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  1. Username_Taken

    G30 Tyre Size

    Hi, Does anyone here have a G30 M Sport with 19" Wheels on it? If so... what are the front and rear tyre sizes? Are they the same as the F10's? I have an F10 with 245/40 on the fronts and 275/35 on the rears. Just wondering, I plan ahead... when I'm changing the F10 I'll be going for a G30 eventually, and will have 19" winter tyres from the F10 that I would reuse on the G30 (if they fit)
  2. Username_Taken

    My F10

    520d with M Sport Plus Pack.
  3. Username_Taken

    DAB Signal Drops Out Constantly

    It's one specific station I listen to "LBC" (Leading Britains Conversation)... it's only on D1 National, there's no other assemble to select for it. It's not listed on any of the others, including the local one. It works fine with the Toyota, but not on the BMW, the Toyota has a screw in aerial that sticks up in the air. The BMW has a little shark fin. I think the screw in aerial must be picking the signal up better than the shark fin because it never drops out. It's no big deal, I'll just listen to something else was just a bit annoyed at first as had only just got the car. But everything else about the car is great, so I can forgive it's weak DAB. I'll try stations on the local assemble and see if they drop out or not too.
  4. Username_Taken

    DAB Signal Drops Out Constantly

    No I don't have a Dash Cam fitted mate. I just got the car on Friday. I drove from the North East to Scotland and back over the weekend. The signal is better in some areas, but still drops out occasionally. But here in the North East it drops out constantly. I know it's the car, because my Toyota Rav 4 never drops out in this area. The only difference between the two is the F10 has a shark fin thing... and the Rav 4 just has a screw in aerial that sticks right up in the air. So I can only assume the screw in aerial picks up the signal better, than the little shark fin. It literally never drops out ever on the Rav 4 in this area. So there's clearly a weakness in the BMW's DAB setup. I haven't phoned the local dealer yet. I don't think they'll be able to do anything as it seems loads of people have this issue. That's why I was asking about after market solutions, but most people just accept the poor signal and use FM it seems. I might report it just so I can get a final response from BMW.
  5. Username_Taken

    F10 key Security Question

    Hi, Probably a silly question as my car isn't key-less entry. I press a button on the key to open it. But is there any need to protect my car keys with a signal jamming pouch? Or is that only for key-less entry? Thanks, Chris
  6. Username_Taken

    DAB Signal Drops Out Constantly

    I'll update this thread with anything I find out. If they try to palm me off I'll complain and see where that gets me. I suspect it's a design issue, given that a hell of a lot of people have this issue. I guess as it's not a safety recall BMW put it as a low priority for fix when the F10 was the current model.
  7. Username_Taken

    520d Engine. Advice / experience needed please.

    Well you have legal professional in your about me bit, so you'll be right and I'll be wrong. As a layman, I just thought the manufacturer of the car who's supposed to know everything about it in fine detail would have been better. But I see where you're coming from as a conflict of interest could arise.
  8. Username_Taken

    DAB Signal Drops Out Constantly

    I phoned the BMW Warranty number, they said it should be covered... but to take it to my local dealer. Will phone them tomorrow. I'll just use FM if needs be, but I listen to the LBC everyday and it's only on DAB in the North East.
  9. Hi, Took delivery of a 2015 F10 M Sport this morning from BMW. Happy with the car apart from the DAB dropping out constantly. I know it's the car that's the problem because I have a 2015 Toyota Rav 4 that never drops out in the area I live in. The F10's Dab signal is dropping out every 1 - 2 minutes. Does anyone else have issues with the F10's DAB signal? Is this a known issue in this model? Or is it likely I need something fixed? It was bought directly from BMW, approved used. A quick google and I found this thread on another forum. https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1494728 albeit it's on an F30 board. But it seems some versions/models of BMW's have rubbish DAB radios? Is there an aftermarket fix, like a better Shark Fin aerial or something?
  10. Username_Taken

    520d Engine. Advice / experience needed please.

    I agree that the BMW report "might" carry less weight than the independent engineer. But we're not talking about some back street repairer, BMW is a reputable company, they're not in the habit of making things up just to make more money. The point I'm making is, if all 3 come to the same conclusion. Checkmate for the car repairer, payout awarded to the OP.
  11. Username_Taken

    520d Engine. Advice / experience needed please.

    I don't know, that's what the BMW report, The RAC report including the location of the recovery and the independent assessors report would do. The fact is, the car went in for a Fuel Filter and came out a non runner within yards of the garage. Stevie Wonder could see the garage is at fault, but the 3 aforementioned reports would carry more weight than a single garage owner. Especially the BMW one. Put the 3 of them together 1. Where the recovery was made of the car. and suspected cause (RAC) 2. What the damage and cause was (BMW garage). 3. The cause of the damage again (Independent assessor). If all 3 say the same thing... that's 3 professional words against one. I think it's common sense that, those 3 written accounts/report would be enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt what caused it. But rather than constant debating... Maybe the OP could state exactly what the BMW garage has given him in writing... (assuming he asked, I would have).
  12. Username_Taken

    Digital MPH display?

    Looks good Apples, I'll bear that App in mind if I decide to code the car. Does it need an adapter like Carly?
  13. Username_Taken

    520d Engine. Advice / experience needed please.

    I assume you have the invoice for money paid with an itemised bill showing what work was completed? If so I would get an independent assessors report confirming what the cause of the damage was, and if possible in writing from BMW themselves. Obviously you will want your car back on the road asap. So if I had the aforementioned in hand, I would pay for the works to be done and then open a claim against the garage in the small claims court. The RAC's contractor or the RAC should be able to give you a letter stating what they suspected and exactly where you car was loaded onto the tow truck. That way you can demonstrate to a judge that (A) The car was picked up in very close proximity to the garage. (B) RAC, BMW and possibly an independent assessor's report showing the cause. I don't see how the garage could successfully argue against that. Why would the judge take an independent garage's word over BMW themselves as well as the RAC and possibly an independent assessors report. You might find he will agree to the wrong doing and pay the costs. He might not even turn up, then we can all watch him on an episode of "Can't pay we'll take it away" But obviously seek legal advise to confirm, but the above seems logical to me. And is exactly what I would be thinking if this had happened to me. Although I do thank you for sharing you experience. This has now confirmed to me that it's worth paying the extra to get a BMW Dealer to do it, even if it is seen as extortionate by some.
  14. Username_Taken

    Digital MPH display?

    The BMW Dealer confirmed there is no digital display on the F10 for MPH. So I did get my wires crossed, it's as said a brief display of the MPH digitally when the cruise control is set, it disappears after confirming it. That's enough for me anyway.. don't think I'll bother coding it. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  15. Username_Taken

    Digital MPH display?

    I think I remember now, the digital speed only comes up when the cruise control is on to show you the current speed in numbers? We've had loads of different cars moving around jobs.