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  1. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Good question I never really looked into it to be honest looking back probably would off been good mod to do replacing What I have done I'll see how she is once on the road again and might be something I will look into in the future
  2. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

  3. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Hi all some more progress it's coming together nicely not far off getting it ready for an mot the front end is back together after being painted around the headlights and radiator ect it's been treated to a new alternator radiator and pipes in the process underneath new brake lines and fuel lines including new fuel pump and filter new rear shock and springs and rubbers and a fresh pair of alloy number plates
  4. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

  5. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Few more bits put back on new where possible and set of alloys to go on to
  6. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Also I'm after this plastic cover it's missing if any one has one?
  7. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Update some more progress mainly striping and painting ready for reassembly the more I've stripped the car the more impressed I I'm with the overall condition of it few things ticked off new cambet kit fitted water pump and thermostat new springs and tops bump stops to I've got new discs and calipers to go on along with new arms track rod ends ect new brake pipes copper and hoses so should look pretty sweet when it all comes together the front of the car is stripped ready for sanding and painting to get rid of the surface rust I'll keep the pictures coming for you guys as and when
  8. Robert e28

    E 28 520i project

    Hello all again as I promised in my introduction I would post on my progress with a e28 I rescued from a drive a few weeks back so I bought this as a none running car as it had sat since 2006 not moved or started got it home washed it 3 times over came up quite nice first impressions I was very happy looked very straight honest car I think being under the car port all them years saved it more from the rust more than if it was left out in the elements so I then changed the oil oil filter plugs air filter fuel filter battery I hand cranked the car over engine was free I then thought I wonder lol turned the key she fired right up unbelievably ran sweet as a bit Smokey at first put that down to the oil I put down the cylinders just in case the engine was ceased and the cracked inlet rubber was not helping that was me happy as big simile I knew I'd not brought a wrong en so more checking over sills solid arches solid floor solid suspension tops solid boot floor solid inner front doors not so solid the door bottoms are really good but when I checked the inner part near the hinges behind a bit black seal looks like the door skin is coming away I reckon I can save them cut out the rust and plate will need to look into this more I bet front doors are few and far between now days I've now stripped down the front end for cam belt water pump thermostat ect what I will say is they are nice and easy to work on which makes a change the front end I'm going to strip back the surface rust and paint around the headlights grill and rad ect I've got new discs calipers on order the shock have seen better days looking into lowering it slightly so springs and shocks if you could point me in the right direction where and who I think I'm going to to have to replace the brake lines I'm changing the brake hoses any way not looking forward to that also the alternator was all over the place found to be the bushes to have melted or disintegrated can i buy them from anywhere? then try her for an mot see what happens after that I will start looks into a body work there's a couple of things that need to be addressed ie the roof it's solid no leaks with the sunroof but the paint has crazed/lots of scratches which I can't make good/recover what is your thoughts on a black roof I could have it wrapped in vinyl affect or would this look naff your thoughts welcome more progress to come with lots of pictures too
  9. Robert e28

    Hello newbie here saying hello to all

    Thanks guys managed to get the car home here is a couple more pictures before and after a quick wash down I'm now going to move to the project thread from here and keep you updated with progress
  10. Hello everyone I'm new to this but really looking forward to getting involved I'm collecting a bmw e28 520i tomorrow it's a bit of a barn find to be honest it's been of the road for very long time it's 1 owner 55000 from new been garaged in this time so it's going to take some getting back road worthy under all the dust the crome looks really good paint ect any advice on where to start would be taken on board any thing I need to look out for ect I'll seed some pictures as soon as and really look forward to being part of this group cheers rob