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  1. waitee

    Top end work 540i

    Any one else chip in?
  2. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    forgot I also put a layer of duck tape on the door latch, all doors now seem to close with a more solid feel, nice touch.
  3. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Afternoon, another day doing up the car, Finally finished installing the rear part of the headliner, I was waiting for the suspension to be done. I repainted the parcel shelf, have a look at the pictures it was quite faded as im sure many are, the original colour looks to be black almost, learn from my experience: I started by buying two cans of rustoleum fabric paint., decent stuff I guess, but didn't quite have the coverage, and left it a little patchy in "places", when over it with bog standard matt black spray paint, worked a treat, doesn't feel any different to the touch, so my suggestion, normal black paint. Matt finish for this I think gloss might not work/look right. Pictures of it back in place and looking amazing. Also replaced speakers, Ive done a bit of research didn't want to spend a fortune. went for Sony XS FB1330 (3 way), properly mounted which is a must, I used some left over window seal to stick to the inside of the speaker to make a tight seal against the back box, and regales the foam back on. I went for sony because I plan on fitting a sony applecar play headunit, and they work together with what the call MegaBass, Anyway contrary to what ive read, the speakers alone have made a NOTICABLE improvement to the sound in the car, handle the bass very well. So ive just ordered two more for the front doors. once I have the headunit to should be amazing, but really good improvement with just speakers. Also got a new door seal and fitted that, easy enough, I suggest a rubber mallet to make sure its properly seated all the way round. took me 10 min to fit. trimmed of 1 cm maybe at the end. Door sound better when shutting to haha enjoy the pics
  4. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Ill get a couple of pics of the outside once the springs settle, but looks good, not much different to OEM m sport ride height.
  5. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Hey folks, couple weeks of as back at work, a great thing! Last couple days, I have now fitted all 4 corners Sachs M sport and Eiback Pro springs, and Febi top mounts. Lovely combination! Oddly some nugget had fitted an SE spring in the rear on one corner?! Finished fitting the Poly bushes at the front, so the whole car is now done and honestly feels so "tight" steering handling, just GREAT. And to top it of an M5 alignment at Kwik fit. (got M5 steering box on the way to!) Next jobs over the next month, exhaust, minor rust repair, engine oil leak. Stay tuned
  6. waitee

    Top end work 540i

    Hey guys and gals, just looking for a little input, from peoples past experience. Im going to be doing the valve cover seals, and coolant pipe o'rings soon. Theres a fair bit of oil and its possibly coming from the head gasket area on one side, so may have to dive a little deeper. May end up doing the pulley bearing and timing chain. The question is, while im in there, are there any preventative things I could do? examples... the vanos or change the CCV, chain tensioner. Just looking for ideas, nothing really wrong with the engine, pulls hard, have tiny bit of vanos rattle on cold start for about a second. Would be nice to hear your thoughts. cheers
  7. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Evening, after a few days off I have a few more bits going on, Im back at work so less time to spend on the car, but next week suspension will be fitted, Shocks and Springs. Eibach and sport Sachs. Also in the post today I received the M5 steering wheel, I was a little uncertain as to if it was going to make much difference, boy was I blown away! so they are the same design and diameter, the M5 is noticeably thicker to grip, less spongy, and of course has the factory coloured sticking which just looks awesome! fitting it was a doddle, while I was at it I took it completely apart to restore the button areas, sanded and painted gloss black to match the rest of the cars trim. Supper happy with the results. While I was at it I painted the shadow window trim to get rid of those chrome strips on the inside of the doors. Again same BMW black to match the trim. Driving home from my wee workshop I can tell you I makes a really noticeable difference to the car, so much nicer to hold and use, after all its the main point of contact with the car. check out the pics. Highly recommend and M5 wheel if you can find one online (I believe M3 wheels are the same but without the buttons, you could easily fit buttons to an M3 wheel. personally I love this design more than the "newer" 3 spoke wheels.
  8. waitee

    E39 sport seat foam

    Morning, I to would like part 52108162329, can you still to that great price? thanks Ed
  9. waitee

    Another exhaust thread

    Hey guys and galls, Ive searched loads online, but my question remains at large: Has anyone with a 540i (I assume 535i is similar) removed ONLY the left "scuba tank"? and left the resonator part of the scuba tank in there? Im wondering what to do with the exhaust to get a little more volume, without being antisocial XD Also as an engineer I know the benefits of the Helmholts chamber so im weary of taking it out. Ive seen loads of videos with both scuba tanks removed, awesome sound and thats prob what ill do, but im just curious.
  10. waitee

    Window trim refurb

    nice one cheers
  11. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    more pics of the bits, none of bumpers yet
  12. waitee

    Window trim refurb

    I need to do this at some point, any chance of a quick how to removing the stuff?
  13. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Hey guys thanks for all the nice comments, had a cracking day today! £200 from a breaker got me the following... get ready for disbelief! Front and rear M sport bumpers with all bits and bobs attached, they are black and both have a couple cracks, all fixable, will need paining anyway to topaz blue. Full anthracite headlining with all bits and bobs again, lights A,B,C pillars etc.. oh and parcel shelf. "M" sills to replace my crappy old BMW ones. Exterior door bumper trim thing with M logos! believe only available on M5. And finally the interior shadow line window trim to replace the dazzling chrome. Some pics of swap over, not finished yet as the suspension is on the way so ive left the rear in bits to get access to the top of the shocks. Also used TEAC oil on the M sills, kick plates, seat controls, they came out looking brand new! nice dark black. should last a few years to as the oil soaks into the plastic and then dries. Supper easy to apply with a rag, and buff off. (Pic before and not many after, but will follow up shortly, what a difference the headlining makes! honestly so much smarter) Not bad for £200! bumpers included, but not pictured yet
  14. Hey guys and gals, bit of a random topic, but ive had the car about month now. coming from the e60 to the e39, many things I prefer on the e39, but the foot room os not one of them. Anybody find when they press the brake pedal you end up pushing on the metal bar above the pedal? Im a size12 and when I rest my heel on the carpet the pedal is right in the arch and not further up towards the ball of the boot area? just wondering if anyone has this feeling or if its just me. lol