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  1. Mr H

    New 540i - Couple of questions if I may

    If only I had the choice - was part of the agreement with senior management when financial approval was granted for purchase
  2. Mr H

    Connected Drive Question

    I must be lucky; seems to have been included for life with my car which built after mid-Jan 19 and registered at the end of Mar 19 ..................
  3. Mr H

    Connected Drive Question

    I may be wrong (that happens more often than is good for me!) but don't "Remote Services" come with the car i.e. no charge to pay? From the BMW Connected Drive website: "To use the Remote Package and the BMW Connected App, you need to enable this once only on the BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Portal."
  4. Mr H

    Manual Speed Limiter

    It highlights the displayed speed limit symbol with a green outer circle and then you have to "accept" the change. wrt braking or not, I guess I was alluding to the Utopian proposal of fully autonomous cars! It can be confusing as it is; it would be a lot worse if the brakes were applied or the car accelerated without warning. Also, when signs are hidden by overgrown foliage (or just down right filthy) so they cannot be seen by the camera, no change - could be a real problem if the limit has decreased and you carry on at the higher previous limit. Hence my view that there needs to be driver awareness and input; the limit assist is just that - an assistant.
  5. Mr H

    Manual Speed Limiter

    If it did that it would be a nightmare! I regularly drive up the A3 from Guildford into the outer reaches of London and the camera is always picking up speed limit signs on the adjacent roads; it would lead to accidents if the car decided to suddenly adopt a 20mph speed in a 50mph zone! Having said that I do find it good overall; just needs driver confirmation of actual speed limit. I do find the limiter helps with mpg as well! The ACC, whole new kettle of fish - brilliant!
  6. Mr H

    Tyre Pressures

    Mine varies a little but on the iDrive it is usually 2.3 bar front and back vs recommended setting of 2.4 bar ..................
  7. Mr H

    Audi A3 Space saver for g30?

    Also, and I cannot be certain on this, but the profile of the BMW wheel bolts looks different to that of the Audi wheel bolts (and the thread pitch is different so you cannot use the Audi bolts on the BMW)??
  8. Not my experience on 19" staggered with Michelin Primacy tyres and VDC; very smooth ride and very low levels of road noise (even on the M25 SW corner!) ................
  9. Mr H

    2019-3 Maps now available on Download Manager

    With previous cars and satnavs I have used, the new update was not a full unpack and download (they only amended the existing) thereby making the process a lot quicker ...................
  10. Mr H

    2019-3 Maps now available on Download Manager

    Please can you tell me if you need to download to a "clean" USB stick or can it overwrite the previous version (2019-2) on the stick??
  11. Mr H

    Bye bye G30

    The Mk1 Audi SQ5 has an "active exhaust system" to enhance the experience
  12. Mr H

    Bricked head unit due to Carplay?

    ........... or saying you used a non-BMW screen wash invalidates replacement of washer pump under warranty!!
  13. Mr H

    2019 BMW Touring M sport advise needed

    For a boot mat, I sourced this one via Amazon; fits really well, good quality and a good price...............
  14. Mr H

    Help choosing a G30

  15. Mr H

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Mk2 SQ5 (and all Mk2 Q5s) are built in Mexico!