... Mind you its a moot point as I can't get anything to load onto the car still. Odd because the remote control functionality all works perfectly and now the weather is getting cold my personal favourite is the climatise car option, hit the button on the app 10 mins before you are leaving and get into a toasty warm car with a cleared windscreen. Mind you it would be great if they could give you an option to activate the rear screen defroster as well..........
  3. Colin L

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    After 4 weeks and BMW ConnectedDrive seemingly giving up by email, they are ignoring me now - I took the car into a BMW dealer. So after the first 30 mins when they all assumed I was just another numpty doing it wrong they finally realised it was genuinely not working as it should, lots of scratching of heads and they finally got the master technician down to have a look, lots more scratching of heads...... Its now booked in for two weeks time to go on the diagnostics machine so they can get the in car logs over the BMW..... I don't hold much hope as the dealer was saying "well the car looks ok so it must be the other end and we can't do much more than you when it comes to BMWconnected drive". Seems to me they are trying to chuck it over the fence to each other. Does not fill me with confidence..... Will let you know once I've got the car back from them on the 12th.
  4. Colin L

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    SO a few weeks later, no joy despite several email exchanges with BMW, they've gone quiet. Cannot get anything installed of connected drive via App, webrowser or in car. COME ON BMW this is BLOODY USELESS !!!!!!!!
  5. Colin L

    USB map update?

    Yep I can sympathise with that, took hours!
  6. This is for a new G30 (September 18) When trying to download ; 1 month trial of Office 365 or Music trial, Concierge or anything for that matter I get repeated errors over the last week. Latest it tells me it already pbooked in the car, buts its not. For a couple of days said the 360 view was available for a couple of days even though my car is not equipped for that. Tried the app, browser and in the car all to no avail. Out of interest has anyone got/tried/using Office 365 with the Skype (assuming its now available)? Anyone else having similar woes? Thanks.
  7. Colin L

    530e Msport had a polish

    I also used Autoglym Polar snowfoam for the first time and was really impressed. Used it on my wife's little fiesta which was pretty grimy and it came up really well. Will be using that from now on.
  8. Colin L

    530e Msport had a polish

    Thanks, Its Mediterranean Blue and the wax is Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax. Will be interesting to see how long it last as its the first time i have used it.
  9. Colin L

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    I assume that may leave it open for a future software update to do something a little more interesting with the layout, I can hope anyway!
  10. Colin L

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    Black wheels look really good in the flesh, trust me ! Totally agree about the badges on the C pillar, they look naff!
  11. Colin L

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    Cognac was the other option, I went backward and forward a few times. I have to say though I am pleased with the blue leather to my eye it works well.
  12. Colin L

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    I agree about the ceramic coating, need to find the time to either get it done or do it myself.