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  1. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    cheers, and I haven't noticed any negatives from polybushing the car at all. car feels "tight" not sloppy, very direct, yet still very comfortable. Some of the vibrations I had for a while, specially in the steering, all disappeared with new tyres and a good alignment. all of which I consider positives
  2. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    No coding required! super easy to remove, disconnect the electric connector, unscrew the reservoir, tidy up the lines to the washer jets. plus the intense button still does something, otherwise it would bug me haha HIGHLY recommend the seat bolster mod to, easy enough and cheap.
  3. waitee

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    fair enough, just checking to be fair not all Kwik fits are bad, depends very much on the mechanics. Owner of the one I use has a 535i e39, he personally does my wheels, knows the car well. And he has a hunter wheel alignment machine, so all good for me.
  4. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    INTERIOR IS 100% FINISHED! finally. Have a look on page 1 of the tread and remind yourself of the car when I bought it. This has not been a couple day job, but a process over the last few months, getting all the little bits perfect to my licking anyway. Final bits I did the other day where wrap the steering buttons and gear shift trim in leather vinyl. its textured so give a really nice tactile feel, and looks fantastic in the car. It goes on like another vinyl wrap, patience to get curved surfaces and delicate use of a heat gun are needed. Also some suede handbrake and gearshift boots. Look and feel great! Match the steering wheel to And finally got the M5 Technical Graphite trim fitted. Wet sanded to 2500grit and then machine polished to get it better than new. This is my personal favourite trim (also love the very rare birch trims) And you can see now how good the Anthracite headlining and pillars look! All In all I absolutely LOVE sitting in the car, everywhere I look theres not a singe imperfection or scratch, just a little dirty as I haven't cleaned the car in a while. Also after many days now using my bolster hack, the seat just feels brand new, equal feeling on both legs from the bolsters. What do you think?
  5. waitee

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    agree with Dan, ive done my alignment at kwikfit with the Shit cases system, its really hard to get right, 4th time this year, finally got it perfect. the machines are crap, and the operators..... no comment to someone them. My advice, put the BMW recommended pressure, and check the rear alignment. Maybe they where just checking the front alignment?
  6. waitee

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    had PS4 tyres on my 540i 17" staggered, standard pressures. No complaints. 2.5 front and 2.8 rear. now running Goodyear F1 asy5 on 18" stagered, same pressure, slightly larger rear, but still recommender BMW pressure for that size.
  7. waitee

    E39 M5 touring build

    just saw this thread! subbed and looking forward to seeing it through
  8. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    More great work today. Been wanting to do these two for a while. I wasn't happy with the drivers right bolster, even after it had been "repaired" it didn't feel the same as the left side. I always looked at my passenger seat and though its in such good condition... so grabbed one from a breaker, passenger sport seat in good nick. Removed the drivers seat, remove the plastic trim bits with the controls, this is easier on the electric seats and a bit more fiddly to remove the manual adjusters. once the trim bits are moved, go round the seat bending all the tabs holding the leather cover in place. pull the cover back exposing the foam, cut the bull clips away from the two channels on the top part of the seat foam, and that lets you remove the seat cushion. Now the clever part, use a fine saw, to cut the foam, I used the main section and right bolster of the passenger seat as its was virtually new and nice and firm. and the left hand bolster from the drivers seat, again nice and firm still. Use some contact spray adhesive to fix them together, align it as best you can, I then pressed it into place to let the glue dry. Unless you have one of those tools for the bull rings you can just use zip ties like I did. Dont do what I did, put the zip ties in place before you glue the seat, and also put them in the other way round you see form the picture. you'll see why when you try to tighten them lol. with the cushion in place you can zip tie the metal bars back down, I also use spray adhesive on the top cover., Instal reverse of dismantle. I not have what feels like a brand new seat! both bolsters are firm, with a nice steep angle to keep you in place! Total cost £50. well happy. I also fitted a relay so that the Angel eyes would come on with the ignition, a few reasons for this, mainly Im tired of having to manually adjust the dimmer on the radio, now it goes dim when I turn the lights on when its darker out and stays bright otherwise. Plus I don't have to have the rear lights, number plate lights, interior light, all on just to drive with the angel ayes on, which I like to do all the time, because the look awesome lets face it Simple to install really, I got the switched power from the electrical box under the Pax side cabin filter, it was a red and white cable on the very right hand side as you look at the box from the front, a slightly larger diameter cable than others in the box. Photos in reverse order for some reason!
  9. waitee

    Camber bolts Position question

    yeah happy its al sorted, was bugging me, and yes the M5 setup is pretty similar, less toe in for a sharper steering feel, I do have the quicker m5 steering box fitted to. and more camber at the rear.
  10. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Hey Jay, no bother at all mate, Love the Xenons, so much nicer, they don't through light any further away, you can see any "more", but what you can see is so much brighter if that makes sense. same area just more light. You could do it the way I did or get aftermarket H7 Xenon kit, save using adapters, would prob be cheaper and do the same job. I will report back once ive fitted the new mounts, ordered a month ago and haven't arrived yet!! prob stuck on a truck somewhere trying to get to the UK! keep an eye on the thread ill post pics of the install once done. I don't expect much of a difference with mounts, mine are fine, its more preventative, But I do hope to get rid of some driveline vibration with the centre bearing replacement. I don't have the IBUS app, mine is not an android unit, I don't like them sorry. Have a look at my how to thread and heres a link to the jets, just ebay it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-BMW-E60-E61-preLCI-Heated-Windscreen-Washer-Nozzle-Jet-Spray-7132969-Y01/392783154664?epid=1780192625&hash=item5b73b34de8:g:MY4AAOSwM1deq7Rl
  11. waitee

    Camber bolts Position question

    Hey folks thanks for your input on the matter, its seems the problem has sorted it self out over time, only thing I can think of is the Eibach springs needed a good few miles to fully settle. for the past couple months now I have noticed no difference in ride height from one side to the other. Sits at the perfect height I think. And also with the 18" wheels I could get the m5 alignment perfect, oddly with 17's I could never get the camber all the way over to where it needed to be.
  12. waitee

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    cheers for the input again bud, you've got me looking for 2 way component now, might replace the front door and oem tweeters with some 2 way component speakers then, I also thought about mounting the tweeters on the Dash facing the window so the sound would reflect of the windscreen and back into my face. Well see
  13. waitee

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    Cheers Andy so would you say it’s better to remove the speakers from the enclosures? Would you not get starting waves rattling around in the door cavity? I’m used to tuning concert halls not cars haha but I did the usual with a spectrum analiser, and eq, and pink noise. Got it sounding nice. For a car anyway. But happy to lean new things was not aware there was a how to section. Happy if someone wants to move the thread
  14. waitee

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    Cheers for the input Dennis, I don't really notice bad sound quality with current set up, tweeters are still in place though so I get the high frequencies sounding nice. Regarding the speaker enclosures I would say they'd be tuned more to the car for resonating frequency purposes than the speaker in my opinion, but who knows. I have it sounding great. I used to be a music producer years ago, I use a spectrum analyser and 10 band EQ in the car to get the perfect flat frequency band in the car, so my sound is pretty decent haha component speakers are better though no doubt.
  15. waitee

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    my cars build here