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  1. Price now reduced to £800.
  2. These were purchased from Cotswold BMW and have covered less than 1000 miles thanks to lockdown. The alloys are in showroom condition with no imperfections whatsoever, tyres are Michelin Primacy 3 run flats with 7mm on the fronts and 6mm on the rears. 245/40 R19 fronts 275/35 R19 rears These will only fit a G30/31 model. Collection from near Chepstow (14 miles form M4/M5 interchange near Bristol). Buy these instead of a new set of tyres and you’re probably only paying £500 for the alloys which are £3k new without tyres, how’s that for man maths! Price reduced to £800 Any questions please ask, Rich
  3. Rydal

    Text message on display

    Thanks all and particularly sjak92 for the offer of help. I’m in Gloucestershire so unfortunately I think we may be some distance apart.
  4. Rydal

    Text message on display

    I have an absolutely standard 520d M-Sport (UK Spec), is there any way to get text messages from my i-phone to show on the i-drive display? I’ve looked in the manual but can’t find anything, is that because it’s simply not possible?
  5. Rydal

    520D Mileages

    That does sound low especially as the use seems very similar to mine, daily 30 mile motorway commute each way, and I’m averaging 49.9mpg over 8900 miles. This is calculated using the Road Trip app so is accurate. I have found the OBC to be rather optimistic, if I’m to see an actual 50mpg from a tank the OBC needs to be showing more like 53mpg.
  6. Rydal

    Just ordered my new G30 (photos)

    I’m averaging 50mpg on my 520d but I thought this was a good effort for a decent motorway run.