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  1. chad1082

    Air-con issues, what next?

    Thanks for the replies all! I hooked up the diag cable today to check for error codes, there was nothing relating to the air-con system, or anything to worry about except for warnings on glow plug 1 & 2 (YAY! ) I tested the radiator fan through INPA and was able to turn it on and off, I know the air-con wont run without this fan so I do need to look at why this fan isn't being activated. The car was sat idling for 20 mins in 26 degree heat and it didn't kick in. So apart from that I guess my next step is to get a specialist to have a look at the system, dont suppose anyone has any recommendations for a specialist in the south west? Could you tell me where the compressor is located on the 530d? I'm not really sure what I am looking for.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2004 530d I am hoping that someone can help me with my air con issues, it doesn't blow cold at all! I have searched google for answers and have checked the following: The I-Drive and its on cold The air-con system has been drained and re-gassed and they told me it held the charge really well. When I press the AC button I can hear a tick which (i assume) means the condenser is engaging. The cabin blower fans seem to speed up, as if they are trying to blow harder (gigidy) The fan on the radiator doesn't turn on ever, even if the car has been run hard, or left standing at idle for ten minutes. I monitored the coolant temp through the secret menu. On my drive home (18 miles) it maxed out at 83c after ten minutes at 70 an over, then when I hit congestion averaging 45/50 mph it stayed around 74c. I left it running at idle for ten mins and it got up to 91c and the fan still didn't turn on. So, Can anyone please help me as to what to try next? I have a test cable on order, so I will use that to test that the rad fan actually works, but would a faulty fan stop the air-con from working? or am I looking at another issue like a temp sensor?
  3. chad1082

    Program a blank key?

    Hi, Can any of these cables be used along with the provided software to re-program blank keys for a 2005 e60 330d such as the one found here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-1-3-5-SERIES-X5-E60-E90-E70-3-BUTTON-REMOTE-KEY-FOB-868mhz-NEW-BLADE-SIMENS/272930288628?hash=item3f8be9b3f4:g:OhEAAOSwU4FaCbZg Thanks