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  1. TheDarkLord

    What you planning to change to ?

    I'll wait until they bring out the plug in hybrid though - like they already have for the Transit - as I don't want a dirty diesel.
  2. TheDarkLord

    What you planning to change to ?

    Well, I have one, and I don't find it uncomfortable at all. Quite the reverse. A great cushioned ride and sitting up high is great in traffic. Quite well-equipped as standard too. It handles alright for what it is. I need it to get through the mud on site occasionally where my 5 Series won't go. Quite enjoyable. Haha.
  3. TheDarkLord

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    The promotional stuff I read says I should get 29 miles from a full charge. The best I've ever seen - in 15 months of ownership - is 24 miles. Regularly saw 22 to 24 miles in the summer, and got 80 to 90 mpg regularly on 40 mile each way commute. Now, in the grip of winter in the UK, I see a full charge of between 16 to 18 miles and I'm getting about 70 mpg. Hope it returns to how it was when summer comes again. Still happy.
  4. TheDarkLord

    What you planning to change to ?

    As soon as Ford produce a hybrid Ranger, I'm there.
  5. TheDarkLord

    Alexa vs Google Home

    Alexa all the way. You can't swim against the tide.
  6. TheDarkLord

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Back to the OPs post - you're buying a great car. The modern choice. You won't regret it.
  7. TheDarkLord

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Nope. Everyone won't say that. I don't. So that's less than everyone then. The 530d is a dirty diesel.Yesterday's car.
  8. TheDarkLord

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    I don't care what the nay sayers bleat on about. 70 mpg + in the winter on my 40 mile mixed commute does me fine. And I use my heated seat and heated steering wheel. PLUS: It's a petrol motor which is waaaaay smoother than a diesel I don't use a dirty engine of any kind when in the town that I leave and in the town that I arrive in - (which is better for the children in the schools I drive by) Use no petrol or diesel at all at the weekends when bobbing about town. The hybrid is the best 5 Series out there.
  9. TheDarkLord

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    I've had mine for 13 months now (from new). I've had lots of BMWs, all of which have been great, but this is the best of them all. Even in the cold weather I get 70 mpg on my 40 mile commute when charged fully and 35 to 40 mpg when it's not charged at all. In the spring/summer I was getting 80 to 90 mpg. It's not just about the fuel economy though. It's a new 5 Series. Extremely comfortable, very well put together and very plush feeling inside. When people see you pull up in one, you'll see them nod reassuringly. PS: Something people don't mention much ....... put your foot down and it flies. What colour are you going for?
  10. Hi My daily driver is a 530e - but I also have a 2009 Reg Ford Ranger Pickup, that I use for my gardening/landscaping hobby (I have a big cumbersome garden). I got it on a finance agreement with Close Business Finance about 10 months ago. I have loved the truck to bits - but the thing has been nothing but trouble. Many gearbox issues (covered under 6 month warranty). Starter motor failed (non warranty), battery died, various warning lights sorted out ..... and now the head gasket has gone (fixed at a cut price rate by the supplying second-hand van dealer) ...... and it has gone again 3 weeks after it was fixed. I need to get out of this 3 year finance deal. I know someone who works via Close who advises I can get (did he say) an "unwind" " agreement where I can list all the faults and get Close to force the supplier to settle with me. Anyone got any advice or experience or advice?
  11. I don't mean when I'm driving. I mean when I'm sitting in my lounge with the car outside of the window - and all of a sudden ...... hours after I've driven it...... it sounds like Gatwick airport. Big wooshing fan noises for maybe 3 or 4 minutes. What's the deal there?
  12. TheDarkLord

    Help choosing a G30

    530e all day long.
  13. TheDarkLord

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    It's difficult to say I hate anything about my late 2018 530e hybrid. I have an M Sport version with a very high spec. I love it to pieces. I don't agree with the seats things. I think they're very good. Here are the things that could be improved - but I'm having to be picky to even list these! The electric charge port door could be electric - as I keep forgetting to close it and the car beeps at me when I go to drive away The electric charge port could be more elegant - rather than just the mimic of a fuel flap I wish the battery was bigger, to give a genuine 30 miles of electric - rather than the 20 miles (ish) I wish the hybrid could be moved via the Display Key like the non-electric versions can I'd like the screen which shows the speedo and rev counter to be more configurable
  14. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    Most of the time I use it to get to work - 42 miles there - 42 miles back. I can charge at both ends. Depending on traffic and weather, I get between 70 mpg and 90 mpg on each leg. The odd long trip like I've just done doesn't really get you the big numbers - but around 40 mpg is okay. It's not really about the mpg. My test on the trip was just out of curiosity on how to manage the system. For me, it's better than the diesel on a few counts: It's quieter You don't get that rattly noise on startup or shut down It's a smoother ride both on petrol and electric - but especially the latter I don't emit any noxious substance in town I won't be legislated off some roads On shorter journeys you effectively pay half as much for your fuel But if you are a sales rep, I get it that diesel is better for you.
  15. TheDarkLord

    530e hybrid - long trip no plug in - how to do it?

    ..... and I got 39.8 mpg average on the drive home from Glasgow to Southampton - again with no charging. I did virtually the whole return trip on Comfort mode with Auto eDrive. It didn't seem to harvest any electricity at all. I switched to Sport for about 60 miles or so - still no harvesting, so I just put it back in Comfort. Seems okay to be for a big heavy car with a 2.0 litre petrol engine.