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  1. San75

    PDC headache..

    Did you sort your issue? I happen to be in Sutton Coldfield too.
  2. San75

    PDC headache..

    The sensors have 3 pins. Pin 1 and 3 are for the 12v. Pin 2 i believe is the signal. If the 12v is not getting to the sensor there it may be a simple case there is a break in one of the wires. Now if the 12v is there, the sensor should be clicking. It could be a break in the signal wire or the PDC module is at fault. Hope this helps.
  3. San75

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Mine is fitted under the speaker mesh. Takes a minute or two to find a signal however once it has it works perfectly.
  4. 530d cost more to purchase, increase in road tax, fuel insurance compared the 520d.
  5. San75

    Rear Subframe Bushes & Clonking Noise

    I have had my suspension checked many times, even on a shaker lift. Everything seems in good condition. I think its the rear subframe bushes towards the front.
  6. San75

    Rear Subframe Bushes & Clonking Noise

    Although i have no play in my rear wheels, would a worn rose ball joints be the cause of a rear-end side to side hop over bumps?
  7. Thanks for the info. My uncle went a brought a 2015 520d 110k with the B47 engine today. I was really impressed with it and it's not too noisy owning a 2006 E60 530d M Sport myself for over 10 years. Looks like i have to keep searching for the right car to come up.
  8. San75

    E60 M57 Sounding Very Rough

    no codes apart from the fuel filter heater.
  9. San75

    E60 M57 Sounding Very Rough

    I have recently been hearing what you describe. Mine has 152k miles. Could it be due to the cold weather?
  10. The only fear I have is if the timing belt fails. It has an N47D20 engine with full BMW service history to date. Are these engines as good as the newer B47 engines or are they not used in the 5 series?
  11. Hi. I am considering buying a 2014 520d M sport, 120k miles, with full BMW service history. Would it be a wise choice or is the mileage just too high?
  12. San75

    Dpf fault and codes

    If the cables seem intact, unplug the pressure sensor and scan the codes. If the short circuit error disappears then the sensor may be faulty inside causing the short circuit.
  13. San75

    Dpf fault and codes

    I have had a similar issue last year. Some of the fault codes look familiar. My DPF was so blocked it wasn't allowing any fumes out of the exhaust pipe. I could tell by placing my hand over the exhaust. Sensor readings where all out of range so the car threw many sensor errors. The back pressure needs to be below 50milibar at idle for regeneration to take place. The pressure sensor on the DPF has a flex pipe. You can feed in boiling water down it and then start the car. It forces the water into the DPF matrix and the hot exhausts gases that follow sort of steam clean it. Or you can get a can of Silvernooks DPF cleaning under £15. Once the back pressure has gone below limits the car will attempt DPF regeneration. If it fails regeneration then the car should throw an error code. You should be able to read a freeze-frame that will give you some parameters when regeneration faile, like if you coolant temp did not reach above 75 degrees. I wouldn't go about replacing any thermostats until you have brought the back pressure down. Also do not attempt to put a jet wash into the DPF while it's attached to the car. Water can make its way into the engine and cause a hydro lock.
  14. San75

    Rear Subframe Bushes & Clonking Noise

    The proper £35 tool has a recess in the cup. You need the proper tool. A similar one is £29 on eBay.
  15. San75

    New Discs/Pads Binding Vibration

    I've watched a couple of videos that this guy has done. He does state some interesting facts however he sometimes talks nonsense, like on the lines of do not by a BMW car you don't know how to program cars. Anyway, I can say that I have owned my car for over 10 years and only started experiencing this brake vibration issues after 125k miles. It's now on 152k therefore what the chap is saying it's a characteristic of the E60 is again nonsense. Keep in mind i used to drive my car like i stole it, braking so hard i used to smell the brake pads burning, again perfect up until 125k miles. Don't rule out the fact it could the rear end that is causing the vibration. My uncle went through a vibration issue at higher speeds at the front. Turned out the rear wheels needed balancing. Also have you checked the rear shoes as they could be binding? Another note my wife's Golf GT MK5 had 3 seized callipers. I noticed when she used to drive off i heard a clang. 6 months later when I actually drove it for a MOT it felt slow, vibrated and failed its MOT. I used an infrared thermometer and found the discs they were hitting over 230 degrees. Had to rebuild them. That reminds me, she told me last night the oil light is on. I asked when it came on? She said 2 weeks ago. Bless her!