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  1. I am interested in testing my EGR but no matter where i look in ISTA i cant find this test. Can you point me in the right steps to find where this test is located inside ISTA. e.g service plan - blah - blah- blah etc Cheers
  2. beady_uk

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I am looking at doing this upgrade on my F11. Did anyone progress their install to the rear doors and the roof speakers? Im interested to hear if its worth doing them or if the fronts are really the only ones needing upgraded, the drivers seat is in the front after all Thanks
  3. beady_uk

    Hid conversion kit

    Sorry it took so long. I forgot... Not much to see really. Just bright lights
  4. beady_uk

    Hid conversion kit

    I'll try to remember to get some tonight in the dark
  5. beady_uk

    Hid conversion kit

    Yeah. Was a bit fiddly but if you take wheel off and arch liner out there is plenty of space to work.
  6. beady_uk

    Hid conversion kit

    After trying 3 kits which all failed to stay lit & gave errors, I fitted this kit as the place is local (ish). https://www.valley-lighting.co.uk/collections/hid-kits-12v-24v/products/custom-led-12v-35w-smart-canbus-hid-kit?variant=30331374993492 Worked perfectly straight away. No errors. Then went and had the headlights checked by an MOT garage. Beam pattern, levels, cut off all perfect. And it has just passed its MOT last week with them fitted too
  7. beady_uk

    Current Sat Nav Map Version

    2019-2 is the current version. 2020-1 will be released in a few weeks.
  8. beady_uk

    AC Error on Bimmercode

    I've got the same error on my AC ECU. No matter how many times I clear it, it still comes straight back. Something to do with engine being under load or engine or gearbox temp too high but I get this error straight away on a cold start so temps are cold and no load on engine. Bizarre By any chance.... Do you have a battery error, worn battery or something. I have that and hear it can give crazy errors on different modules.
  9. @AndyM I'm interested to know where you got the fitted sunshades from. Cheers
  10. beady_uk

    Headrest removal

    Sounds like good advice.
  11. beady_uk

    Headrest removal

    I already have the screens from my previous car that's why I wanted to fit them. If it's not possible I'll just put them in the garage for another vehicle. Cheers
  12. beady_uk

    Headrest removal

    Looking for some info. I want to remove the front head rests to fit dvd screen headrest to keep the kids quiet. The problem is that my headrests have a wire that runs up one of the headrest legs to a pyro charge for the active headrest. Can this just be removed without issue or is it a bad idea? Thanks
  13. Get some of this stuff https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F251012667489 They will cut it to size, I got them to cut it to 148mm X 65mm and it slipped in between the broken mirror and the sliding cover. Bit of super glue and it's cheaper then a new visor