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  1. 535dlad

    Autobox oil change

    Afternoon all. Tomorrow I’m planning to do my gearbox oil change. I have the the parts and the sleeves etc is there anything that’s gunna be a bugger to do or is it all straight forward
  2. 535dlad

    Gearbox temp

    Morning I’m planning on doing a auto gearbox oil change soon. I have both INPA & ISTA D but can anyone tell me how to get the engine/gearbox temp on them for when I do the refill process
  3. 535dlad

    Brake fluid for 535d

    Got a Halfords nearby so will see if they have any. Will 2ltrs be enough for a flush
  4. 535dlad

    Brake fluid for 535d

    This is all it says
  5. 535dlad

    Brake fluid for 535d

    so would this one be ok as this one I can get ASAP as in stock.
  6. 535dlad

    Brake fluid for 535d

    Ok thanks as some online I have seen said I must only use ate sl6 for my car.
  7. 535dlad

    Brake fluid for 535d

    Morning all, I am wanting to to do a brake fluid change on my e60 535d. What fluid can I use for this as ECP are listing a few different brand
  8. 535dlad

    Tyre pressures

    So you think 34psi all round would be fine. Mines a e60
  9. 535dlad

    Tyre pressures

    I have 245-40-18 tyres
  10. 535dlad

    Tyre pressures

    Good morning all. I have had my run flats taken off my 535d as the ride was crap. Anyway I have had 4 new non runflat tyres fitted so I want to know is do I need to keep the same tyre pressure on the non runflats.
  11. 535dlad

    MadCow detailing

    I use madcow products and use nothing else.