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  1. Passenger side headlight bulb decided to blow on my way to the airport at 4am on Monday morning; so when I got back yesterday I set about changing it. Not a bad job once I'd found my 90 degrees phillips screwdriver! Normal service is resumed!
  2. The primary cause of bags deflating overnight is that they're getting old, brittle & porous. I'd start with an inspection of the bags, then the compressor. As Matthew says, the system is self-levelling, thanks to multiple level sensors, and the car will always attempt to rise (or lower) itself to that prescribed level when running. VDC or M Sport suspension made no difference (except the M Sport prescribed level is lower than a SE).
  3. BFleming

    Passenger occupancy seat sensor

    It doesn't usually need coding to the car; is there a chance the passenger occupancy mat in the new seats is knackered?
  4. BFleming

    F11 Roof Bars

    I assume you mean the roof rails & not roof bars? They didn't make a version without them, so you're stuck with them. Maybe consider wrapping them in black / body colour if the stainless steel look bothers you.
  5. It's a strange thing for sure. Not sure how many cycles they expect the steering column to go through, but I for one will be resetting mine this weekend. A strange thing for sure, but glad you got yours sorted. Hopefully this will help anyone else this happens to (electric steering column-equipped cars only).
  6. On your behalf I've been trawling the German forums, and there are plenty of instances of this occurring. The initial responses were about checking the switch, checking fuses, and even suggesting the cables might have broken as the column moves every time you get in/out of the car. The solution though, is that there's a usage counter in the module that controls the steering wheel adjustment. once it hits a certain level it blocks itself. So you need someone to reset the counter in the FRM (footwell) module. This can be done at a dealer (diagnostic costs are not cheap), by an independent (cheaper) or anyone with coding ability. I reckon it can be done with Ediabas (Tool32) but I'm overseas at the moment without my car OR the software, so I can't check. But I'm home tomorrow so can check then. Where abouts are you based?
  7. Unscrewing the top of the bumper (under the bonnet) allows you get a hand or long screwdriver in to aid the process. 5 minutes, nothing broken! I swapped mine for 550i grilles, so same chrome surrounds / same chrome slats / silver plastic background instead of black.
  8. I put my recently-procured winter wheels / tyres on yesterday. I'm liking the OEM look after having had my BBS wheels on there for a while. Despite the 17in winters being runflats, they're more comfortable on the road than the 18in non-RFT's. I left the 12mm spacers on the rear by the way. Now, let it snow/sleet/rain etc
  9. BFleming

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    I also run a F20 1 series. It is inferior in all ways to the F10(F11) 5 series. Not as comfortable, quick, smooth, refined... you get the idea. Your F11 is an awesome car, and I think you'll be hard pushed to replace it. Can I ask what your reason is to replace it?
  10. BFleming

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    £3500 is insulting, but it is a 9 year old car with a perceived high mileage, and dealers have to make money to survive (buy low/sell high). If you're desperate to change it for whatever reason, find the cheapest equivalent model on Autotrader & price it £50 lower. By equivalent, a 60 plate 520d (?) touring M-Sport with the same gearbox as yours & around 150,000 miles. Or price it higher & wax lyrical about all the work that's been done & the options it has; it won't sell as quick as the first way as you're competing with dealers who can offer some consumer rights & a warranty. Options or work done don't add up to anything on WBAC or on a trade in. They literally just look at the model it is & read the price that's churned out on their screen. Private though, it's a desirable mode - even with high miles.
  11. BFleming

    What brands to use for filters and brake pads?

    I tend to use Bosch filters & Pagid brakes. Mann stuff is good too (as pointed out above) and Pagid pads & discs have always worked well for me. ECP are horrendous to deal with, but look up which pads/discs you need first on brakebook.com, then make sure the packaging labels matches the parts that ECP hand over the counter to you.
  12. BFleming

    Automatic Transmission Misbehaving

    I would recommend a transmission adaptation reset if you have the wherewithall to do that. I think Carly can do it, INPA (my choice) certainly can. But as others have said, transmission fluid will undoubtedly make a big difference. You can check the level. Bit faffy, but possible.
  13. BFleming

    German speeding ticket

    It'll usually be from the local authorities, not a police force per se. The police in Germany work for the local authorities.
  14. BFleming

    German speeding ticket

    The UK Government recently made a song & dance on how the DVLA is finally sharing details with our neighbours on offenders - as a lot of people on holidays found out about this summer. Anyhow, feel free to send me a scan of the letter you received, and I'll happily compose you a response in German (I lived there for 6 years). It may be a scam - but I doubt it. So they've sent you a picture; on the letter it'll state the registration number; once we establish it's genuine, just write back to them & point out their mistake. It has to be a front facing picture showing the driver by the way, and ultimately it's up to them to identify the driver, not you. But do not ignore it.
  15. BFleming

    Driveline Warning

    Find someone locally with some BMW software to read stored codes. Anyone on here with the appropriate software who's local to Staffs would help you out I'm sure.