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  1. You could try Rab or maybe berghaus, berghaus definately do bigger sizes.
  2. systemf

    Cracked Alloys - options?

    Good luck - i gave up with spiders, every set i looked at had at least one wheel with welding repairs or flatspots. Plenty of bad roads & speed bumps where i live... i remember having similar problems with staggered MV2's for my old E46 when i wanted a set.
  3. systemf

    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    howdie = Audi (at least i think it does )
  4. systemf

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    I've had my 'Black' E61 LCI Touring for about a month now, love carbon black when clean - but totally agree and have give up already trying to keep it that way... Love the colour combo/ wheels & Interior of your E65 congrats.
  5. systemf

    E61 boot liner

    no problem Dave - replied to your PM.
  6. In the same boat - coming from audi i really miss the stereo. My last BMW (E46 330D) was shocking, i had an amp (Sony XM-423SL Sound on top) in the glovebox which helped. popular mod at the time.
  7. systemf

    E61 boot liner

    Hi, I'm in malvern Wednesday evening, so could collect then if thats any good for you? Thanks Steve