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  1. BFleming

    Better Exhaust Sound From 525d

    You will quickly discover there is little appetite for tuning the 5 series in the UK (this forum in particular being very conservative when it comes to any mods). Anyhow... I have the same engine as you, and yes, it sounds like every other 2.0 diesel BMW at idle - and there's sadly no solution for that. Mine is remapped to 270bhp, and goes brilliantly. Sounds the exact same as it did before though, but I don't mind when the performance is as good as it is! There's more engine noise damping in my current F11 than my old E90, and they were fundamentally the same engine (albeit with one less turbocharger). All is not lost though, here's a couple of options for you: http://www.remusuk.com/model.asp?id=525d 2.0l Diesel 4 Cyl. 160 kW, 2010=>, N47D20&mod=5 Series (F10 / Saloon)&man=BMW https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/supersprint-performance-sport-exhaust-bmw-f10-f11-520d-525d.aspx I genuinely hope these help.
  2. BFleming

    Quick question

    If you have lane departure control on your existing wheel you need to swap out the vibration generator from your old wheel to your new one, along with the wiring. The vibration generator is the same for all wheels so you're good to go. Assuming (as said above) you're going from a Sport steering wheel to a Sport Steering wheel with paddles, the airbag will be the same. If you're going from base steering wheel to Sport, you need a Sport airbag. The multi function buttons differ from sport to non-sport wheels too, so you'll need the ones to suit your wheel & spec - there are several combinations. Hopefully you can re-use what you have. Lastly, if you're only adding paddles, there is no additional wiring required, just coding once you have the buttons fitted. There are plenty of write ups on how to do this (which you've already done). Did you add the correct line 2TB to the VO as well as the 'aktiv' coding you mentioned?
  3. A bit late posting, but I gave my F11 a clean out & put it in for its MOT on Thursday. Passed, with no advisories, which I was happy with. I didn't doubt it would pass, but I always get nervous in case I missed something. Best car I've owned.
  4. BFleming

    How hot?

    Just pointing out the temperature gauge on the F10/F11 is an oil temperature gauge, not water temp.
  5. BFleming

    Headrest removal

    It's a common mod on the E90; if you fit non-LCI seats to an LCI with active headrests you need to code out the active headrest part. So yes, it can be done. Whether you want to or not is up to you. I appreciate many people losing their minds at the prospect of anyone doing this, but it's possible (which is what I think was asked)
  6. BFleming

    Headrest removal

    Changing. Messing implies chaos.
  7. BFleming

    Headrest removal

    If you did decide to remove / disable the active headrests, you need to have them coded out of the airbag module (MRS). Not a big job in itself. If you were to simply disconnect them, you'd get an airbag light. Others have used the wording 'mess with' but there is a proper way of doing these things.
  8. Today I fired up the laptop with INPA & reset the rain sensitive wiper adaptations. It hasn't rained since, nor will it for 6 months or so now I've done this, but I've been very frustrated with the sensitivity of the wipers in the year I've owned the car - I can no longer see through the screen by the time the rain insensitive wipers do their thing. hoping this recalibration solves it.
  9. BFleming

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    The phrase 'semi-automatic' as per the third post, what does that even mean? A conventional automatic gearbox with manual gear selection options (whether paddles or tiptronic on the gear selector) is not a semi-automatic gearbox. It's fully automatic. Semi-automatic cars used to have manual gearboxes with a button (sometimes no button) for the clutch control, and haven't been seen for years. I guess a DSG or DCT box comes close; a conventional gearbox (of sorts, save preselection of the next/previous gear) with electronically controlled clutches. Anyone who advertises a 520d as having a semi-automatic gearbox probably also uses the phrase 'leathers' in the description.
  10. BFleming

    Part Number for DPF

    Some light reading on Terraclean here: https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1220270 I've found underlying issues on a few cars with DPF's, most of which relate to the way the before & after pressures are measured. Some manufacturers use rubber hoses which simply blow off or burn out over time, so pressures can't be measured, and regens can't happen. On BMW's, some underlying ECU codes will prevent a regen, although these codes won't cause a warning light themselves. So the first you hear about DPF issues you think 'OMG this is going to cost me hundreds' whereas the code or sensor causing the fault costs peanuts. It's pretty frustrating. There is no substitute for proper fault code reading / diagnosis on these cars (and I don't necessarily mean by a dealer).
  11. BFleming

    Part Number for DPF

    The DPF on our cars is actually 2 things combined - an Oxidisation Catalytic Converter and a DPF in one housing - so they're not cheap. If your car is EU5 rated, then it's more than likely part number 18308508993, and EU6 is 18308514988.
  12. BFleming

    Changing Steering Wheel

    I've had 2 wheels done by Royal now; they're fantastic, but be very specific on what you want! If you don't ask for something, don't assume they'll do it. They'll send you a bare steering wheel, & you swap over the buttons & trim from your old wheel to the new one. There is no intelligence to steering wheels, so no coding is required. It's only if you introduce something new, like adding paddles, that you need to code the car to tell it they are there.
  13. BFleming

    52.4 mpg

    I've averaged 49.2 in my 525d this week; that was home to Lille & back, plenty of traffic, but the car was fully loaded. I'm pretty happy with that too!
  14. Someone posts their endeavours, and you tell them you think it looks awful on all fronts? That's a bit harsh.
  15. I washed the car & checked fluids & pressures today as I'm in France for work for the coming week. Leaving v early on Monday, and looking forward to a road trip! The next mod I do will be to add shift paddles and the associated coding. I find myself selecting sport mode (and enjoying every moment of it) more & more, so I might as well have the paddles too. So passively looking for a sport steering wheel & paddles, incl the airbag. Anyone?