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  1. San75

    E60 530d 2004 Air Con fuse?

    Please note when I first inspected my compressor I thought the clutch was stuck on. Later i found/read the pulley spins all the time and a solenoid is used to engage the clutch at the rear of the compressor. I would remove the electrical connector, check it for corrosion and if possible signal/voltages.
  2. Hi. The idrive was rebooting every minute so i did a scan. Carly has reported lots of errors. What could be wrong? Its a 2014 F30 M sport with 72k. Please help!! ABS / DSC / Brake Dynamische Stabilitäts Control / DSC Fault Code: 480AB8 Fault Explanation: :Internal state management Complete Ueberwachungsumfang Fault Code: D35A53 Fault Explanation: :Signal fault (Is steering angle front axle, ID: AVL STEA FTAX) - Qualifier / Error signal (actual steering angle front, ID: AVL STEA FTAX) Channel: ICM QL - Qualifier ✗ Heating / AC Air conditioning / Klimaanlage Fault Code: 8011C1 Fault Explanation: :FBM button 1: button jammed or longer than OPERATED x seconds / External FBM and audio control panel: recognize key Klemmer / FBM Key 1: Key sticks Immobilizer System Body Domain Controler Fault Code: 8041A8 Fault Explanation: :Welcome light-repeat active Fault Code: 8041BF Fault Explanation: :Signal from the rain light sensor implausible / Rain light sensor: implausible signal ✗ Audio/Navi/Communication Infotainment Fault Code: B7F85F Fault Explanation: :KISU Application Error Fault Code: E1C440 Fault Explanation: :Monitoring circuit reset triggered Fault Code: B7F8DD Fault Explanation: :A critical Recovery function has been activated / System: Critical Recovery function started ✗ Chassis Steering /Lenkung Fault Code: 482394 Fault Explanation: :Sensor - rotor position - steering angle - loss multiturn value ✗ Body Rear Electronics Module / Elektronik Modul hinten ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Integrated Chassis Management Quer/Längsdynamik Fault Code: D014A1 Fault Explanation: :Signal fault (actual position EPS, ID: AVL PO EPS) - Qualifier ✗ Other Advanced Crash and Safety Management (ACSM) Fault Code: 930BB9 Fault Explanation: :Fault memory locked ✗ Central Gateway / zentrales Gateway Fault Code: CD0420 Fault Explanation: :Error of Flexraykontroller on Flexraybus / FlexRay controller error Fault Code: CD0487 Fault Explanation: :Synchronization process failed, CC was not in sync with the date of repeal of error Memory Lock / FLEXRAY StartUpFailed ✗ Fuelpump-Modul (E6/PL2) ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Getriebesteuerung /Transmission ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Anti-Blockier-und Stability Control 5 auto. E34 / 16 ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Gear switch / Gangschalter ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Instrument cluster / Kombiinstrument ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Advanced Telematic Module ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Central Control / Zentrale Bedieneinheit ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔ Info Memory These faults are saved in the Info-Section. They are no standard vehicle-faults, but sort of a warning notification. Info memory faults are not as critical as normal faults in general, but should be attended to as well. Motor Control Engine / Motor Code: INFO 254C00 Explanation: Info - Security Case: accelerator and brake simultaneously active Code: INFO 2AD400 Explanation: CC message (ID 450): Auto Start Stop function deactivated Code: INFO 277F00 Explanation: DDE control unit internally (Recovery suppressed): Recovery occurred i ABS / DSC / Brake Dynamische Stabilitäts Control / DSC Code: INFO 4809C0 Explanation: Local power supply - control device reset i Jul 16 2019 - 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35), Build Year 2014 6/12 Heating / AC Air conditioning / Klimaanlage Code: INFO 078022 Explanation: message (vehicle condition 0x3A0) is missing Code: INFO 07802B Explanation: COMM_E_NET_START_IND_CHANNEL_0 Code: INFO 078043 Explanation: LINIF_E_RESPONSE i Jul 16 2019 - 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35), Build Year 2014 7/12 Immobilizer System Body Domain Controler Code: INFO 03001B Explanation: FH FA: reversal in Emergency Mode Code: INFO 804001 Explanation: Reset due Makeup Code: INFO 804002 Explanation: External reset Code: INFO 804029 Explanation: SEK battery undervoltage Code: INFO 8040CB Explanation: Terminal 15 off via Timeout Code: INFO 93070C Explanation: Error could not be sent on the maximum number of attempts i Audio/Navi/Communication Infotainment Code: INFO 8BAC73 Explanation: NVM_E_REQ_FAILED Code: INFO 100C01 Explanation: System Crash Code: INFO 100C02 Explanation: Reset: Cause ONOFF_EMERGENCY_ERROR Code: INFO 101777 Explanation: Reset: crashed process or canceled Code: INFO 930002 Explanation: Transmitter-receiver module (FOT): temperature exceeds threshold 1 Code: INFO 93000F Explanation: MOST node: signed out at least one function block Code: INFO 101500 Explanation: extended drive hardware failure Code: INFO 101724 Explanation: Did not get Status_Funkschluessel from the CAS control unit Code: INFO 101742 Explanation: A recovery function has been activated i Chassis Steering /Lenkung Code: INFO 48244D Explanation: Sensor - rotor position - steering angle - loss multiturn value due to interruption KL30 i Body Rear Electronics Module / Elektronik Modul hinten Code: INFO 8032B5 Explanation: Ultrasonic sensor, rear outer left: Acoustic or electromagnetic interference Code: INFO 8032BD Explanation: rear ultrasonic sensor center left: Acoustic or electromagnetic interference Code: INFO 8032C5 Explanation: Ultrasonic sensor, rear center right: Acoustic or electromagnetic interference Code: INFO 8049E5 Explanation: CNM_E_NETWORK_TIMEOUT Code: INFO E59418 Explanation: CAN message, vehicle condition (FZZSTD): Invalid signals Code: INFO E5943C Explanation: CAN message, status Funkschluessel (STAT_FUNKSCHLUESSEL): Invalid signals i Integrated Chassis Management Quer/Längsdynamik Code: INFO 480115 Explanation: Driving dynamics switch - forced activation DSC Code: INFO 48279A Explanation: HSR function - Automatic activation of DSC on HSR malfunction Code: INFO 48276E Explanation: AUTOSAR - Standard Core - Non-volatile memory - failed Integitaet Code: INFO 480133 Explanation: recognized single-axis Rollenpruefstandserkennung, role - SBS function Code: INFO 482651 Explanation: Slip angle estimator - inputs not valid SBS Code: INFO 482656 Explanation: Slip angle estimator - internal degradation due to SBS Code: INFO 4827B3 Explanation: Controller internal - Under Voltage at terminal 30 Code: INFO 482782 Explanation: Steering angle Aufsetzalgorithmus - Stacked by index signal Code: INFO 4827F4 Explanation: Embassy errors (agreement navigation graph ID: NAV_GRAPH_MATCH) - Timeout Code: INFO 4827F5 Explanation: Embassy error (navigation system information, ID: NAV_SYS_INF) - Timeout Diagnostics Report 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35) (2014)_Jul 16 '19 21_26_04.pdf
  3. Mine was leaking from the low-pressure cap.
  4. I had no gas in my AC so I took out my condenser out (E60 2006) and pressure tested it. Garage said it's most likely this. You just have to remove some bits under the bonnet, easy to get access to it, however, I found the 2 pipes that go into the condenser were a nightmare to pull out. I had to hammer a small screwdriver in-between to prise them up. Should take you 30 minutes or so. I added some dye into the system, ran a vacuum, added some gas and later found my condenser was ok. It was the low-pressure valve that was leaking. Are you 100% sure it's the condenser? You really need to add UV dye to find the leaks that could be it multiple places.
  5. San75

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Only the bass, treble, fader and balance settings in the CCC make a difference to the AUX input. Basically Android sends the audio down the AUX line.
  6. San75

    F30 idrive keeps rebooting

    I am working on an F30 2014 with a 6.6" idrive issue. It keeps rebooting after 3 minutes, not randomly but every time. It seems like it is trying to do something and then it crashes and reboots. I won't be able to run a software update since by the time I get into the menu it will have rebooted. I would like to do a factory reset. Is this possible by pressing a few buttons before it has a chance to reboot? AA gold warranty said they don't cover it, i may have made a mistake saying it was the sav nav screen. I will try calling them again and say it seems to be a power fault.
  7. San75

    Help! 530D misfire on FIRST start-up.

    Could it be a stuck open EGR valve? I am sure when the car goes above certain revs the gases are not recycled.
  8. San75

    Radiator Fan not kicking on

    Bigalamo, How is your AC performing? Mine seems to hold pressure although I made a mistake on mine. To get the dye in I pulled the vacuum, filled the valve with drops of dye and pressed down on the Schrader valve so the AC could suck it in. I did this approx 5 times. I should have pulled the vacuum again before filling up as my mate now has said moisture kills AC systems as you can't compress water. I need to to get it professional filled rather than toping up somewhere like ATS. The Schrader valve is no longer leaking.
  9. San75

    Aircon issues

    disconnect the car battery overnight. Might just reset the Idrive.
  10. San75

    No power

    Try unplugging the MAF and running the car to see if it's any better.
  11. San75

    Radiator Fan not kicking on

    Well, I hope it's just the valve. If its the evaporator behind the dash then it's time to part-ex my car. I put some more refrigerant in today and the noise reduced.
  12. San75

    Coolant Leak - Urgh. Help!?

    If your coolant has UV dye in there it can be easily found using a UV torch in the dark. Whilst checking my air con for leaks noticed were i had split coolant when i replaced the thermostats.
  13. San75

    Radiator Fan not kicking on

    It's leaking from the Schrader valve. I did a quick press down on the valve to clear anything out, hopefully, it has sealed properly. I have left it with the cap screwed on very tight for now. I will look for any signs of leaks in the engine bay using a UV torch tonight as the dye shows up better in the dark. The sniffer did not pick anything up. Does your AC make a sizzling sound behind the dash? Mine has always done so when the refrigerant is low. I think I only have 100g of refrigerant in the system. Speaking to my aircon mate he said they sometimes do.
  14. San75

    Radiator Fan not kicking on

    Vacuumed the air out, put some dye in and took it to 30 psi using refrigerant. Took it for a 5 min drive and noticed the low-pressure valve was making some noise when I got back. Closer inspection and it's leaking. I hope it's just that.
  15. San75


    My 530d 2006 has nothing inside. Is this normal?