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  1. BFleming

    2011 F11 side indicators not working

    I ride a motorbike, and am trying to give an answer other than "you drove around for 9 months knowing your side repeaters weren't working? "... but as long as you weren't bothered, that's ok. In the interests of helping you out, as we are a helpful bunch, this is the link for removing the side repeaters: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-525d-tou/repair-manuals/63-lights/63-13-turn-indicators-front/Bz5o1MhU Ignore the part where it refers to the park assist sensor (assuming you don't have that). The question is, what are you going to do once you remove them? You could buy 2 new side repeaters & hope they work, but using a multimeter would be the way I would go. If there's no current at the repeater end of the wiring, maybe look for current at the FEM using the wiring diagram posted 9 months ago in the previous posts. I've seen broken wiring on newer BMW's (my 2013 1 series for example). If you need any hints from here (e.g. using a multimeter, reading wiring diagrams etc), then maybe just find a mechanic to do it for you.
  2. BFleming

    F11 Roof Bars

    In my last house I got some luggage straps and made 2 slings, the roofbox sat at the far end of the garage virtually against the underside of the trusses. I don't have storage limitations these days, so it's standing up on edge in a garage currently.
  3. BFleming

    F11 Roof Bars

    I also have the Thule set, which are currently fitted to my car. They're quality alright. The Wing bars only work best with the T-bolts. If you use a roof box or bike carriers with U-bolts you might find the wing bars are too wide to wrap the U-bolts around. T-bolts can be readily bought on ebay.
  4. BFleming

    Various spanners, tools sockets etc

    I'd be interested. Less so in the imperial stuff I'll be honest, but my son has recently started driving, so I'd like to start getting him a tool set together. I'm next door (Harpenden), so happy to pop by. Maybe message me? Cheers.
  5. BFleming

    Tyre pressure for non-RFT

    I tend to keep my non-RFT tyres half way between the basic pressured & the fully loaded ones. From memory 2.6 Bar Front, 3.1 Bar Rear. Having the basic pressures make the tyres look & feel underinflated, so I settled on what works for me a couple of years ago.
  6. That reminds me of a colleague who lived in deepest Essex, who had to drop his Mrs & daughter to Heathrow for an early flight; he got on the M25, went north; after he'd dropped them off, he went south, just to see which route was shorter. For many Christmases afterwards his opening quiz question was "How long is the M25?"
  7. It arrived yesterday, so I got busy today. This is typically what I was up against: So following the simple instructions, you spray on the BH Korrosol, and wait. Instantly it did this, so plenty of metal particles to react with: Hosed off the first application after a few minutes, and reapplied a few times / repeated the hosing off: And after 8 applications and rinses, this is what I am now looking at: A lot better, but still a way to go. Very easy way to work, spray it on, leave it to do its thing, then rinse. Dry. Repeat. Loving my first exposure to BH stuff.
  8. That's exactly what the wheel refurber said. I've ordered some of the Korrosol stuff (it'll get used anyhow) which should be here by the weekend.
  9. I have similar deposits on my front wheels that I haven't been able to shift. Annoying, as I had my wheels refurbed last year. It was after the high speed runs in Germany when they appeared. I'll try the B-H stuff too & report back.
  10. BFleming

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    For me the F07 is very colour-dependent. Darker colours definitely suit it better (in my opinion only, of course).
  11. BFleming

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    The engine aside, all F07's have rear air suspension, like the F11's, which will fail periodically. Fixes are straightforward, but it's something the F10 doesn't have/suffer from.
  12. Great work @535i Andrew and @marko530d Something I certainly aspire to. I doubt my car has ever been de-tarred & properly detailed, but seeing as I won't be going anywhere for the next few months, I'll try to get around to it. Today I washed mine, and did the tyre pressures having put the summer wheels back on there recently. I also put it on charge. No problems starting etc, but not a bad thing to do seeing as I'm not using the car currently (nor will I be for the foreseeable). I'm rebuilding a motorbike at the moment, so that's taking the bulk of my free time currently. No bad thing.
  13. ECP is a bit like DFS - you're only ever a day or 2 away from the next sale. They are also affiliated with carparts4less, who seem to have a more rational approach to steady state pricing / smaller discounts. GSF deals seem ok at the moment too, again look for the discount code.
  14. I usually only ever use Pagid brake discs and pads, but I'm struggling to get some lately (need some rears whenever my F11 goes back on the road). ECP used to supply them, but don't lately, for some reason. GSF have ATE though, which seem good. They'd want to be (£££'s).
  15. BFleming

    F10 535i Front Spring replacement DIY

    No, there was no need. Once the clamping bolt is off & the puller is doing its thing, it all came apart fairly easily.