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  1. Dakota

    Anti corrosion warrenty

    All the info you need is here:
  2. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Thought I would offer a brief follow up some 10 months later, I do dip in and out here from time to time. I wish I could report back that I made a terrible mistake and that I miss the BMWl Afraid not, and after driving an F10 (another 518d!) recently it really shows where the Superb is superior, though people here may not like to hear that! Ride comfort: The BMW jiggles all over the place (SE) and always feels too firm, the Superb suspension and tyres are much more complaint and small imperfections are barely felt. In the BMW you feel every little bump at slower speeds. I have no idea how it rise so poorly for such a heavy car. At speed and on the motorway it finally settles down. Refinement: Petrol V N47, no contest. haven't missed that rattly diesel engine for 1 minute! Things level off at speed, where the BMW and Skoda are very close. Running costs: The Skoda has not required much other that routine servicing so far. The BMW needed all sorts of work under warranty done in the same period of ownership. I did replace the pads and disks, the Skoda discs are rubbish, prone to rusting, total cost €300. What would that that cost in the BMW, €900? The Superb is a bit more frugal, 6.1l/100 v 7l/100 in the BMW. What I enjoy most though is peace of mind, I don't worry about parts failing on the Superb, and if they do they wont break the bank to fix, I don't think about rusting doors, EGR's, or fishing leaves out of the bulkhead. It is more spacious, the infotainment is better than iDrive, everything just work so well, VAG are very good at this. I do still look at F10's, I love the look of them, with the right wheels and spec I think it is a great design, I still think the interior is beautiful and I miss that sense of luxury. But for me the truth of it is the F10 HAS to have straight 6 petrol with VDC to feel special in the engine and ride department. Otherwise it is just too average.
  3. Dakota

    Anyone ever removed a carpet?

    I had the drivers seat out on my 2014, didn't throw up any codes at all.
  4. Crazy that you can buy your way up the queue, what did they whack you for the labour?
  5. Pal here in Ireland just had his car moved from the holding compound back to the dealer, 7 weeks and counting.
  6. Dakota

    Scratches on Interior plastics...

    Maguire's Scratch X was very effective on my Fineline. Got all my scratches out. Polish out with a lint free cloth, not a microfiber.
  7. OP, just offering a counterpoint here. Make sure you take a good long drive in the car, ideally alone, so you can make sure you are happy with the drive. The cars are very seductive but my time with the car showed up chinks that I missed when looking around. I recently sold my 2014 518d after 8 months of ownership having lusted after the F10 for years, lovely car in some respects, very disappointing in others. Engine was rough and noisy at idle (standard N47), the ride was fidgety (18" RFT), it also needed €1000's worth of warranty work in the short time I owned the car. In the end it did not stack up for me, I didn't like it enough to risk the long term ownership costs. With a six pot under the bonnet it may have been a different story. You will find plenty of great advice and support here of you do push the button.
  8. Recall is big news amoung the BMW community here in Ireland. Word is there are 250+ cars being held in lots around the country, parts are unavailable and owners are being given crappy rental cars for weeks on end with no news of when their car will be returned. What a shambles.
  9. Dakota

    Diff leaks

    Mine (2014) was leaking from the input side and was repaired under warranty. Part was not expensive but the job is a bit tricky, would have cost €300 I think.
  10. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Ha ha! I must try that, video to follow over the weekend.
  11. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Not sure if I'm still welcome here, but just got new front pads and disks fitted on the Skoda, total cost €180. Some things I miss about the BMW, others not so much!
  12. Dakota

    Output shaft seals fone

    That looks a lot worse than misting. I flagged the same issue with when my car went in, and they replaced the output shaft seal which was failing.
  13. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    So do I! But two silver Superbs would have just made us those 'weird neighbours'.
  14. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    His and hers.
  15. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    0-60 much the same, BMW had better in gear acceleration. For my kind of driving though no meaningful difference. This was never about performance though, but refinement. That is day and night. The video from the dealer was telling. Full tour of the car, inside and out, utter silence, when he opened the door the rev counter was at 800 rpm.