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  1. Zak322

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Exact same position for me ... never received an OTA update in two years
  2. Zak322

    G31 520d

    MPG completely dependant on driving style and journey distance. Mine is 47.0 over past 6200 miles of mixed driving - 2.0Xdrive
  3. Zak322

    Tyre Pressures

    33 psi all round
  4. Zak322

    Help choosing a G30

    I find standard dipped beams OK but agree with previous comment that main beams are atrocious. I cant understand why dipped and high beams are both placed in the same reflector.
  5. Zak322

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    Have to agree; dipped beams acceptable but high beams are dreadful
  6. Zak322

    Auto Transmission Issue

    Want to share an experience that I have had on at least six occasions : In full auto transmission mode while accelerating from a static position, vehicle failed to upshift until revs exceeded 4000rpm. This happened earlier today at busy roundabout and was quite scary. NB. Was using Comfort Mode on each occasion
  7. Zak322

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Map data downloaded and then had to wait for arrival of 64GB USB from ebay.
  8. Zak322

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    I Downloaded the 2018-2 map update (29gb) and formatted a 64gb USB drive to FAT32 using a third party formatting utility. Data transferred from laptop to USB via BMW download manager. When I inserted USB drive in vehicle, download initially started (0%) but then Idrive showed error "Data on USB unusable." So where did I go wrong?
  9. Zak322

    520D Mileages

    My MPG results over 1800 miles are 48.2 (520d XDrive). Approx 50% (900 miles) driving on longer runs ... with remainder short 'cold' runs and urban driving. I am mainly using comfort mode.
  10. Zak322

    Light Switch Settings

    Hi All, I'm a newbie to the forum - but have been viewing informative posts in recent weeks. Bought G30 520D Xdrive a few months ago and really impressed with it when compared to previous E60. My question concerns the light switch settings. I noticed that when set in the '0' position, dipped headlights come on automatically in rain and relatively low light. I thought this was solely a function of the 'A' (automatic setting) only and would prefer if the '0' position meant exactly that.