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  1. Hi My daily driver is a 530e - but I also have a 2009 Reg Ford Ranger Pickup, that I use for my gardening/landscaping hobby (I have a big cumbersome garden). I got it on a finance agreement with Close Business Finance about 10 months ago. I have loved the truck to bits - but the thing has been nothing but trouble. Many gearbox issues (covered under 6 month warranty). Starter motor failed (non warranty), battery died, various warning lights sorted out ..... and now the head gasket has gone (fixed at a cut price rate by the supplying second-hand van dealer) ...... and it has gone again 3 weeks after it was fixed. I need to get out of this 3 year finance deal. I know someone who works via Close who advises I can get (did he say) an "unwind" " agreement where I can list all the faults and get Close to force the supplier to settle with me. Anyone got any advice or experience or advice?
  2. I don't mean when I'm driving. I mean when I'm sitting in my lounge with the car outside of the window - and all of a sudden ...... hours after I've driven it...... it sounds like Gatwick airport. Big wooshing fan noises for maybe 3 or 4 minutes. What's the deal there?
  3. TheDarkLord

    Help choosing a G30

    530e all day long.
  4. TheDarkLord

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    It's difficult to say I hate anything about my late 2018 530e hybrid. I have an M Sport version with a very high spec. I love it to pieces. I don't agree with the seats things. I think they're very good. Here are the things that could be improved - but I'm having to be picky to even list these! The electric charge port door could be electric - as I keep forgetting to close it and the car beeps at me when I go to drive away The electric charge port could be more elegant - rather than just the mimic of a fuel flap I wish the battery was bigger, to give a genuine 30 miles of electric - rather than the 20 miles (ish) I wish the hybrid could be moved via the Display Key like the non-electric versions can I'd like the screen which shows the speedo and rev counter to be more configurable
  5. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    Most of the time I use it to get to work - 42 miles there - 42 miles back. I can charge at both ends. Depending on traffic and weather, I get between 70 mpg and 90 mpg on each leg. The odd long trip like I've just done doesn't really get you the big numbers - but around 40 mpg is okay. It's not really about the mpg. My test on the trip was just out of curiosity on how to manage the system. For me, it's better than the diesel on a few counts: It's quieter You don't get that rattly noise on startup or shut down It's a smoother ride both on petrol and electric - but especially the latter I don't emit any noxious substance in town I won't be legislated off some roads On shorter journeys you effectively pay half as much for your fuel But if you are a sales rep, I get it that diesel is better for you.
  6. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    ..... and I got 39.8 mpg average on the drive home from Glasgow to Southampton - again with no charging. I did virtually the whole return trip on Comfort mode with Auto eDrive. It didn't seem to harvest any electricity at all. I switched to Sport for about 60 miles or so - still no harvesting, so I just put it back in Comfort. Seems okay to be for a big heavy car with a 2.0 litre petrol engine.
  7. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    Outward leg of the trip done. I unfortunately wasn't able to charge at all before the trip - so started on an empty battery. 435 miles done at moderate motorway speeds on clear roads. Achieved 41.4 mpg. That's okay I think. At one point, when the mpg gauge said 38.5 mpg, I switched to battery save and charged the whole thing right up to 23 miles battery capacity in Comfort mode. The mpg went down to an average of 25 mpg by the time the battery was full. I then drove on Max eDrive until the battery was exhausted - which brought the average back to 37.9 mpg. So, no win and no loss - but I suppose I drove for 20 miles without polluting anywhere. I'll try a different tack on the way back.
  8. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    Might give that a bash on the way back down
  9. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    I'll probably set off with a full charge from Southampton. These commercial charging points aren't really worth it though. With Ecotricity (the main one in motorway service stations), the cost per mile is only 1p different from not bothering and just using premium unleaded.
  10. I'm travelling to Glasgow from Southampton tomorrow (and then back in a few days) in a 530e hybrid and I probably won't be able to plug in anywhere. What's the best way to charge the batteries on the move? Is it best to let it charge to full (probably gets one mile for every 3 or 4 driven), switch to Max E-drive when it's full, let the battery drain - then repeat? Or should I just leave it in Auto E-drive? Also, should I be using Battery Control mode at any point during the charging? I'm expecting to get about 40 to 45 mpg for the trip. Is that about right?
  11. TheDarkLord

    Tyres prevent wheel scuffing

    I've got a late 2018 5 Series G30 with 19" wheels and it appears that the tyres cleverly overhang the wheels a bit - so that it's less likely I'll scuff the alloys. Is this a new thing and all of the latest models? I say good.
  12. TheDarkLord

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Yes, but they can catch you unawares sometimes - especially when there is a variable limit on a motorway. Would also be good in towns you are not familiar with Mr Er.
  13. TheDarkLord

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    I've often thought it would be handy to be able to press a button to keep me automatically to the speed limits. Would save me from any accidental penalty points and on motorwork road works (although it'd have to be mighty techno to be able to do the last bit). However, I wouldn't want it imposed on me.
  14. TheDarkLord

    Help - A cyclist broke my wing mirror (deliberately)

    There has been a happy ending to this saga. I took the car to BMW who said £252 for the repair, comprising a new mirror cover, painting it and labour .... IF.... they didn't find any more issues and they couldn't rule out a whole new mirror. I took it to a local paint shop who said, nothing wrong with the mirror whole mechanism or cover, just need to take and and refit and replace the separately-available repeater unit. £37.50 plus VAT plus labour = £100. They did it this morning, checked it as all perfect and just picked it up and I even noticed as I was driving away that they had topped up my washer fluid bottle. Outstanding! As for cycling thug. I waited for him a the pinch point on the path on Monday like I said and while exchanging words (including some death threats he didn't attempt to follow through on) I padlocked his bike through the frame to the railings with my old motorcycle chain lock that's been in the garage unused for 15 years. Tough old thing that won't bolt crop. He went all Rumplestiltskin, yelled and then cried. He can keep the lock - but he'll need an angle grinder with a power supply. I checked while driving past in this morning. It's still there as of midday Wednesday (today) minus the wheels, saddle and handlebars. I hope it wasn't him who removed them. Possibly worth £100 and 20 minutes of my time.
  15. TheDarkLord

    Help - A cyclist broke my wing mirror (deliberately)

    Just had a quote from supplying dealer. £74 for part, £45 to paint plus whatever they charge to fit. I reckon maybe £90 for that. Can't fit it myself. Can't even wire a plug and don't want to compromise the car. I will get it done properly, as obviously, having shelled £60K out on a top spec car, I can afford £200 odd to fix it occasionally. I won't go through my insurance. I don't have a dashcam fitted at present. I was fleetingly tempted to extract revenge on him - and with reference to Gonzo and Pidgeonpost above - I am a big guy and I can sort someone out if I want. However, I am also a pragmatist. It's not worth my bother getting down to the level of a scumbag. Who knows, even in leafy Hampshire, someone may carry a knife - and then there's the plod to think about. It's not worth risking a change to my, in most ways, pleasant existence to go down the rogue route. No. I will wait for him tomorrow. I turned the car, shouted and told him to stop and he didn't. But, I did see that his route is riding down the pavement and then going through the park. Tomorrow, I will be waiting for him at the pinch point before the park and video the meeting telling him he damaged my car. If he admits it - then I'll go the the plod which is next door to my office. All in all, life like that. Couldv'e been worse.