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  1. EDIT: A correction / clarification here. Every F10 / F11 comes with cruise control with braking function, and it is not listed as a separate option like most BMW's. So if you've used a VIN decoder & not seen option 544 there, don't worry - it is fitted.
  2. BFleming

    Highest mileage vehicle

    Just looking on Autotrader now; if you placed little importance on mileage, £6k buys you some seriously nice F10's and F11's with the prerequisite (for some people) 6 cylinders - with a good level of equipment too. Six grand...
  3. BFleming

    Highest mileage vehicle

    My 525d (2.0) has only done 142,000 miles, so not the highest mileage on here in any way. Mechanical failures of the engine & gearbox - None. Zero. Nothing. The EGR cooler was replaced under last year's recall, but it hadn't failed when they replaced it. All it has really needed was 2 rear suspension springs about 2 years ago. They all go, and they're an inexpensive fix. I'm thinking of throwing some preventative money at it if I keep it much longer - which I probably will. It's a superb drive, powerful yet economical, comfortable, spacious (which means also it's a bit big). Fantastic car. By preventative, I specifically mean the (currently quiet) timing chain, HPFP (if that's still an issue on a 2013 car & not a waste of money) and auto transmission fluid change (overdue)!
  4. BFleming

    BMW F10 520 D WONT START

    Make sure you use a charger that's suitable for AGM batteries, not a regular old charger. Also, if you buy a new battery, it needs to be registered to the car as such.
  5. BFleming

    2015 F10 PPS uncoding after accident

    They're different, but they all follow the same format, i.e. F0xx_AA_BB_CCC where AA is the main version, BB is the secondary etc. So int eh example above, 19_03 was replaced by 19_11. Doesn't really matter what the numbers are in the other folders, just delete the lesser number in every case to leave the newest revision in there.
  6. It depends on what footwell module (FRM) your E90 had. The ones for Xenon-equipped cars had a lot more features than halogen-equipped cars. Brake force Display was not a codeable feature of an E90 LCI with halogens for example.
  7. BFleming

    Ambient lighting F11 LCI

    Indeed - but the factory default for the headlights (certainly the halogens) is that if you put the lights in the Auto position, the angel eyes and dipped beams are always on. So the ambient lighting is always on. A small bit of coding resolves it so that during the day, when the light switch is on Auto, you can have angel eyes on as DRL's, also the rear lights on if you wish (i.e. if coded that way) - but no ambient lighting. At night you get the dipped beam & guaranteed rear lights coming on - which also triggers ambient lighting.
  8. BFleming

    2015 F10 PPS uncoding after accident

    The reason for this is that you have 2 sets of files installed (originals & updates). The one you have highlighted is 19_03_530, but 2 entries below it you have the newer 19_11_520. To resolve this... Navigate to c:\data\psdzdata\mainseries\f010 where you will see 2 folders - one F010_19_03_530_V_04_000_000 and the other F010_19_11_520_V_04_000. Delete the oldest one, namely F010_19_03_530_V_04_000_000 You can do the same to the folders under F001, F020 folders (and all the others you have) to clean them up a bit if you want. Your version of the PSDZdata files can be read under c:\data\version.txt - the latest are extracted from ISTA version 4.21.12 (Dec 2019) I hope this helps.
  9. BFleming

    2015 F10 PPS uncoding after accident

    Happy to do the coding for you if you're near Hertfordshire (M1 J9/J10)?
  10. BFleming

    Rain and light sensor issue 520D F10

    The problem is that the allegedly 'most sensitive' setting still isn't anywhere near sensitive enough.
  11. I use a DCan cable, INPA software for the Fxx models, and Ediabas (Toolset32) which comes with the DCan cable (when you buy it from Cableshack at least). Works for me.
  12. BFleming

    520D Hesitant/ Stalling

    You hear about this issue in relation to the EGR issues - but that's guesswork. Get it back to where you bought it from. I find Carly pretty horrific for code reading, as it's slow and limited in what it tells you. I use a DCan cable with INPA (for Fxx cars) for connectivity/basic functions and then Ediabas (Toolset32) for detailed module interrogation.
  13. BFleming

    Rain and light sensor issue 520D F10

    On the lights, the standard coding in the UK has the angel eyes, dipped beam and rear lights on as standard (that was the case on mine & every pre-LCI halogen-equipped car). 5 mins of coding & you can leave your light switch in Auto, have DRL's & red rears on, then the dipped beams come on when light conditions dictate. It's not a sensitivity issue, it's a coding one. I hate the rain sensitive wipers on BMW's. Both of mine are annoying and rarely do what you want them to. I've recalibrated the one on my F11 (using INPA), but it made little difference. I could see the live data from the sensor, and it does work, it's just not very sensitive. Hope this helps.
  14. BFleming

    F10 Bluetooth Audio

    Be very careful with replacing head units - they need coding to the car properly, otherwise you can end up with a bricked unit very quickly. I'm back & over to Dublin regularly & have a fully functional (& well tested) eSys. Happy to do some non-invasive looking for you if you want. But as @Matthew Ashton says above, it doesn't look like you have any bluetooth as is.
  15. BFleming

    Map update and USB socket?

    The maps are generally free to download through various forums; just find a FSC generator (also free) and you should be good to go there too. Move maps are now down to one release per year (they were two in 2018, but one only from 2019). Send me a private message if you need any more help!