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  1. Guy540i6&535i5

    e34 red rear lights legal in uk

    did you try using green bulbs i hear that makes them more orange
  2. Guy540i6&535i5

    e34 red rear lights legal in uk

    has anybody done this in the uk
  3. Guy540i6&535i5

    BMW E34 540iA V8

  4. Guy540i6&535i5

    my first e34

  5. Guy540i6&535i5

    my first e34

    No i just got it one of previous owners had spent alot of money on her fitted an lsd stainless steel exhaust and upgraded cam and much more he got a blog on facebook showing what he did to it https://www.facebook.com/1992-E34-535i-Restoration-205844186161640/
  6. Guy540i6&535i5

    e34 540i6 EBAY

  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323489187558
  8. Guy540i6&535i5

    540i/6 Wanted

    nobody looking to sell ?????????????????????? i pay good price
  9. Guy540i6&535i5

    My E34 540i 6-speed manual.

    do you still have this car?
  10. Guy540i6&535i5

    540i/6 Wanted

    e34 manuals Thanks
  11. do you still have a E34 535I SPORT MANUAL for sale ?

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    2. Guy540i6&535i5
    3. Guy540i6&535i5



      I thought you were part of classic bahnstormers

    4. weber magic

      weber magic

      I am, it’s my business. Just curious as I hadn’t advertised the car on here but if you found the website then that explains it. 


      Its a really nice example. I’ve had all the body kit off and apart from a small welding repair we had to do to the NSF wing the sills are in perfect condition. 


      Best thing is for you to give me a call if you want to discuss the car. 




      Cheers Steve 



  12. Guy540i6&535i5

    What to do with my 535?

    did you ever get this car back to roadworthy and so have you sold it iam looking for a e34 535i to buy
  13. Guy540i6&535i5

    Manual E34 535i se Wanted

    Not a minter but not a shed either