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  1. Nutty1985

    Torque converter

    Thank you lads i have had a quote for the torque converter to be refurbished by sussex transmissions and they want £205 plus vat so at that price I think we'll get it done! I have a pit so will remove the gearbox and send the tc off!
  2. Nutty1985

    Torque converter

    Hi all, can anyone give me a definitive guide or symptoms to tell if my torque converter is failing to lock up? If I'm cruising along at 60 I can feather the throttle up and down the rpm changes but the vehicle speed doesn't! Just doesn't feel connected if that makes sense. Car is 2005 e61 530d Many thanks in advance
  3. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Hi all had a little play with the gearbox whilst on the motorway, one thing that I have noticed is that if you use the manual mode the rear end vibration is a lot more apparent in 6th than in 5th! To me that points to the propshaft, am i on the right lines. Cheers
  4. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    On a previous note have just been for a run and checked the coolant temp and it hovers between 70 and 80 which is not correct but is that enough to cause poor fuel economy Cheers Matt
  5. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Can feel and hear the shunt. Will check out the above
  6. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Hi all thanks for all your reply so far, I have just been out in the car and noticed that when you slow right down and transmission shifts in to first there is a big clunk underneath somewhere, does any have any ideas? Cheers guys
  7. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Seems simple enough to do! I hope I can sort all the above problems easy enough as u I love the car but these problems are enough to make me want to go back to driving my vectra again!
  8. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Egr has been mapped out and blanked off
  9. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    As for deflating the bags I am lucky enough to have a pit in my garage so will take a look! Is it ok to deflate the bags using diagnistics
  10. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Surgeing is at motorway speeds can feel it in the car and watch the revs move up and down but it only does it when on cruise control.
  11. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Will check the wheels and have a good look over the suspension and drivetrain! Will also check running temp, Torque converter ouch. Was one.of my fears!
  12. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Ahh ok hadn't thought about heat exchanger! Vibration is felt through the car and seats not through steering so I'm thinking it's the rear end
  13. Nutty1985

    Newbie questions

    Hi all, my first post so be gentle, Bought my first bmw a month ago on a whim. It's a 2005 e61 530d automatic. love the car to bits I bought it as a non runner a few fuses later and a new starter motor and it's a runner! Treated it to the following Full engine service Egr and dpf removal and mapping to suit Full auto transmission fluid change using the correct fluid. New glow plugs And a new thermostat. Engine runs perfectly But after driving her for a bit I have notice a few issues 1: rear and of the car vibrates at speeds above 60mph Had wheels balanced and full 4 wheel.alignment done bit still does it. 2: engine revs surge up and down when at a constant speed but only when using cruise control 3: fuel consumption is appalling Having driven it round town for a few weeks I averaged 28mpg I am now in France and having covered 600miles I have only averaged 29.1 this was at a steady 75mph. Does anyone have any ideas on the above please Many thanks Matt P.s. sorry for the essay
  14. Nutty1985

    Hi from suffolk

    Hi all, owned my 2005 e61 530d for around a month now. A few issues to work through. Cheers Matt