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  1. t3ddftw

    Intravee and sport button

    My E46 M3 has this as a code-able option in the DME -- I would assume the Z4 is similar, as it's based off the E46 electronics. Edit: It definitely cannot be done with the Intravee or any other "I-Bus" device. The DME and other sensitive modules in the car are not available on that bus, and for good reason.
  2. Thanks for the heads up about my email going to spam. I even used my personal email so as to not trip the spam filters!
  3. iAP is what you're think of, I believe -- iPod Accessory Protocol John, It won't be shipping til shortly before Christmas. There are hefty manufacturing lead times. Good news is that I believe all issues on the hardware side are sorted. I'll be testing over the next week to be sure. Thanks! -Ted
  4. If you're asking about mine, I'm fighting one last issue before I send Rev. C out. That issue is that at higher phone call volumes, the other party is able to hear themselves. I previously resolved this issue, so I'm trying to figure out if my minor hardware changes on the Microphone side are to blame, or if the echo cancellation algo needs to be tweaked (this is something built into my BT module). Thanks! -Ted
  5. @JCR53S, I'm waiting on the PCBs to arrive from China right now, and I'm also making some additional modifications to help quell some noise that is inherent to cars equipped with the HiFi Audio system (IBus bleeds into the audio because some engineer forgot to put a low pass filter on the audio inputs...). I'm going to have a run of those boards made some time this week. If testing goes well, I'll send out units to my beta users and if nothing goes wrong on the hardware side, I'll have a production run made in three weeks time. The lead time is usually about four weeks, so you can expect to have them shipping in the next six to eight weeks. Thanks! -Ted
  6. @JCR53S, Apologies for the delay getting back to you -- I just now subscribed to the thread I finished the "Rev. C" board layout today, actually! This version incorporates the following features, and should be the last version before going to production: 1. Through-hole mounted USB Micro B connector that will never snap off 2. Provisions for handling the OE Telephone signals, so that calls can be taken outside of the "Bluetooth" mode. 3. The Microphone adapter has been integrated into the BlueBus and will now power the mic via the OE harness, exactly as the OE TCU. 4. An additional amplifier was added (2W @ 2ohm) to handle transferring audio out to through the OE TCU audio signals. 5. The on-board EEPROM was upgraded to a 2MB unit so that I can "sync" your contacts to the EEPROM and display friendly names when calls come in, as well as in the OE Telephone menu (this part isn't yet implement, however). Thanks! -Ted
  7. Thanks! The BlueBus does not at all support AI-Net. However, there is a digital audio output on the BlueBus (S/PDIF) that could be paired with a DSP that supports the format.
  8. @Orphee, Over 200, but I haven't asked or gotten money from anyone. I plan to manufacture as many units as I have pre-orders for, which is why I set the list up to begin with Thanks! -Ted
  9. The BlueBus doesn't yet have a rich feature-set. At it's core, it's already fully integrated with the IBus and writes menus / metadata to the Navigation Screen, the CD53 Display and the MID. Beyond those standard features, the module does the following: 1. Allows you to use 3/5 blink "one touch" blinkers 2. Allows full playback control using the OE buttons I'm currently working on adding support for hardware TCU emulation, so that calls can be made/received without needing to be in "Bluetooth" mode, just like the OE system. Thanks for the support! I don't have an official roadmap right now, but I have the following features in mind right now: 1. PDC Readouts 2. Full TCU emulation, with phonebook access and all UI accoutrements 3. "Welcome Home" lights, similar to the Intravee. 4. Support for speech recognition so you can, for example, roll down the windows via voice command 5. Trip logging 6. Warning when engine is over-revved while cold 7. Max Acceleration / Max Braking, similar to the Intravee. Far into the future, I would also love to make a small add-on adapter that would interface with the CANBUS and the IBus and provide DTCs/Engine Data to the BlueBus so that it can be displayed to the user. I'll start working on the PDC stuff as soon as I finish the MID support and the Rev C. board. The modules are pretty cheap on eBay, so I'll pick one up with some sensors and get to figuring out what makes it tick Thanks! -Ted
  10. Some of them shamelessly ported from the Intravee :l. On the other hand, the whole thing is open source: https://github.com/tedsalmon/BlueBus/blob/master/firmware/application/lib/ibus.c Oh, yes, this is my project!
  11. t3ddftw

    Writing to the Nav Screen

    FYI, For anyone who stumbles upon this in the future, the correct messages are: 0x68, <len>, 0x3B, 0xA5, 0x63, 0x01, <index: 0x40 + Index number (1-5)>, <Text>, <CRC> Then Update the screen: 0x68, 0x06, 0x3B, 0xA5, 0x63, 0x00, 0x00, 0x93 As previously stated, you need an MKIV Nav with software version > 40. Note that you can write up to 38 characters per line in this mode. Thanks! -Ted
  12. t3ddftw

    Writing to the Nav Screen

    Richard, Thanks for the reply! I actually have the all the messages to write to the different fields down, as seen below. I realize that the "static" mode won't work on the unit pictured, but the unit in my car is a MKIV with the newest software revision (from 2008), so I'll test it there once I figure out what the secret sauce is. Hmm, it sounds like you're saying I may be able to write more than the 14 characters to an index field, then send another command to switch it to "static" display mode, where the extra characters will be displayed -- is that right? Another question; Am I correct in assuming that the static display mode only supports a max of 32 characters, due to the protocol only allowing 32 data bytes per packet? Thanks! -Ted
  13. t3ddftw

    Writing to the Nav Screen

    I think I may have found it -- is it this? 68 21 3B D4 03 1A <00 - 07> <Text> <CRC> It doesn't seem to do anything on my MKIII unit with software 3-1/31, but I'll try my MKIV unit later. I see that the static now playing screen is an MKIV-only feature, so this makes sense. I was still unable to get this to work on my MKIV unit :/.
  14. t3ddftw

    Writing to the Nav Screen

    Hello, Kind of unrelated, but does anyone know what I-Bus message is used to write the text to the Static"Now Playing" screen (center of the Nav screen). For example: Thanks! -Ted