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  1. Mosuke

    E39 540i valve cover nut

    They feel light enough to be alloy Even with a magnet the gravel on my drive is very deep under the engine bay, so if it's not on top of the stones... it's pretty much gone
  2. Mosuke

    E39 540i valve cover nut

    Yeah I had to pester my local dealership as they're going through a refurb and lost the part for over a week In the end over £13 later I now have a fully secured rocker cover lol
  3. Mosuke

    Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport,

    How much for a valve cover nut posted?
  4. Mosuke

    E39 540i valve cover nut

    Part number 11121747162 (I think) Thanks to my gravel drive way I'm 1 nut short after changing my rocker cover gaskets lol I've ordered from bmw but they've not had it arrive for over a week so I'm looking for some help from the forum. ignore the front three green arrows it's just the best image Google threw up. Thanks guys
  5. Mosuke

    540i aux fan only working on ac relay

    Thank you Clavurion and Mike, I thought I'd give you a little update, All codes cleared, both temp sensors replaced new, Relay/Air contaminant sensor box that sits under the expansion tank replaced used known good. That seems to have cured the fan issue... I couldn't tell you if it 100% has. My cars off the road awaiting delivery of a trans cooler voltage regulator. As replacing all the other parts (mainly the waterpump) has caused a crack to widen and become a substantial leak. At least I was able to find my "small" leak after the part died properly lol
  6. Mosuke

    540 rear silencer removal

    I removed my rear box at the beginning of the year, it's not loud.. but it does sound like a v8 finally! I built my own hangers and added a flexi pipe and a bit of stainless straight pipe. Not ideal I know, the previous owner had removed and then bodged the back box on to sell it. So I wanted shot of it, as it's a ridiculously heavy part that wasn't secured properly lol I would recommend getting an exhaust shop do it properly as £100-150 is a cheap mod for an m62. The box can be cut off and not replaced as it is technically behind the rear axle and rear doors, but is the peace of mind not worth the £150?
  7. Mosuke

    540i aux fan only working on ac relay

    Ok just to add confusion, after clearing every fault code ever saved on the car with my c110 The aux fan now comes on low at 104-5c??! I'm stumped? Is it the lower rad "outlet" sensor that controls the 91c switch?
  8. So having sorted the weak Water pump and alt yesterday... I've noticed the aux fan is only on low with the ac and not on low at 91c or high over 104c I already have the dual temp sensor that sits on top of the Water pump housing on order. What's next? Relays? Fuses? If both don't work would it be a wiring issue as both run on there own 25a and 50a circuits (as far as I can tell)
  9. Mosuke

    540i coolant leak

    The vast majority of the oil is the rocker cover, yes I have a pair of nicely painted crackle finish covers to go on... and no I haven't found time (6 week old baby) But don't worry the gearbox leaks too! Lol The top hose (#1) cracked on me last year so I've replaced it. There doesn't seem to be any leak from that into the alternator and when the coolant hit 120c, the flow of coolant was fast enough that it would be imposible to miss. That's why I'm 99% sure the leak is the bottom of the alternator or top of the trans cooler. I've never 100% trusted the cooling system as the car's on 176k. I almost always have torque running on my phone with a keen eye on the temp, it only reached 120c as I was pulling off a main road. The problems only been more than a nuisance of checking the level every few weeks since I fitted an 85c thermostat. I stupidly flushed the system while fitting it to get rid of the massive amount of rad weld that's been in the car from the previous owner. And now it's a bigger issue haha
  10. Mosuke

    540i coolant leak

    Hi guys, help needed! I've got a coolant leak from either the bottom of my alternator or the box under it?! I've been battling a leak for a while that was really hard to find (gravel driveway so I could never pin point it) Having lost enough this time to overheat I finally got to see a nice steady stream poring down the side of this component. It seems it weeps from either one of the hose connections or possibly the alternator housing it's self. Anyone know what the part is? How to remove it? And has anyone had this problem before? I'll be changing my Water pump and alternator tomorrow as the pumps week at idle and the alt fluctuates between 14.1v and 13.4v occasionally dropping for a second to 12.5v. I don't think I'll have any trouble (beyond the usual cramped spaces) but I'm in the dark as to what the thing even is lol
  11. Mosuke

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Great meeting you today! For anyone thinking of buying parts from Gore, he's a friendly guy and a really helpful seller
  12. Mosuke

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Got a pic of the rot? Im defo interested if it's not too bad
  13. Mosuke

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    What condition is the boot lid in and how much for collection? Thanks
  14. Mosuke

    E39 Saloon boot lid

    Preferably in topaz blue but not esential.. Also would prefer not a rusty mess like the one currently on my car lol Based on the Surrey Hampshire border but can travel Thanks