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  1. According to Fuelly, my fuel cost so far (3,500 miles) is 19p per mile, that compares well for the 18p per mile my diesel SQ5 was costing at an average of 36.6 mpg over 70,000+ miles ......................
  2. 28-30 on local roads; up to 38 on motorway with lots of 50mph restrictions e.g. M1
  3. Apart from having the speedo reading and speed limit info more in the line of sight, I find having the sat nav info up there really good as well (it will also display some ecopro info but I don't really use that ); all in all it means less, if any, time with eyes off the road ahead and that has to be a real safety bonus.
  4. Agreed about the HUD; just forgot to add it to my list above
  5. Speaker-wise, the HK seem better than the stock ones that were in the loaner I had on trial. ICO headlights are awesome but I cannot comment on how they compare with the stock ones. I've got ACC standalone; again it is a good piece of kit, especially the start/go function. I'm wondering whether or not I should have spec'd DA+ but on balance think I can live without it (and the extra cost). I've also got VDC and it seems fine; not sure what, if any, advantage Adaptive would give in most driving situations. Finally, as you are creeping up to £60k, why not go for M Sport? It would make some of the options, particularly upgrading seats to Comfort, a lot less expensive. I would recommend trying out the different seats on longer test drives as some on here have reported dislike for the stock style seats.
  6. Mr H

    iPhone connectivity

    My issue is when I change back from listening to music from my "collection" to radio, then the volume (having been increased to listen to the "collection" at a reasonable level) nearly blows the windows out. Anyone know of a way that volume levels are maintained at a constant level across different sources??
  7. Mr H

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    I have got the comfort seats and they are by far the best I have had in a car, ever. Yes, they do take a while to get tweaked into the best position and during that time I did get the occasional aches and pains while my muscles reset themselves from previous muscle memory ingrained from my previous car. As far as "hates" go; none after 3 months but a few first world niggles: Not being able to adjust the default position for the auto mirror dip when reversing; it goes far too low as it is. The car defaulting to "Comfort" each time you start it rather than remembering the last used setting e.g. Adaptive. Not being Bambi proof!
  8. Mr H

    Red car warning icon in Eco Pro Mode

    Taken moments before a sudden stop and sound of crunching metal due to attention focused on the camera??
  9. Mr H

    An apology :-)

    Has to be, so the grills fit
  10. Mr H

    G31 alloys

    I've got 19s on mine and the ride is fine
  11. Mr H

    Interim Oil Service

    Oil details here: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/g31-540i-xdrive-tou/repair-manuals/11-engine/1PSryV8 Hope that helps.
  12. Mr H

    Headlight beam converters?

    I don't think the "intelligent" lights adjust automatically; there is still a menu setting for adjusting from left drive to right drive .......................
  13. It must be my ergonomics training (post Kegworth) but I just cannot get my head round "contra-rotating" dials i.e. the rev counter climbing in the opposite direction to the speedometer!
  14. Mr H

    online mail no longer works

    Based on their lack of response when I asked the same question (but with regards to non-availability of manual map updates for nearly 2 months); I would suggest the answer will be a big fat NO