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  1. Shimodax

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    ULFs up and including ULF 945387 (Hw-Rev.09, Sw-Rev.66, e.g. in the 3series E46) have trouble pairing and connecting to Android phones since Android 4.4. This seems to be a bug in the firmware that triggers some undesirable handling in Android. There are reports on the internet that ULFs starting with 6955522 (HW-Rev.10, SW-Rev.71) are working fine with Android after 4.3. My own experience is that it works with 6969268, (Hw-Rev.10, Sw-Rev.72). Despite the compatibility matrix, this version works fine in my E46 (German model). I've done extensive research in this topic (software and hardware), I started a major thread on xda-developers (https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/qa-lollipop-bmw-e46-carkit-bluetooth-t3045523) and have recently changed the old 945387 ULF to 6969268.