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  1. Mr H

    Replacement tyre advice

    18" (square) are fine on my G31 540i X-Drive ..............
  2. Mr H

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    Good to know that BMW's claim that only their product prevented this has some veracity! As Liam says, it does work well as well!
  3. Mr H

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    That debate revolved around BMW refusing to do warranty work on the washer system if a non-BMW fluid was found to have been used ................
  4. +1 for the BiTDi - cracking engine!
  5. ........ but in line with condition based servicing as recommended by BMW? Having said that, the last 3 entries seem at odds??
  6. Mr H

    Scottish Police Abandoning BMW?

    What was a Police Scotland car doing in England or since when have Police Scotland been concerned about Sassenachs?
  7. Mr H

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    Yep, I've had that letter too. I've used them as I don't have the space at home readily to hand. The bit in the letter I loved was:
  8. I fully support that prioritisation
  9. Mr H

    Replaced informatics head unit?

    That is a very useful tip - thank you Matthew
  10. Mr H

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    Or maybe it comes in a can so you can carry it from place to place
  11. Mr H

    BMW 540i end of warranty check issues.

    2021-2 is the most current ............
  12. I just use the DVLA version https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/ Seems to give more or less the same info (there is more at the bottom of the screen that wasn't captured by the screen shot):
  13. No it isn't. Mine is a Jan 2019 build; doesn't have the "hard" surrounds to the dials but is firmly OS6 ..............
  14. Very nice. Other than it is an M Sport trim level (blue brake calipers) no, you cannot tell; I've done the same to mine Pre-2019 (the dials are a giveaway)? And, it still has the protective film on the boot rubbing strips!!