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  1. Woody 69

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

  2. Woody 69

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    Wiring diagrams for E39’s here. All models. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/
  3. Woody 69

    Aerosus nightmare !!

    Anyone else have a nightmare dealing with Aerosus sending wrong and then crappy parts then not refunded full amount. Going on faith they are a half decent parts supplier and get sent out the cheapest thing available online from China. Found same parts Airbags for E39 with yellow curved label in google images. They are the cheapest air bag going. They resupply at twice the price. Air bags I finally got one with yellow label other with label torn off. Seals on top loose too. Total crap. Not the same as images on there website. I honestly read the website saw the Aerosus labels on the airbag in photos. Automatically thought they make them in Germany. Stupid me. Ffs Threatened them with going to Visa and MasterCard for running a scam website to get some money back. Good German company my ass. Just registered there to look the part. No idea what country they really are from. Lessons learnt here !! Use local suppliers.
  4. Woody 69

    E39 Diesel workshop manual?

    This is full bmw list for anyone wanting free online manual for any BMW model. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/
  5. Woody 69

    Touring air spring plastic clips..

    Great idea. I’ve got a hose with two being sent out. I could hold off on replacing one side for a bit. I’m in Chester and can post it out. That said. I’ve been told they are in good condition but will need to wait till they arrive The amount of hassle such a cheap part causes people including me. £200 deposit on safe return Just kidding. Yes I can do, if it’s only a week or so I’ll let you know when it arrives regarding condition they are in. May warm them in hot water before removing in hope it stops them breaking. There seems to be more X5 E53 with same fittings on eBay if you need just the one. I had to hunt for hose with two good ones on it from original older model set up Alistair
  6. Woody 69

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Tam. I have the same power drops in mine too. I was wondering if weak vacuum pump would be part of problem. Why I say this is I read in BMW service notes that if new owners/customers complain of spungy brakes that a higher volume pump can be fitted not sure what year that was mind. Does anyone know if lower vacuum will also badly effect turbo operation. Does intercooler clog up on high mileage cars reducing power at top end ??
  7. I need the clips for top of rear air bags if they are in good order x2 both mine are broken. Thanks
  8. Woody 69

    How accurate is an E39 fuel gauge

    Will auxiliary heater run on its own overnight. My engine temp always seems to be in the centre of blue cold area on gauge winter or summer same place each morning when ready to start car ? Never had a car read like that before. Wonder if related Ive has same issue of fuel reading dropping overnight. No idea why too.