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  1. San75

    Bmw 535d non starter

    On the right, under the pollen filter cover. You need to remove a few screws. It was fuse F2. I know it was 20 amp, a smaller blade type fuse.
  2. Today i checked the nuts on the steering rack knuckle in the engine bay that were tight. I found no play in the rack with both front wheels off the ground. It moved side to side very smoothly. It's not the steering rack however i found some play in the drop link. I replaced both that have improved the drive slightly. All nuts and bolts relating to the suspension have been checked and tightened. It feels likes the wobble has gone but a tram-lining issue now has begun on the left wheel. I checked the rear wheels for play while i was at it. Nothing out the norm. Any ideas? I was thinking of turning the ties road by a half a turn to give it more toe-in. Would this help give it a bit more front end control?
  3. San75

    Bmw 535d non starter

    I had a similar issue where it would crank but not start. A fuse under the hood was blown due to the throttle motor burning out and causing a short circuit. The throttle was full of oil when I opened it up. I'm sure it gave a cam sensor, boost, throttle error etc. Check the fuse first, I think it is F20. Try unplugging the throttle (proper name is anti-shudder valve) to see if any of the other faults go away. If not, try the boost actuator plug. The glow plug error is defiantly the controller itself. The car can run with it disconnected.
  4. San75

    MAF adaptations reset?

    I believe you just have to run the car with it unplugged to default the adaptions and then plug it back in to learn the new ones. Something I have heard and done myself.
  5. Yes, all front suspension, shocks, mounts etc. all new and aligned. The knuckle joint under the steering wheel is okay, and I have only visually inspected the one in the engine area. It seems to turn without any play.
  6. After almost a year of trying to diagnose my un-stability issue at low speeds and changing many suspension parts, I have come to the conclusion it may be the steering rack. My MOT advisory stated play in the steering rack a while back. I thought it was the tie rods at the time that were replaced. I can rotate the steering wheel approx 5 cm in either direction before any movement in the wheels is visible. With the engine off, a 5cm movement in the steering, left or right makes a clonking noise. I do not know if this is normal. With the engine off the noise disappears. Driving at high speeds the steering stiffens up and it drives perfectly. When the car wobbles at low speeds over bumps, i can't really feel any movement in the steering wheel however the car seems to sometimes wonder. Any ideas?
  7. San75

    M57 3.0d maf readings

    I too have a fully working one spare one. My incorrect readings at the time were just down to a really clogged DPF after many failed regenerations. If you can guide me under which parameter setting in Carly i can obtain the value, i'll take a reading off my car tonight.
  8. San75

    Wobble diagnosis

    Have you checked you steering rack for play? I am convinced this is at fault on mine.
  9. San75

    Wobble diagnosis

    Hi Chu. I have the same spec car as you, mine had play on the drivers side outer tie rod although the MOT said inner and the top mount was gone. After changing these parts my wobble was still there. I ended up doing all the front suspension, rear shocks, engine mounts and gearbox mount. To this day the wobble is still there after many alignments. Can you please describe your wobble in more detail?
  10. San75

    520d engine mounts?

    I changed my engine mounts thinking that the engine was rocking side to side that was a causing the whole car to wobble at slow speeds. Replacements made no difference however the gearbox mount did make some difference. I suggest you check the mounts by rocking the engine side to side, seeing if the engine lifts when revving or watching how its bounces say when driving over a plank of wood.
  11. San75

    Wobble diagnosis

    Thanks Chu. Have you completely sorted your wobble issue?
  12. San75

    Wobble diagnosis

    Anyone have the paint code for the Silver paint they used on these alloys? Mine has the same colour, I scraped one side a week after refurb that I want to fill and spray myself.
  13. No. Only the ability to update the standard play apps.
  14. I've been trying to get an update link for my unit from a seller on Aliexpress. After 20-30 messages they still do not provide it. Has anyone managed to upgrade their units? Mines running 8.1, ID6. I really would like the ID7 theme.
  15. Hi Chris


    Just wondering if you sorted out your un-stability issue? its been 6 months i still haven't found out the cause of it.