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  1. BFleming

    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    If you have paddles currently, the new wheel is plug & play. You probably know that already. Your old wheel & airbag will get bought too, £150ish IIRC. I'll fit anything you buy if that helps.
  2. In 2016 I did Italy via Germany & Austria; fantastic journey; you need an Autobahn vignette for Austria, but that was bought at German services near the border. Coming back we did Switzerland (another more expensive Vignette that was controlled at the border) and France. In 2019 I did the south of Spain; French tolls were about £100 each way; Spanish tolls were insignificant by comparison.
  3. You're quite welcome - having gone through a similar process with my own E90 a few years ago I felt your pain! Glad to hear you're sorted anyhow. My charity of choice is https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/ - I'm sure they will appreciate your donation, and that's very generous of you.
  4. Not that I have a F10/F11 any more, nor was it ever a B47 anyhow, hopefully I can help you out a little. Apologies, but this harks back to your original post. RealOEM tells me that your turbocharger has part number 11658570083. A little look on bay for that part number yields the following: Actuator, Hella part number 6NW010430-35 I've had a look at the other B47 turbochargers on Ebay, and from what I can see, the above part number is correct.
  5. There is a setting in the iDrive that allows you to dictate where you want the heat - some people like it on their back, some on their posterior. Go into iDrive and see what you can find.
  6. I used ECU Testing https://www.ecutesting.com/categories/turbo-actuators/ when mine was playing up. Cost about £100 but it came back with a clean bill of health. They're pretty easy to take apart & visually inspect though. ACTronics offer a similar service https://www.actronics.co.uk/actuator. Always note the Hella part number on yours though, and match it 100% if you're describing it to anyone / buying a replacement. They're made by Hella, which is why you get the VW-like part number on them. BMW or the internet will say they're paired to the turbo (which is how they sell them, as you know), and need specialist calibration. Not in my opinion they're not, just plug & play. I ended up selling a spare one I had, as it wasn't actually my actuator that was at fault (ECU error was the culprit), bought by a guy in Australia!!! Mine was the only one he could find.
  7. BFleming

    Retrofitting Paddles to F07N

    2TB is what you should have coded - it gives you more gearbox functionality than 2TE. On Esys & a PIN, I did the lifetime token thing a few years back, and it has worked perfectly since.
  8. Today I watched my F11 drive off into the distance when the new owner came to pick it up. Genuinely gutted, but needs must. I'll testify to the UK used car market being buoyant at the moment - it went quickly, the phone never stopped. Onwards.
  9. BFleming

    NBT NEXT Maps 2021

  10. Carburettor cleaner works for me.
  11. Something smaller and manual so my son can drive it too. I have no particular need of anything as big as the 5 series going forward. Need & Want are different things though. Noted re Gold membership.
  12. I put the original 17in alloys back on my car yesterday. I think this is the first part of "preparation for sale"
  13. BFleming

    Screen in F10?

    2012-2017 6.5" NBT
  14. BFleming

    Screen in F10?

    Map types & what they run on. The designations changed over the years, but 606 is generally the basic system, and 609 the better one.PREMIUM - CIC - Option 609MOVE - CHAMP2 also known as CIC-Mid - Option 606ROUTE - ENTRYNAV - Option 606 (the OP's)NEXT - NBT - Option 609EVO - NBTEVO - Option 609WAY - ENTRYNAVEVO - NBT Evo - Option 609
  15. BFleming

    F10 M5 style 345m 19" alloys on 535D

    Didn't you start this thread a few months back? Not sure why you're re-asking basically the same question all over again.