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  1. I did originally take it back to them who are part of the Sytner group (not naming company yet) however they do not have the expertise to diagnose the issues themselves, nor the equipment. Anyway, I received a copy of the quote. Before I gave the car in I had it on ramps and checked most of the components myself. For example, they have added a brand new front sway bar just because it had a slight speck of rust. Also, I checked the front brake calliper noise that appears that the rubber backing somehow got folded when the pad was fitted, clearly visible from the rear. So they decided to add 4 new discs and pads just because they are not BMW approved, with 4 new tyres also not BMW approved. It is ridiculous.
  2. Hi. I purchased a 520d 2015 with 88k miles under 14k that looks mint inside and out. The car was unstable at high speeds, brakes making noise, needs oxygen sensor, broken locking nut key. BMW has quoted the used car dealer approx 5k, said it needs approved tyres, track rods, control arms, front brake pads and discs, oxygen sensor and engine mounts. Now the dealer wants to buy the car back and has offered me a full refund. I just want my car fixed and returned to me. We are my legal rights? If I purchased a similar car today it would cost me at least 2k more since the price of these cars has gone up and I wouldn't get the same spec, colour or with the same options. From my experience, all it needs is the front brake calliper cleaning/replacing, engine mounts, oxygen sensor and a track rod and 2 control arms. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Looks spanky new! Do you know what the paint code is for the alloys? I purchased a B39 Mineral Grey touch-up kit however the colour is way off on mine.
  4. San75

    Rear swing arm bushes

    I recently part-ex my E60 and have the tool, rose bushes and the link (sorry forgot what's it called) available. Looking for £50 for the lot.
  5. San75

    Any quick fixes?

    Try using a G-clamp to flatten the dent with some soft material in between to prevent scratching the surface.
  6. Sometimes it is just not worth the effort. Running about, telephone calls, fuel costs, headache etc. I recently put a price on my time and a price on my effort. Learn from mistakes, never put 100% trust in anyone to do a job properly and don't expect anything for nothing. Even professionals make mistakes, inspect their work if possible before leaving. I would personally purchase 2 new springs, get the correct set of pads, take it to a different garage and get them to replace them while you wait in a viewing area if possible. I wouldn't bother with the alloy refurb if it's not visible from the outside face. Then put it all behind you and move on.
  7. San75

    McGard locking nut removal

    Wouldn't so much heavy hammering damage other components like the bearings, bushes and even steering rack? I have left the removal process to BMW at the end of the month. I'll ask how they are going to remove them when I drop of the car. If I was going to attempt removal myself I would get some metal tubing that fits over the nut and apply some heat through it and then bang on a reverse thread extractor or Dynomec former.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about the DPF clogging up until you notice an error code after a diagnostic scan. From my experience owning an E60 530d for over 10 years, if only one DPF related error code is present then you can request a regen and take it for a long drive. If 2 errors codes are present then it gets a bit tricky. You may have to get some to sit in your car and clear the errors until regen starts and the backpressure starts to drop. If the exhaust temperature hits over 400 degrees it's a good sign that the regen will complete successfully. If the backpressure is too high or regen starts and stops after a minute or so then you have to inject some cleaner directly into the DPF and take it for a drive. I did not take my car on a motorway for over 3 years due to suspension issues that were resulting in DPF warnings every 3-4 months. Having said that my first DPF issue was at approx 85k. I finally got rid of the car in part-ex last month due to failed steering rack, at 158k still with the original DPF. Hope this helps.
  9. A person with some experience can remove that spring in 20 seconds and put it back just as quick. If you don't want to name and shame please post their road name or postcode instead. This way at least we can avoid that location altogether. I never trust anyone to work on my cars that's why I do everything myself unless it requires a lift. I recommend taking a quick video of the car and the area they are going to work on before handing the car over in case of disputes.
  10. San75

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    I just switched to a 520d M sport LCI from a basic 530d M Sport E60 Manual. I absolutely love it, looks great and the below features that are new to me: Full-screen Idrive with Harman Kardon system, no need to add a subwoofer in the boot. My first Automatic gearbox, 8 speed with paddle shift, so smooth and sounds nice! 6WB digital dash that makes the car look so modern. I rarely need to look at the idrive, even the satnav directions show up on it. My first car with xenons and LED DRL. It also has adaptive/cornering headlights. Independent passenger/driver heating. No more wife moaning it's too cold! I thought downgrading from a 6 cylinder to 4 cylinders I would lose the fun in driving however the B47 2L engine has plenty of power when i need it. Also i'm saving on fuel and £240 road tax every year. I won't be driving this one like I stole it just because I plan to keep it for many years. Its all i need apart from missing a reversing camera. I paid almost the same price for my E60 12 years ago with hardly any options. I'll be happy to keep this for 10 years.
  11. San75

    McGard locking nut removal

    Thank you for the advice and link to the other thread. The locking nut I have is not one of the premium types McGard make with the spinning collar. I purchased a replacement set that looks identical apart from a different key pattern (see image). Anyway, the car dealer has booked the car in at BMW to fix the faults therefore I will no longer need to worry about the locking nut removal.
  12. San75

    McGard locking nut removal

    I can remove the sheared bit by drilling a hole and breaking it into 2 bits. That would not be a problem for me. The problem I have I am returning the car to the place when I purchased it next week to give them 1 chance to fix the issues with suspension, front brake and oxygen sensor before rejecting the car before 30 days are up. Their technicians are incompetent and I cannot trust them to remove the locking nuts without causing damage to the alloys. They already replaced the oxygen sensor but replaced the wrong one! I did try BMW in Leicester that could not be bothered to try all the keys they had and fobbed me off by saying it's an aftermarket one. I read online that Mcgard make the locking nuts for BMWs so he should have tried them all. I will try BMW tomorrow in Birmingham, hopefully, I can get a key.
  13. I have a McGard locking key that sheared inside the locking nut. 2 garages have tried hammering a removal tool with no luck. I also tried using a Dymomec forming key on another lug nut, then grinding the end another end to fit a standard socket. The lug nut does not budge and just cams out. A garage said they need to apply heat or do some welding but risk damaging the alloys. I want to try hammering a standard socket on the top. The locking nut head has a diameter of 20.3 mm. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. San75

    F10 Jacking on rear differential DIY

    I have a choice of the below jacks. Would the 2.5ton be a better choice since it is lower in profile? https://www.sgs-engineering.com/tj3lp-low-profile-garage-trolley-jack https://www.sgs-engineering.com/tj2-5lp-low-profile-garage-trolley-jack
  15. San75

    F10 Jacking on rear differential DIY

    I looked further into trolley jack last night. A single piston one around £50, e.g. halfords won't do the job. It has to be 2 piston long reach and low profile. I'm going for the 3 ton SGS. I know it's £120, but I see that as less than 1% of the price I paid for the car. It makes sense and will sure be the safest and fastest way to jack up the car. I always place a axle standard or use ramps whenever I go under the car.