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    BMW 520D M Sport
  1. Me too! Get the exact same noise. Had no issues though.
  2. Knight

    Rattles and annoying noises

    My G30 has developed a 'squeaky' noise on a cold start, eventually when the engine heats up it goes away. Sounds like the timing belt is rattling or something, booked it in with the dealer to get it checked out!! Didn't think it would do this on a brand new car!! Hopefully it isn't major.
  3. Knight

    G31 m-sport ride quality on 19" 664m alloys

    Just had the car for one week, it's with runflat tyres. Don't have the adaptive feature but it's actually fairly good. I wouldn't know the difference between the adaptive. I do notice that it does fidget with slightly bigger bumps/potholes in the road - but it's still pretty comfortable.
  4. Knight

    Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    Hi guys, new here!! Getting my G30 next week, Saturday :D. I know I'm reviving an old thread - but I wanted to ask, does parking mode work if I hardwire my Thinkware F770 in F46? Would be great if someone can help!
  5. Knight

    Hello all! New to BMW

    Hello everybody! As the title says, new to BMW. Just in the process of getting my new BMW 520d M Sport G30 - hopefully get it by the 25th of this month, so not long to go, although feels like an enternity the closer it gets! Switching over from my Vauxhall Insignia grand sport - not a bad car at all but a 5 series has always been my dream car, so hence the change. Hopefully I get to know some of you guys - and I will certainly share some pics when she arrives It's a stock car pretty much - getting it in carbon black, 19 inch alloys, with active guard, Msport + pack, with Reversing cam, sports seats, ceramic finish for controls, and the professional navigation system. Can't wait!