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  1. 535dlad

    Rear bushes?????

    Glad I found this post as I was just about to post one Similar. I am wanting to do a full axle refurb and wanting to know if I should stay OEM or go aftermarket power flex etc. Think this is going to be a long list
  2. 535dlad

    Underbody sealer

    Good morning all, I’m planning to take out the whole rear axle of my 535d e60 when the weather warms up as I want to do a full rebuild of the axle with new bushes etc. Anyways while I’m there I’m planning on fitting new brake lines etc but also want to under seal the body. What’s best stuff to use. Cans or paint by hand as don’t have a air compressor
  3. Hi all I’m installing swirl flap blanks this evening. Does anyone know the torque settings for the 10mm bolts and 11mm bolts.
  4. 535dlad

    Inlet manifold cleaning

    Was the brass fittings and bolts that don’t come out ok after
  5. 535dlad

    Inlet manifold cleaning

    How long did you let the manifold soak for
  6. 535dlad

    Inlet manifold cleaning

    Morning all as I’m going to be replacing my glow plugs in the next few weeks I thought while the inlet manifold was off was to clean it. Now I’ve seen some post that that people have soaked it in caustic soda but the question I want to know is how long do I soak it for.
  7. 535dlad

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    That’s what I was going to do. Drain the oil that’s in the pan new filter then 7ltr of new oil
  8. 535dlad

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    The gearbox is running fine just way over due on a service
  9. Evening all got a x5 and no paper work to say gearbox oil has ever been changed. Should I change this or change it ASAP
  10. 535dlad

    E60 530d glow plug removal.

    I got a set of beru glow plugs and relay
  11. 535dlad

    E60 530d glow plug removal.

    Before I start I’ll test them with a volt meter I think
  12. 535dlad

    E60 530d glow plug removal.

    Thanks boy doing them as I had ista plugged in and showed all 6 plugs at fault. I know the relay has probably had it but Sod’s law after all that work a week later the plugs will start to fail lol. So would 10mm deep socket on 1/4 inch torque wrench be ok then. Going to see if I can spray some plus gas on them though the inlet manifold for a week or so before doing them
  13. Evening all Im going to be doing glow plugs and relay replacement but what’s best way of getting them out. Engine hot or cold and I’m guessing loads of plus gas to soak them
  14. 535dlad

    What’s best grease for Caliper pins

    Copper grease drys out really quick and can cause them to seize and also eats away the rubber so I am told
  15. Morning all need to changes my pads soon but just wanted to know what grease do you lot use for the sliding pins. Iv been using copper grease in the passed but have found out copper is bad on brakes. Is cera tec good for this or red grease